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There is an arthouse in the world - but there is a fierce trash that disguises itself as it. The 2020 film Shadow in the Cloud with Chloe Grace Moretz is nothing more than an attempt to pass off a mediocre movie as an extraordinary author's idea. Unfortunately, when you realize this, it is already too late.

The main rule of aviation - anything can happen

What do you usually expect from a movie, the trailer of which promises a confrontation between Air Force officers and an evil gremlin trying to take apart a flying plane by cogs? At least a fun ride "just once" with memorable characters and a couple of non-trivial to the best of the crazy episodes.

When I started watching "Air Combat", I sincerely believed that I would get something like this. Bribed by the entourage of World War II, an element of fantasy in the form of a gremlin and a retrowave soundtrack - typical references to low-budget cinema of the 70s.

Unfortunately, the authors of "Air Combat" did not know that a wild idea and a couple of cinematic tricks were not enough to get a high-quality art house.

You have received a summons

Gremlin, who was supposed to be the highlight of the film, was diligently pushed into the background. At first I thought it was such an interesting move - to make the viewer doubt if the monster really exists or if it is the heroine's imagination.

In the end, the guess did not come true - it turned out that the movie is not about gremlin at all. It's about the oppression of strong women by weak-willed useless men.

Get ready that the entire first half of "Air Combat" will have to listen to chauvinistic jokes of the military cattle about the cool main character, locked in a cramped machine-gun tower. When the action finally begins, you just want to cover your face with your hand - it appears so ridiculous and illogical to the viewer.

Logic dives

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I greet you on the channel "Country Life" Today I will tell you how and how to sheathe a frame house during construction

Frame houses are becoming fashionable: short construction times, inexpensive materials, savings on hired labor and equipment rental - all this makes such projects attractive for people with limited incomes. During the summer, the box of the house is brought under the roof, it remains to decide how to sheathe the frame house from the outside, and you are a happy homeowner.

House cladding materials

Not only frame houses are sheathed outside: sometimes you need to insulate an old building, improve its appearance, change the layout of the house and arrange everything in a new style. Therefore, there are plenty of materials for cladding. The most popular among builders are as follows.


The cladding of a frame house outside with bricks is planned in advance. This type of finishing requires laying a strip foundation of increased width or pouring a grillage on top of TISE pillars. And an ordinary bricklayer is not suitable for such work: finishing bricks must be laid at least evenly, as a maximum - with laying out a certain "pattern". Taken together, this gives a tangible increase to the construction estimate, such a frame house can no longer be called a budget option. But as a result, the appearance of a frame house changes beyond recognition, it becomes a solid and reliable fortress.

Natural wood

Traditional and widely used method of protecting walls. It is also good that the sheathing boards serve as additional insulation. This option requires craftsmanship: there are many examples of beautifully finished houses, decorated with carved platbands and other details. Even ordinary boards can be laid in the form of some kind of ornament. However, most of the houses are not very presentable. And not only because of the carelessness of the builders, the tree just requires care - timely painting and repair.


Planks (let's call them that) of different sizes in length, width, and also a certain shape - lining can serve as material for the outside cladding. It is recommended to dry the lumber before use. There are many options for laying: from a simple herringbone overlap to complex patterns according to your own design. To fasten the cladding to the wall, the bars are stuffed, placing them where necessary. Then sheathing boards are attached. The slots and ends are closed with decorative overlays, the windows are decorated with carved platbands. The surface of the wood sheathing is immediately primed and painted. Despite all the efforts, as it dries, cracks form between the boards fixed to butt-ends, so clapboard cladding is suitable only for small economy class houses. Clapboard is better to sheathe the house from the inside.

Block House

This material allows you to give a frame house the appearance of a real log. A board of a certain shape made of wood does not require additional mechanical processing, it is easily joined to each other. The finishes outside and inside look great. The plastic and metal block house is already an attempt to combine the beauty of natural wood and the resistance of plastic and metal to the negative influences of nature. Gives an ordinary frame house the unique charm of an old house. Plastic block house, unlike natural wood, does not rot, does not dry out, does not lend itself to pests. You can mount it yourself. First, the insulation is covered with a windproof membrane. Then the bars (or metal profile) of the additional frame are attached. The block house can be mounted in several ways: nail it down or staple it down, screw it on with self-tapping screws or fix it with clamps.

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