Forget-me-nots - 2


Head of Brooches

After lunch, everyone went to the garden. Everyone wanted to take a nap in the shade. The girls lay down under a large umbrella on an inflatable mattress. Grandpa lay down on the sofa on the terrace. Grandmother sat side by side on a rocking chair. Mom and Dad went to the garden and sat on a swing while the girls decided to lie on the mattress. Less than half an hour later, the girls ran up to their grandmother. - Grandma, why do they say that we have eyes ha ..., ha ..., - Masha could not pronounce the difficult word in any way. “Chameleons,” Natasha helped her. “Yes, chameleons,” Masha repeated. - Why do they say that? Does this mean what they are like with us? the girl asked. “Chameleons,” Grandma repeated. - Like me, your eye color changes depending on the color of your dress, and sometimes just on your mood. - Like this? - Masha asked. “If you wear a blue dress, then you have blue eyes,” the grandmother began to explain. - Look at Dasha's eyes. Natasha and Masha looked closely into Dasha's eyes. - She is now in a blue dress. What are the colors of her eyes now? - asked the grandmother and answered herself. “Her eyes are blue now,” she prompted. - If you wear a blue dress, then they are blue. Atasha is wearing a blue dress today. Dasha and Masha looked into Natasha's eyes. “And her eyes are blue, and Masha is now in a green dress,” the grandmother continued to explain. Natasha and Dasha looked into Masha's eyes. - And her eyes are green, - said Dasha. - Correctly. You can even say the color of the sea wave, - said the grandmother. - True! - Natasha said admiringly. - Grandma, do I also have such eyes when I put on a green dress? Natasha asked. - Of course, - answered the grandmother. - When you put on a gray dress, then your eyes are gray, like mine is now. The girls looked closely into the grandmother's eyes. - If you wear a dress of other colors, then your eyes are usually gray or their color changes with mood or lighting. - How amazing! - Dasha was delighted. “And I love it when my grandmother puts on a red dress,” Grandfather announced. - Red color, she really suits. - And what color is her eyes then? - Masha asked. “Burmaline gray,” replied the grandfather. - Grandpa, you are laughing at us again, - Natasha was offended. “Why should I cry if you have such eyes,” said grandfather, laughing. - As you called them, but I remembered - chameleons. - Therefore, I dress you in dresses of different colors, so that you somehow differ from each other, - explained the grandmother. “You'd better buy them badges with their names,” Grandfather suggested. - You read and immediately find out who is talking to you Masha, Natasha or Dasha. “And I bought them such badges,” my grandmother admitted, “but only badges for Dasha and Masha, but I haven’t found the badge with the name“ Natasha ”yet. But I bought beautiful brooches with the letter "H". - What about us? - Dasha asked. - And our grandmother, did you buy the same brooches? - Masha clarified the question. “And, of course, I bought you brooches,” my grandmother confessed. - For Masha, a brooch with the letter "M", and for Dasha, a brooch with the letter "D". After all, I know you very well, anyway they would have persuaded me to buy you such badges, - and, sighing, added, - I used to be like that myself. - Yeah, - Natasha was offended. “They now have brooches with names and letters, but I don’t. - Just think, - Dasha was indignant. - Well, what's so terrible? - Yes? - picked up Natasha, - And you forgot when your grandmother did not find you a towel with your name. You then just made her call all her relatives and friends so that they could find a towel with your name on it. And you immediately had several towels of different sizes, and even multi-colored.

- Have you forgotten what happened next? - Dasha did not calm down. “They also bought you a lot of different towels with your names, because you also wanted to have the same towels. “Stop arguing,” their grandmother reassured them. “Take your brooches.” While they were arguing, grandmother brought them brooches. - What beautiful brooches! - Masha exclaimed. - I have not seen such, - admitted the grandfather, also examining the brooches. “There are no such brooches on sale,” said the grandmother. - The store sells ordinary badges, and I bought silk flowers and attached badges to them. So we got such beautiful brooches. The girls immediately fastened brooches to their dresses. - And another brooch can be attached to the hat, - prompted their grandmother. - Grandma, are you going to look for a brooch with the name Natasha? - Natasha asked in a whisper, hugging her grandmother. - Of course, I will look, - the grandmother also answered in a whisper and kissed the girl on the forehead. - You know that we are always lucky and we will definitely buy you a brooch with your name. Satisfied Natasha went up to her grandfather to show him her brooch. - If I see a badge with your name, then I will definitely buy it, - grandfather promised. - Thank you, - the granddaughter thanked. - My brooch is also beautiful, - and kissed grandfather. - After all, I am always lucky. - Did your grandmother teach you? - asked the grandfather. - Of course, grandmother, - Natasha answered. - She never gets discouraged with us. “I’m never discouraged either,” said grandfather proudly. - You are just fine with us! the girl exclaimed. - Yes! I'm done! - said the grandfather happily. - Grandma, - Masha turned to her, - and you, please, find Natasha a badge with her name. Okay? the girl asked her. - So that she does not sulk at me, - added Dasha. “Of course I’ll look,” their grandmother assured them. - Natasha is not sulking at you at all, - she turned to Dasha. “You must always think what you are saying, then no one will sulk at you,” Masha taught her. - Right grandma? - That's right, my pretty girl, - praised her grandmother. - Dasha is a smart little girl. She would never do that again. And then she just wanted to protect me. She knows very well how much time we spent to find her towels with the name Dasha. - Well, grandma! - Now Dasha was offended. - Everything, everything, as you say - drove, - said the grandmother, smiling. “Don’t take offense at me either, okay?” - And I'm not offended at all, - said Dasha. - That's good, - the grandmother was delighted. - Do you remember how fun it was when my friends came to visit us. We all drank tea and sweets together. They told you interesting stories and adventures that happened to them. And if I immediately found Dasha a towel with her name on it. Wouldn't it be that much fun? “Of course not,” Masha agreed with her. - We wouldn't know Zoya Ivanovna, Aunt Maria, Aunt Tanya and all, all your girlfriends. - Yes, - Dasha perked up. - It was fun. We were so excited about these towels, like dolls. “We even played with them,” Masha remembered. - Grandma, call your friends. Maybe they can help us find a brooch with the name Natalia. - We must also ask mom and dad to also look for a badge for Natasha with her name - Dasha suggested. - And the grandfather must be told that he also looked for Natasha's badge - added Masha. - Well done! - their grandmother praised them. “What good and kind granddaughters you are,” embracing the girls, she kissed their ruddy cheeks. - And we will definitely find Natasha a badge with her name. How could it be otherwise, because we are always lucky! And as they say: - "Everything that is not done, everything is for the best!" “Everything will always happen, everything will always come true,” Masha sang. - Grandpa, did you hang the hammock? - suddenly, asked Dasha. - And he constantly weighs us, - answered the grandfather. - And you, what do you want to lie in a hammock on such a warm, beautiful day? - he asked. - Better go to the pool, swim. The water is already hot and warm. The girls looked at each other. - And you will not water us with a hose, like last time? - Dasha asked. “No, what are you,” their grandfather assured them. - I remember very well how you ran after me all over the garden, with your bottles to pour water over me, - recalled grandfather. - And so that you lag behind me, I myself jumped into the pool, but even that was not enough for you, - he quipped. - You also jumped after me into the pool and from three sides still poured water from your bottles on me. - Do not pour out the water just like that, - Natasha smiled. - Why did we pour water into bottles in vain, - said Dasha. - We poured water to pour over you, grandfather, - said Masha. - And you always say that everything needs to be completed to the end. So we poured water on you, that is, we completed the work started to the end, '' the girl added seriously. - AND! - said the grandfather. - And you also sprayed us with water, - Dasha was indignant. “I had to defend myself somehow,” the grandfather answered defiantly. - What did you think? You will pour water on me, and I will, meekly stand. Ha! It won't work, - and, remembering, added. - And then, when I came home all wet, I got it from my grandmother. Grandma didn't scold you. So, now I won't even come close to you. “You can douse us with water from a hose from afar,” Natasha said, looking at grandfather. “Then my grandmother, as if she’ll beat me,” said grandfather in dismay, “and no one will intercede for me,” he said pitifully. The girls burst into cheerful laughter. “You’ll run away from me,” said my grandmother, smiling. - I won't catch up with you. The girls burst into laughter, imagining how grandmother, waving a towel, runs after grandfather around the site, and he runs away from her. “I’ll have to come to dinner,” Grandpa said. - I want to eat. Then you will catch me. - If you will not pour water on girls, why should you be afraid of me? - noticed the grandmother. “Do you know how I want to pour water over them,” said grandfather dreamily. - You don't know, but you say, - What should I be afraid of! - and mischievous lights flashed in his eyes. - Grandpa, you are already big, - Masha was surprised. - So only the little ones behave. “So what if I’m big, and sometimes I really want to misbehave,” replied grandfather without hesitation. - When you grow up, then you will find out. You can ask your dad. He will confirm my words.

- We will definitely ask, - Dasha assured him. - We'll go to them just now. We'll show them the brooches. And then let's go swimming in the pool. And we will warn everyone to look after you, ”Dasha said sternly and shook her finger at him. The girls looked at their grandfather sternly. Grandpa dropped his eyes so as not to burst out laughing. - Okay. I will behave diligently, ”their grandfather assured them, stroking his head,“ like a good boy. “Grandpa, you are no longer a boy,” Masha said, widening her eyes. - I know. I am your grandfather and very good, - he added. - That's what my grandmother always says. Really, grandma? The grandmother, smiling, said evasively: - Sometimes you are good. - Have you heard? I'm good! - and, with a sigh, added. - And sometimes I really want to play with you. Then I feel like a boy. The girls exchanged glances and, smiling, looked at their grandfather. - We also love to play with you grandfather, - Masha hastened to assure him and hugged grandfather. - Only when you play honestly with us, and do not cheat, - added Dasha. Grandpa is offended as the little one pouted his lips. The girls, looking at him, laughed. - Let's go quickly to mom and dad. Let's show them brooches, - Natasha remembered. And the sisters ran to their parents to show their badges.


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Forget-me-nots - 2

It was in mid-December, one of the warmest winters in Siberia. At that time I suffered from serious problems of adolescent psyche, which had been greatly shaken during my years in high school.

Therefore, I did not want to participate in social activities at all, but rather undermined it with my behavior.

In this I was supported by a friend, a drinking companion, a classmate. We could appear drunk in the middle of broad daylight on a square near the city center, moreover, on days when you need to sit in pairs.

Of course, walks would not be so fun if you didn’t shout obscene songs in spite of the blue-striped box with the inscription “police” standing nearby.

At that time we used to drink low-alcohol drinks like port, mostly beer.

With all this, we managed to pass the tests flawlessly, for which we received increased scholarships, which were certainly spent on alcohol.

One of those days, we were invited to my first driveway party, and we had to take something special, but stronger, for the people. We took vodka. It so happened that I invested the last money, planning to walk home out of habit later, and sober up at the same time.

I don't even remember whether it was high-quality water or not, but it almost didn't reach the people.

Pouring from the throat, sitting somewhere on the back seats of the "groove", we rushed to the place of the banquet.

At the entrance, in the company of the local intelligentsia, hotly discussing world problems and women, we finished honest 0. 5, and seemed to be "crushed" with something else.

I don't know what happened to me then, but suddenly, like on a switch, I began to move away from the company with the words "that's it, I'm home, I need it."

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