Folk remedy for the treatment of stones in the kidneys

In this article you will find everything about the pearl stone: its origin, chemical composition, healing properties, use in medicine, cosmetology, magic. How to wear pearls and how to choose them.

Pearl stone - useful properties and application features

Pearls are one of the most famous and most mysterious gems in the world.

One thing is how he is born, what it is worth. But pearls are valued not only for their attractive appearance.

DIY stone vase

Folk recipe for health. Folk remedies for the treatment of stones in the kidneys will come in handy for many!

  • Dark raisins without spices
  • pea black pepper (fragrant is not good).

Divide the raisin into 2 parts, put one pile of pepper in the middle, combine it. The scheme of reception is as follows: 1st day - one raisin, 2nd day - two raisins, 3rd day - three raisins and so on up to ten raisins. From day 11, one should subtract one highlight: 11th day 9 raisins, 12th day - 8 raisins and so on.

It should be taken in the morning before breakfast, chewing thoroughly. If the tongue burns when chewing five or more raisins, you can drink some water.

After a 20-day course of 3 days, diuretics should be taken. My grandfather and I filled a liter jar with branches and leaves from an ordinary birch broom, poured boiling water over it, insisted. For two, 0.5 liters of infusion came out. They drank 2 - 3 sips during the day.

Then we repeat the 20-day course of taking raisins with pepper according to the same scheme and again a 3-day break with taking diuretic infusions. In total, we conduct 3 courses. It is easy to check how the recipe works: after the first 10 days of treatment, collect urine in a jar of light glass and see how grains of sand float there. At first, the urine may be cloudy, then, as the sand comes out, it will become lighter.

Why it is advisable to eat a few dates every morning

We will tell you about the useful properties of dates.

Dates contain 60-65% carbohydrates - the highest percentage in comparison with other fruits, also contains copper, iron, magnesium, magnesium, zinc, magnesium cepa, boop, protein, butter; There are 23 different types of amino acids that are found in most other fruits.

Vitamins A, A1, C, B1, B2, B6, niacin, riboflamine, as well as pantanoic acid, which are suitable for cooking and cooking.

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For most people, this is fire or bright light - you can mentally weave a dense network of burning threads, build a wall of solar bricks around yourself, draw in your imagination a circle of flame from earth to sky. Having chosen the most suitable image, it is necessary to learn how to instantly call the picture in front of your eyes, fix and hold it. It is difficult at first, but over time, protection in a dangerous situation will build up automatically.

Any conspiracy involves asking for help from some forces. At best, they simply will not hear, but it is possible that the “crying voice” will reach the goal. However, it is customary to always pay for mediation - and this bribe can in the future be a terrible burden both on the applicant himself and on his relatives. The situation with prayer is somewhat different - here at least it is clear to whom you are addressing.

It doesn't matter whether the symbol is visible to others - it leaves its indelible mark on the fabric of the subtle worlds.

Moreover, if an attack occurs, the symbol endows the owner with heightened flair, strength, energy - everything that will help to survive the attack of enemies with less losses.

It is possible to create a protective cocoon with the help of any elements - someone is hiding from evil behind a waterfall, someone creates a sphere of glass or wind. The main thing is that a person should feel a certain affinity with the forces of nature that he uses. As a rule, the walls of the "dome" appear transparent from the inside, but from the outside the enemy is not able to see the victim and is forced to retreat.

Going through magic trinkets, you need to look for the one from which you will feel an energetic response. It can be waves of heat, a slight tingling sensation in the fingers, a sudden feeling of euphoria, in the case of a pendant - a desire to immediately try on. The same principle is used to search for "own" stones, because the most seemingly ordinary jewelry is capable of performing security functions no worse than a charged artifact.

The best solution is to cover the mirror with a cloth cover or place it inside a metal (wooden) medallion. In this case, the negative will not only bounce off the addressee, but also return to the person guilty of causing damage.

No amulet will help if a person behaves incorrectly and imprudently. First of all, it is necessary to exclude situations in which the very process of a harmful magical rite is facilitated for the enemy.

Ancient wisdom of northern warriors - runic protection

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