FCraft - assembly for playing with friends for weak pc 110 mods

As I said in the short news, I collected the client, traveling through a bunch of pages with mods, and now that the client is more or less formed, I'm ready to share it. It all started with "any client that supports millenaire" , but in the end I decided to build my assembly with him at the head. And in the end, we got a client in which you have to get to the villages through various dangers.

Fantasy-oriented assembly - various mobs, all sorts of interesting things - you can read about this in the list of mods. Unfortunately, some mods were too heavy on the RAM, and I had to delete them (a couple of dimensions, a large pack of fantasy mobs and so on), although I am a little sad that I could not insert them. The assembly should work with a small amount of RAM on the machine, since I myself have x32, and I simply cannot allocate more than 1GB for the game, with 4GB available in the computer memory.

Note: If the client still crashes due to insufficient memory, you should remove some of the following files from the mods folder: LittleMaidReengagedLittleMaidReengaged [1.12.2] EBLib- [1.12.2 ] LittleMaidReengaged- Fairy-Lights-Mod-1.12.jarjaparicraftmod-1.12.2-5.4.6.jarkemonocraft-1.12.2-0.2.7.jarkindredlegacy-1.12.2-pre- 1.3_1.jarmca-1.12.x-5.3.1-universal.jarMillenaire-Mod-Universal-1.12.2.jarultimate_unicorn_mod-1.12.2-1.5.16.jar

These are the "heaviest" mods in assemblies, and by removing some of them, you can make the client easier - it will load faster and crash less. Choose what you definitely need in the assembly and what you can refuse, but these are drastic measures for very ancient dinosaurs. If I had to choose, I would remove Little maids and light bulbs. As a last resort mca.

I will not insert any colorful pictures in the post, ostensibly to make it look better. In my opinion, this is superfluous, and only distracts from the essence - fonts in the form of pictures on paragraphs and all that (try to see them again). But I tried to more or less play with spoilers so that all infa was sorted. Hope it's convenient.

--- List of mods:

Adds the ability to create, bury and set fire to logs, receiving coal and ash at the exit. The whole thing is on fire for several game days.

Adds a new type of village and villagers (they have more than 1k skins). You can interact with them, such as developing relationships and starting a family. The wife and children can do different jobs depending on the character.

When it rains, puddles appear.

--- Screenshots:

--- Early days survival guide:

I distinguish 2 types of survival in the early days - passive and aggressive. With passive, the task is to collect the minimum set of resources, food, and go to the temple some time before sunset in order to slowly build up. With aggressive, every second on the account - we cut down a tree, craft a workbench and a wooden pickaxe, take some stone, immediately craft a stone ax (2 pieces) and knead the tree until we lose pulse, in parallel killing monsters for food, running into the initial temple with a bunch of monsters on its tail and fighting off them already at the door with the help of a pet.

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