Everything is decided by Nazarbayev

While Kazakhstan's foreign partners, the European Parliament, and international organizations seem to be increasingly critical of the human rights situation in Kazakhstan, President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev says that the authorities “are not carrying out reforms in order to to please someone, ”and insists that“ foreign colleagues and experts speak positively ”about the changes being introduced in the country. Activists and human rights defenders are of the opinion that Tokayev "has not yet carried out political reforms in the country."


On February 25, the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, at the fifth meeting of the National Council of Public Trust (NCPC), formed on his initiative, in particular, said that some of his foreign colleagues and authoritative experts "speak positively" about " ongoing political reforms in the country. ”

“They understand that political modernization is a multifaceted change,” he said. “Critics, on the other hand, look at the problem superficially or deliberately do not want to delve into the specifics of our situation.”

- We have clear guidelines. We solve all problems through dialogue. I pay special attention to this issue. We do not carry out reforms in order to please someone or to report to someone. We will implement reforms without looking back at anyone. The main goal is to improve the potential of our country, - Tokayev said.

Tokayev highly appreciated the work of the NSOD, which was created after the presidential elections in 2019 to "establish a dialogue" between the people and the authorities. According to the president, the council “has become an important structure proposing new reforms.”

- The package of reforms initiated by the National Council gave a new impetus to the social and political life of the country. We already see the results of these important initiatives, Tokayev said.

The public reaction to these statements by the president has been mixed.


The leader of the initiative group for the creation of the Democratic Party Zhanbolat Mamay and the president of the public fund "Ar.Rukh.Khak" human rights activist Bakhytzhan Toregozhina are critical of Tokayev's promises to carry out reforms. Over the course of several years, they have been carrying out various actions demanding political changes and refer to themselves as those who have a good command of the situation.

- Tokayev has been president for about two years. At the moment, there is no real comprehensive political reform. We have seen laws passed as "political reforms" and they do not hold water. There was no competition in the recent parliamentary elections, which international organizations called unfair. Not a single pro-democracy opposition party has been registered. Political persecution continues, says Zhanbolat Mamay.

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