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There are no trifles in everyday life! This slogan is completely about our purchase. Here you will find pleasant little things that will turn out to be not just necessary, but very necessary! Goods for the kitchen, home, as well as summer cottages and recreation. They will make life easier, and worries more pleasant!

The purchase has a minimum org. boron 16 rubles - order for 100 rubles so as not to overpay. There are additional transportation costs in the purchase. TR are distributed depending on the volume of the goods. According to the experience of previous buyouts, the TR is from 3 rubles. up to 40 rubles. There is a large size in the purchase. Orders with a volume of 0.07 to 0.15 m3 and weighing up to 20 kg can be received at a maxi pickup point or by mail delivery.

Description: ANTI-KNOCK is a convenient, practical, lightweight and useful little thing in every home. This toddler slips over the doorknob, is virtually invisible and protects the wall and doorknob from damage. Description: Material: silicone; Color: random; Function: protect the door handle and wall; Size: about 3.5 * 2 * 4cm; Country of origin: China; Package contents: ANTI-KNOCK Doorknob Protector - 1 pc.

Description: The Pillbox 1-day pillbox will make your life more convenient: you do not need to be afraid that the pills will spill - the hinges and latches of the compartments provide a secure fixation, as well as convenient opening and closing of the lids. For the convenience of visually impaired people, each lid is in Braille. We sometimes forget to take the right pill, and then pay off with a disrupted course of treatment and pain. We are worried that the child will forget to take the medicine and do not let him go on an excursion. We rush to the other end of the city to help the visually impaired grandmother figure out which drugs should be taken at night, and which ones in the morning, and we ourselves get confused - where is what. We take half of the pills prescribed by the doctor, and lose the rest. Specifications: Material: polypropylene Weight: 350g

Description: "Super Clean" cleaning wipes are ideal for your home! A napkin made of dense coral fleece perfectly washes dishes, perfectly absorbs water, quickly and effectively captures and cleans dirt, stains on kitchen utensils, countertops, sinks, etc. It is a really great kitchen accessory for home and restaurant use. Super Clean wipes can produce a lot of foam, hold a lot of water, and trap dirt and oil stains. Super soft texture that's hand-friendly and won't scratch kitchenware, sink, hob and more. Specifications: - Material: microfiber coral fleece; - Size: 15 * 25 cm; - Color: Random; - Country of origin: China; - Package Contents - "Super Clean" cleaning wipes - 3 pcs.

Description: A set of brushes ANTI-WOOL - these are two brushes against wool, hair, threads, dust, etc. for all occasions. The large brush can be used at home, while the small, pocket-sized brush can be taken with you. Features: - Easily collects wool, hair, threads, dust, etc .; - Suitable for all types of fabric; - Convenient to use, no need to clean the brush by hand, a special case will remove all collected debris. All you have to do is open the cap and discard the trash. Attention: - Do not wet the brush to clean it or when using it; - Do not use directly on pets. Application: - Gently brush over clothes, upholstered furniture or other surfaces that have animal hair or hair; - When the brush has collected debris, simply dip it into the self-cleaning case. All wool, hair will be trapped inside the case, when you take out the brush from the case, it will be clean again. - After using the brush, remove the cap and remove the debris in the trash can. Specifications: -Material: ABS plastic + flannel; Dimensions: as picture; Color: random; Weight: small 80 gr., Large 250 gr.; Country of origin: China; Complete set: the set includes a set of ANTI-WOOL brushes of 2 pieces.

The article was prepared by a specialist for informational purposes only. We urge you not to self-medicate. When the first symptoms appear, consult a doctor.

Plantar warts are benign growths that look like small growths. The cause of their occurrence is HPV. The human papillomavirus is infected, according to various sources, from 70 to 90% of people. The place of localization of plantar warts is the support areas of the foot, or toes.

The average age of a patient with plantar warts is 20-30 years. In this case, more than half of the warts go away on their own, without outside interference.

Thorns are the most common name for plantar warts. This term is often used colloquially by ordinary people. Infection with strains of the human papillomavirus leads to the formation of skin growths.


Causes of plantar warts

A wart is a visible manifestation of HPV that a person is infected with. There are many strains of the virus - about 100. After entering the body, they may not manifest themselves for a long time. Their activity is inhibited by the human immune system, as well as phagocytosis. Phagocytosis is the body's defense system that attacks and destroys pathogens that have entered it.

The likelihood of infection increases in the following cases:

The virus is very active.

The person is in direct contact with the virus.

Human immunity is weakened.

There are many carriers of the virus - about 90% of people. However, plantar papillomas do not appear in every person. It all depends on the state of the immune system. The risk of their occurrence increases when the human body is influenced by risk factors, including: emotional stress, overwork, non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, that is, all situations that lead to a weakening of immunity.

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