Dormer roof windows: device, dimensions according to SNiP, rafter system

What is important to know about the current SNiP of the roof?

The updated version of SNiP was created in connection with the development of new construction technologies, as well as their borrowing abroad. This is also due to the fact that the old SNiP does not correspond to existing construction technologies and resources.

We started to use more complex constructions. For such structures, the latest roofing materials with broader architectural horizons have appeared. SNiP prevents emergencies in such structures.

General concepts

Consists of four parts:

  • General statements;
  • A list that contains the goals and objectives of the document - building codes and regulations (all responsibilities of an engineer and a construction designer are specified); <
  • The main part of the current SNiP, which contains GOSTs for construction - the rules for carrying out design work, this part takes into account the peculiarities of construction for each region;
  • The rules by which manufacturing, delivery and acceptance takes place works. Also in this part all the points necessary for implementation are indicated;

A document that specifies the costs of the work being carried out - an estimate for SNiP.

Attic (pitched) structures

This design has a slight slope, it allows waste water to easily leave the roof covering. A roof with such a system does not have an attic.

This type of roof can be either operated or not. Most often it is used for the construction of a terrace.

Attic roof shapes

There are two types of such a roof:

The economic crisis has caused a noticeable revival in the secondary car market. Choosing a used car is not easy.

Take the advice of experienced resellers so you don't overpay.

Don't buy long-lasting cars

Ask the price of a car recently put up for sale. It is better not to consider “veterans” of the market, because they are not just “stuck” on the sales sites: either they are old stuff that requires large investments, or the price is too high. Good cars are sold out quickly.

The cheapest possible

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Leave for repairs

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For the construction of a private house, various technologies and building materials are used today, which are presented in a wide range on trading floors. Consider what a frame wall cake is. Let's get acquainted with the sequence of installation work, common options for thermal insulation, protection and rough finishing of the building. Read to the end and you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of certain solutions.

Design Features

The walls of a frame house in a section are represented by various materials, which, according to the technology, must be correctly assembled layer by layer in a certain sequence. Hence, the conventional name of the construction was formed - pie. The basic components here are insulation, interior and exterior decoration, support system and accompanying elements of protection or reinforcement.

Stage of wireframe formation

Masters recommend staying on conifers. This is due to the anti-fungal properties of the resin and its pleasant aroma. Technically, it can be workpieces of forced or natural drying, glued beams. Relative to the latter, a high resistance to deformation and drying is observed.

Before starting construction, the material must be impregnated with protective compounds. Fire retardants are aimed at lowering the fire threshold. Biosecurity is a prophylactic agent against mold and mildew, repels beetles and insects.

In practice, there is a relatively rapid deterioration of wood at the locations of metal plates and corners. To exclude this, the masters are advised to lubricate the products before installing with machine oil. It will additionally protect hardware from corrosion processes.

Sequence of wall frame construction

A strip, pile or columnar foundation is formed before the installation of vertical structures. A base like this copes well with lightweight buildings. A harness is arranged on top of the finished support. To do this, you can use a wooden beam or a reinforced metal profile. As a rule, the first is preferred. A waterproofing sheet must be laid under it.

The construction of frame walls begins with the assembly of the skeletal part. The works are carried out in the following order:

  • Corner posts. Wooden blanks are more often used here, since it is easier to carry out installation work with them, they are environmentally friendly and weigh relatively little. A bar will be needed with a cross section of 100 * 100 or 150 * 150 mm. You can take edged boards with a size of 50 * 150 mm (they are tied together by 2-3 pieces). Place elements in the corners of the future building.

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