Do-it-yourself degu house

Degu House

Degu House

For your pet or degu pets to feel comfortable, it is imperative that their cage or aviary meets the necessary requirements. Regardless of the number of inhabitants, the dwelling for these animals should be spacious. Of course, the more pets you have, the more area for their vital activity will be required.

For a couple of degus, which consists of a female and a male, it is enough to purchase a cage 120x100x60. Such a volume will allow you to place a wheel, various transitions and a hammock inside the ladder. Prepare a nest for your pets separately.

Instead of a degu cage, you can use a spacious aquarium. Its volume for a couple of degus should exceed 60-70 liters. The top is covered with a grate - so that the animals do not run away, but the air circulates freely in the aquarium.

Degu houses come in a variety of shapes. If you plan to install a house made of wood, choose coniferous wood for its walls. This type of wood has a bitter taste, which prevents degu rodents from killing it quickly. A clay pot or a medium-sized vase can serve as a home for these animals. It is necessary to knock down a piece to enter the house, and to grind off the sharp edges.

Often ready-made nests for small rodents are sold in stores. You can buy for your pets and such. Just know that the degus have their own architectural thinking, and they will very quickly tear apart the original nest in order to build a new one according to their taste.

If you want to make not only a comfortable house for the degus, but also to decorate his dwelling in an unusual way, take a beautifully shaped hollow snag. Pieces of tree trunks are suitable, in which you need to drill a hole for the nest. If you drill such a log in several places at once, forming different entrances and exits inside it, you will get a kind of labyrinth house. Degu are very fond of this particular option for arranging their nest.

The degu's cage must have a drinking bowl, which must be washed periodically and regularly refilled with fresh water. This animal needs sand baths. For these purposes, put a container of sand for it.

Such a reservoir can be removed after a few hours. And do not forget about the feeders: depending on how many pets you have, you can put a different number of feeders, but not less than two. One is for the main dry food, the other for the additional.

House types

Degu belong to the order of rodents. They taste all objects that fall into their eyes. Grinding teeth for squirrels is a vital necessity. Animal teeth are constantly growing. To avoid dental pathologies in the oral cavity, the crowns must be abraded. This fact must be taken into account when choosing a house:

DIY crafts for March: new ideas and master classes

March 8 is a holiday that both adults and children are looking forward to. Mothers and grandmothers, aunts and sisters receive congratulations, gifts, cards and surprises on International Women's Day, which we celebrate on March 8th. And the kids are happy to create holiday crafts in kindergartens and schools to congratulate loved ones on the holiday.

We at Joy-pup are not averse to doing something festive and beautiful ourselves. Yes, our team has real needlewomen who, in their free time, create cool crafts for March 8 and not only. In this article, we will show you simple ideas and workshops on how to create beautiful and stylish products from scrap materials. And also we will arrange small "boasts" with handicrafts of our employees. It will be very interesting, bright and informative!

Crafts for March made of paper: simple and creative ideas

Paper is the easiest, most affordable and safest craft material. When creating crafts for March 8 with your own hands, you can use colored or white paper, cardboard, corrugated, velvet, foil, crepe, fluorescent paper, quilling strips, as well as scrapbooking or origami sheets.

The most popular paper crafts for March 8 are, of course, appliqués, corrugated paper flowers, origami and quilling. Look at the photo right now for a few ideas for creating holiday products with your own hands.

The simplest technique that does not require special skills and effort - flowers from plain paper.

And these are corrugated paper buds. Step-by-step instructions will help you create an incredible surprise for your mom or grandmother on March 8 with your own hands.

Delightful do-it-yourself handicraft for March 8 for mom - a bouquet of crocuses with sweets inside.

Prepare materials: corrugated paper, wooden sticks, tape, double-sided tape, candy.

DIY table system unit

Advantages of placing a PC in tables, assembling the structure with your own hands

Working in the office or at home in most cases means using a computer. A standard tabletop and built-in niches are not always convenient for the location of office equipment. Placing a PC on a table is considered the most rational option. Such furniture has a number of advantages. But it is difficult to find a ready-made model that meets individual requirements, so most often such items are made to order or on their own. By choosing materials and following step-by-step instructions, it is quite possible to get a practical and functional product as a result.

  • Features and advantages of furniture with built-in computer
  • Materials of manufacture
  • How to do it yourself
  • Finishing and lighting
  • Video

Features and benefits of furniture with built-in computer

The location of the monitor and keyboard on the table surface, and the system unit on the open bottom shelf is familiar, but not entirely practical. That is why the designers have developed different options for furniture, which includes an embedded PC. All important mechanisms are located inside the structure. Many models are equipped with a glass top, through which the contents can be seen. Such products have many advantages:

  • The modernized table looks aesthetically pleasing and is a kind of decoration of the room.
  • The positioning of the main parts under the table top frees up space on the floor. This creates a comfortable working experience.
  • The degree of dust and contamination of the mechanisms of the built-in computer is reduced, which means that the service life of the equipment is extended.
  • The monitor is located at a certain level, which is selected individually for the height of the owner of the table.
  • In the presence of illumination, the workplace has an additional light source. This reduces the burden on the organs of vision.
  • On the table with the system unit, you can mount additional equipment that is necessary for work.

The height of the piece of furniture and the level of installation of the monitor are selected individually for a specific person. Therefore, if other people use this workplace, they may experience inconvenience. The way out of this situation is to use a chair with an adjustable height.

Functional structures are additionally equipped with shelves and containers for storing disks, books, folders.

Materials of manufacture

To make a computer desk with a system unit, the easiest way is to take a finished product as a basis. It can be a wooden writing model, a computer model, or an ordinary model. If you plan to build a ventilation system, speakers, electrical outlets into the structure, it is advisable to choose the option with side panels. A table with a metal frame is also suitable for work. During the manufacturing process, it is sheathed with plexiglass. From the tools you will need a jigsaw, a screwdriver, a drill, a ruler with a level, a thermal gun. Before starting work, the details of the system unit itself must be prepared, which will be mounted in the system.

Tempered or organic glass (plexiglass) is used to transform the table and finish. The last material will be required in two types: 5 mm thick (for partitions) and 10 mm (for the back panel, bottom, table top). It is impractical to take thin plexiglass for horizontal panels, since it may not withstand the weight of heavy objects. In addition, a complete set of materials is required:

  • LED strip;
  • wires;
  • screws, self-tapping screws;
  • carbon sheets;
  • paints ;
  • chalk or washable marker;
  • construction adhesive;
  • sandpaper;
  • voltage regulator;
  • cooler.

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