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March 1 esotericists consider the ideal time for rituals for happiness.

The fact is that the end of winter and the awakening of spring is an energetically strong time.

All changes will occur naturally as the seasons change.

And our rituals will only help you.

Salt Cleansing Ritual

You will need: 2 packs of edible rock salt, small bags. Esotericists recommend performing this ritual on the first day of spring at nightfall. We perform a ritual.

Quote posts by makoshi_dom Read in fullIn your quote book or community! Spring is a good time to cleanse the energy in the house and carry out ceremonies to attract good luck and well-being. March 1, esotericism is considered ...

Every woman probably wondered what to do when a man she liked does not show the desired interest. If you wish, you can inspire him with sympathy by resorting to some tricks.

There are techniques that have been used for centuries and help ladies of all ages to win over the stronger sex and make them feel the most sincere feelings of sympathy. We will tell you about them.

Feel free to take the initiative

You can send invisible signals to the object of your sympathy in the hope that he will pay attention to you, but you can not wait for it. A huge number of women lose their chance for a happy personal life only because of the fear of taking the initiative.

This is due to the stereotypes instilled from childhood that a young lady should be timid, submissive and patient, and only a man can take the initiative.

Meanwhile, representatives of the stronger sex often do not notice a lady just because she does not show herself at all. It is not enough to just catch the eye of the person you want to interest.

Don't be afraid to talk to him, show your interest, be bold and a little cocky. After that, the man will not only look at you with completely different eyes, but will also feel real sympathy, because we always like people who like us ourselves.

Flirt masterfully to avoid appearing intrusive

In this process, it is very important not to cross a certain line, so as not to seem vulgar or stupid to a man. Maintain a positive attitude, always smile and joke.

During communication, do not forget to gaze intently into the eyes of your counterpart, slowly averting your gaze to the side, then repeating this technique again. Light touches of your hand to your partner's hand are also appropriate - tactile contact will emphasize the closeness between you and make the man's heart beat a little faster.

Do not forget that most men like brave ladies who are able to maintain an interesting conversation and who know how to be at ease in any company. The main thing is not to pretend to be an unapproachable diva who has descended to mere mortals. Such behavior is more likely to alienate the man than to arouse sympathy in him. In addition, from the lady playing the role, it breathes insincerity and falsehood.

Ask him for help as an expert

Make inquiries and find out what your chosen one is fond of, and in what areas he is really good - for example, a man may turn out to be a keen photographer. In this case, ask him for advice on a few techniques for creating artistic photos.

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Do-it-yourself scratch on car

How to effectively remove scratches on a car with your own hands?

There are several ways to repair minor damage on a personal vehicle. The question of how to remove scratches on a car without high costs and going to a service center worries many motorists. Motorists always argue about whether it is possible to independently eliminate scratches on a car with their own hands.

Tree branches, stones falling under the wheels, minor damage often leave their mark on the paintwork. If the defects are on the plastic parts and do not spoil the overall appearance, then you do not need to worry about them. But damage to the body must be repaired immediately after detection in order to avoid metal corrosion, because the reliability of the car as a necessary means of transportation must be at the highest level.

Before you paint over a scratch on a car with your own hands, you need to determine the nature and degree of complexity of the existing damage.

Only the strip or the area around the defect can be repaired, and if the damage covers more than 30% of the surface of the entire part, paint over completely.

Removing scratches on a car can be done in a car service, but touch-up in a company workshop is a very costly process, and the service of a master from a small service does not inspire confidence and does not guarantee the desired result.

Light abrasions can be masked with a special felt-tip pen

How to learn how to putty car body parts with your own hands

What is DIY car putty? Many people think that there is nothing difficult in puttingty steel body parts. This opinion is formed by those who only watched how other people work and have never tried to putty himself. In reality, puttying of both metal and plastic parts is a rather meticulous job, which not everyone is capable of.

You can master the skill of body putty if you make the most of your efforts and patience. Car putty is akin to creativity, in which you can realize your talent.

Main types of putties

Today there is a huge amount of putty materials, so we will analyze only the main ones:

  • fibrous. Such fillers are used to smooth out deep dents and irregularities left after straightening;
  • universal. These putties are the most common, as they cope well with dents up to 5 millimeters, and also perfectly sand;
  • finishing. It is easy to remove parts with these putties, but if the irregularities are deep, for example 4-5 millimeters, then, most likely, shrinkage will occur in a few weeks or months;
  • putties on plastic. These putties have increased elasticity, as they are designed for plastic vibration during machine operation.

If a high-quality straightening of the body was made or the remaining irregularities have a difference of no more than 3-4 millimeters, then it is quite possible to do with one universal putty. But if you have the opportunity and desire, then you can use the finish line.

Working with plastics when leveling car body parts

In order to putty on irregularities, you will need:

  • degreaser ;
  • napkin ;
  • painting spatulas;
  • emery;
  • grout block or sander
  • thinner (646) and rags.

For the safety of hands, it is advisable to work with gloves, but few people do this, since they lose the sensitivity that is important in this matter.

Replacing the valve clutch vaz

In this short guide, you will learn how to replace a clutch on a VAZ-2112. This car has earned popularity among young people and the older generation. Yes, the car is still far from prestigious foreign cars, but it has everything it needs: a very playful and powerful engine, a comfortable interior, a rather attractive appearance. And this is all that is necessary for an unpretentious person. And the most important thing is the low maintenance cost. Spare parts for a 12-series car cost much less than for foreign cars. In addition, many components from older "nines" and "tens" are suitable for it.

Symptoms of malfunction

I think you understand that by acting with your own hands you will not be able to make a replacement quickly, but you can save a lot and spend money only on the necessary spare parts. When asked when it is necessary to replace the clutch disc of the VAZ 21124, we answer - in order to reduce the chances of getting into an accident, you should find and fix problems in a timely manner, and the clutch is no exception. Let's consider the main signs of the need to repair or replace the clutch disc:

  • When the clutch squeaks when the pedal is depressed. Squeaking isn't always a sure sign of a clutch problem, though. Squeaks of a rubber mat are often mistaken for clutch squeaks. Here you need to be sure that the cause (source) of the squeak is precisely the clutch breakage. When the squeaks are additionally accompanied by twitching of the pedal, then this is already a clear sign that there is a need to repair it
  • The appearance of a smell of burnt plastic - such a smell cannot be confused with anything. Remember, if your clutch starts to burn, then you cannot pull with the repair, then everything will only get worse. A simple example from personal experience - the driver smelled a burnt clutch, but continued to work for another day, and only then drove to the service station. The result is as follows - instead of replacing only one driven disc, the flywheel had to be grooved (it rubbed the grooves with rivets) and the basket was completely replaced, since the spring lost its elasticity due to overheating, and the repair price jumped threefold. Consider the smell of a burnt clutch, it means the approach of serious problems, every hour is expensive here.
  • When the gears have stopped shifting, it usually becomes more difficult to depress the pedal at first, then there are problems with shifting and, finally, the gears stop shifting altogether. It is better to take preventive measures and not bring it to such a state; it is better to replace the clutch disc in the VAZ 2112 in a timely manner.

Prerequisites and Tool

Replacing the clutch discs of the VAZ 2112 requires certain conditions and tools:

  • Inspection pit, or overpass, or elevator
  • Set of heads, set of keys
  • Special centering mandrel, or old input shaft of gearbox <
  • Slotted screwdriver (flat)
  • Wheel stops or shoes
  • Pliers
  • Clean rags
  • Some greases for the gearbox input shaft
  • Assistant (firstly, it will speed up the work, and secondly, removing and installing the gearbox alone is a violation of safety measures)

Clutch on VAZ-

This is how the VAZ-2112 clutch diagram looks like in analysis.

Clutch on any car, including the VAZ-2112, plays a very important role. So, without his participation, it would simply be impossible to transfer torque from the engine to the gearbox.

Due to the fact that this element has a large load, it can absolutely definitely be called a consumable, because its main elements require immediate replacement in case of severe wear.

Video about replacing the clutch with a VAZ family -

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