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It's been eight hours since I was driving. Heavy fog and slush on M4 "Don" this night. Coffee and Otherside from RCHP at full volume help to fight sleep, the Volvo S60 is watching the road, and I just keep my hands on the steering wheel and try to peer into the murky distance. Suddenly the car starts to slow down on its own. Nothing ahead but fog and snow. As the braking becomes more intense, I can finally see at arm's length. a trailer without parking lights, pulled by an old Zhiguli with inoperative taillights.

A car that drives by itself

I think that adaptive cruise control is now unlikely to surprise anyone, automatic steering too. How it all works is another question. In Volvo, the Pilot Assist system is responsible for the second level of autonomy. It sounds like it's on autopilot, but not really. A camera and radar are installed between the windshield and the rear-view mirror of the S60, which monitors other vehicles and can also recognize pedestrians, cyclists and large animals. The car notices the latter at a distance of 200 meters and, if the driver does not react to warning sounds and light indicators, he brakes himself using 30% of the possible deceleration force. Why not 100%? This is to avoid getting hit from behind by another vehicle. The size of the animals in Volvo does not indicate, so it is difficult to say whether the dogs are lucky or only the deer with the wild boars.

However, along M-4, all deer usually move along, not across. Therefore, the functions of speed control and lane tracking are much more valuable on such a trip. If not for her, a night trip to Rostov-on-Don from Moscow in poor visibility conditions would have turned into torment. I trusted the sedan so much that I became even more worried about the road conditions: suddenly the camera lens would get dirty with slush and go blind, and a car made of wood would appear in front of me, which a priori is invisible to radar radio waves.

Fortunately, the S60 worked properly and never let down the whole road, and wooden cars came across only on the roadside in the form of dummy patrols of the traffic police.

Steering didn't work out so well. First, due to the same weather, the car often lost sight of the lane markings, and the tiny green steering wheel on the dashboard (system operation indicator) turned gray, which meant the end of assistance. Secondly, sometimes I had to literally fight for the honor of steering independently and in the right direction. Apparently, the snow porridge on the roadway confused the electronics, and the car every now and then tried to go a little to the left or a little to the right of the occupied lane.

Most of these safety systems are marketed under the City Safety brand and come as standard. Volvo claims the S60 is the only midsize sedan with such an arsenal of safety features at no extra cost. I went into the configurators of the big German three, looked at the sites of Infiniti and Genesis. It looks like the Swedes are not lying.

This video shows how the S60 matrix LED headlights work: the barely noticeable car in front is always in the dark zone, and the high beam on the left turns on and off when an oncoming vehicle approaches.

Nice and cozy

You probably know what cool cars look like? That's right, most often they are blue. Firstly, such a color scheme is rarely found among dealer cars "in stock", and secondly, this color is often completely unavailable for a particular model or configuration. Thirdly, whether this test Volvo S60 with an R-Design body kit is gray, white or black - just write it down.

When Volvo released the XC90 crossover in a new style with T-shaped LED headlights over the years, it revolutionized Swedish design, everyone liked it, and in general finally transferred the brand to the premium segment. But, in my opinion, their sedans turned out to be even cooler. And the S60 with R-Design body kit is no exception.

By the way, it was the black color of the trim that made the sedan's interior incredibly boring and inconspicuous, although there is nothing to blame for its ergonomics and quality. I'm not a fan of touching cars by the plastic of the front panel, but even where it is difficult to reach, everything is pleasant to the touch and texture.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why not just add new skills without global crew rework?

The current crew has existed without changes in the game for a very long time - since 2012, so it is obvious that a number of mechanics in the crew system need improvements and changes. The main directions in which we plan to develop the crew system are as follows:

  • increasing the comfort of interaction with the crew;
  • increasing the variety of skills and abilities (talents);
  • creating a transparent progression system, with clear and achievable goals;
  • updating the interfaces and updating the crew management tools.

To bring these ideas to life, we tried various solutions. But in the end, they all turned out to be "half measures", unable to radically change the situation. As a result, we decided not to focus on certain aspects, but to completely redesign the current crew system.

At the moment there is no exact date for the departure of Crew 2. There is no exact date. Now the most important and priority task is to collect feedback from players who took part in the "Sandbox" and tested the proposed system. Play, share your opinions, take questionnaires - based on your feedback, we will take further steps towards Crew 2..

In short, how is the new crew different from the old one?

The main differences of Crew 2.:

  • the tank's crew is now represented by one commander;
  • new skills and talents;
  • a new unique unit - Instructor;
  • < li> all commanders will have the 6th sense skill at once.
  • will appear: the ability to "memorize" the crew up to 3 pumped / collectible tanks + premium. Technics of the same class, great variability of skills and the ability to pump several at the same time.

What will become of the unique crew members and their experience and who will become the commander if my entire crew consists of Snow Maidens?

According to our concept, all special crew members (Snow Maidens, Chuck Norris, Battle Pass heroes, etc.) will turn into new valuable characters - Instructors. They will give the crew additional "skill points" (above the maximum 10) and increase the amount of experience per battle.

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