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Description of the holiday with the master class "Licking"

Every child's birthday should be amazing, memorable and so that no one gets bored! Planet Futuramia is exactly the place where children can relax and have fun to the fullest.

To begin with, the children will be given a 45-minute master class on making a viscous and completely non-sticky slime - children are delighted with these bright "jellies". Children will take all their products with them, and playing with such "toffee" perfectly develops fine motor skills of hands and imagination. Slimes also have incredible jumping ability.

Lizunovka master class is designed for children from 7 years old.


Lizuns from the planet Futuramia are non-toxic and safe for children, the composition does not stain the pens and does not leave traces. An experienced instructor will conduct not only a master class, but will also accompany all the children on the rides.

Rides in the park

After the master class, children will enter the world of the colorful amusement park of the planet Futuramia, where they can find entertainment for every taste:

  • An interactive floor that reacts to steps and movements - in its memory there are more than 100 games in which you can compete with your friends.
  • A magic wall on which you can draw with light pens - inscriptions and drawings will glow in the dark.
  • Sand island - there is a lot of sand: you can create any landscape from it, and modern technologies will turn children's creation into a realistic picture, immersing you in the world of wildlife.
  • Living wall. Here, the drawings drawn by children will magically be transferred to the wall and "come to life". The guys will be able to come into contact with them, manage and play.
  • The laser maze will only be dexterous and agile, children will feel like real agents 007.

After the games, all guests will be able to celebrate the holiday in the soft banquet area located here, and will also receive passports of intergalactic travelers and light bracelets as a gift.

The total duration of the holiday with a master class on making slime is 2 hours.

Construction and repair

Cooking class description

A culinary master class at a children's party is an original way to solve 2 problems at once: to entertain the children and let them enjoy the prepared treats to their fullest. There are several culinary delights to choose from: sweet rolls, honey desserts or Christmas trees made of fruits.

The event will be hosted by an experienced presenter who will not only tell children all the tricks in preparing desserts, but also make sure they are safe when cooking and help shy children take part in the process more boldly.


This event will be interesting for children over 4 years old. There is no age threshold - all the guys love to eat deliciously, and to make it interesting to take part in cooking, it is recommended to arrange an MC for guests under 12 years old.


A culinary master class can be held in a bright children's studio, where, in addition to the necessary equipment and ingredients, there is a huge selection of entertainment for children: a real climbing wall, a dry pool with balls, swings, a trampoline, toys and many soft ottomans.

The main striking detail of the studio is colorful characters, hand-painted on the walls of the room. Children will be greeted by their favorite characters from cartoons, fairy tales and films. The wall will be a decoration for photos from the birthday of a child and a great reminder of the holiday.

The organizers have prepared colorful slippers for the parents, and the children, if they wish, can bring a change of shoes or play in socks.

Studio capacity - 10 children and 10 parents.

The cost of a party in the studio

The organizers offer a holiday package offer. It includes:

  • Rent of premises for the entire duration of the event.
  • A game program with an animator.
  • Delicious master class - 30 minutes.
  • Free time for entertainment, congratulations and tea drinking - 1 hour.

Construction and renovation What can be a roof terrace? Ideas and important nuances of the device People are forced to live, uniting in large communities. But at the same time, everyone wants to have

Description of the children's master class "Weaving from rubber bands"

Rainbow bracelets, beads and much more can be made from colored rubber bands. The lesson will be interesting not only for flirtatious girls, but also for boys, because they will be able not only to create a beautiful product and present to their beloved mother, sister or grandmother, but will be happy to make truly masculine bracelets, choosing more “strict” colors for the product.

In addition to the creative and educational components, the master class develops children's motor skills, which is very important at this age.

What is included in the program


In the process of the rainbow lesson, the presenter helps the children, gives hints and corrects.

Master class "Weaving from rubber bands" in the studio

Rainbow creativity can be held in the organizers' studio - as part of the "Comfort" package offer, where you can order a master class instead of a show program. The birthday will turn out to be eventful, because in addition to MK, the guys are expecting:

  • Cool and fun holiday: light and music accompaniment and a generator of soap bubbles, smoke machine.
  • Administrator's help for the entire duration of the holiday.
  • A well-thought-out script of the program with an animator: exciting contests, competitions, dances, various "climbing" along tunnels, ropes, ball games, with educational toys and much more.
  • Hypoallergenic face painting for all little guests of the holiday.
  • Gifts for all children: animals, flowers and sabers from balls for modeling.
  • Prizes for the participants of the competition: stickers, pipes-tongues and much more.
  • An individual creative gift for the birthday person within the framework of the program.
  • Children's dance "Loaf".
  • A festive tea party with friends with congratulations and gifts.
  • Studio rental for 2.5 hours.


With the Comfort package, the event lasts 2 hours 30 minutes:

  • a master class on weaving elastic bands - 30 minutes;
  • an interactive program with an animator - 1 hour;
  • free play, jumping trampoline and tea - 1 hour.

Package offer cost

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