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Any car owner is periodically forced to do wheel balancing. Once a penny pleasure today is no longer so cheap, and the question involuntarily arises: do we sometimes throw money away? Maybe balancing can be done less often? Or maybe it can be made more expensive, but better?

Honestly, when I asked my acquaintance a tire fitter about balancing, I expected to receive something very standard in response, but with some details that I did not know about before. But in life everything went wrong, and in response messages in the messenger received a total of just over an hour of voice messages. Maybe a little less than an hour, if we remove unprintable vocabulary from there (the reason for which I will name below), but still a lot. And I decided that there will be two materials. One - just about balancing (which, it turns out, I knew only superficially), the second - about how, according to some signs, to distinguish a normal master in a tire fitting from a crooked ghoul and extortionist of money.

Why do you need balancing?

Balancing is needed to save three things: money, safety and comfort. Money is about taking care of the chassis. There is no mechanism in nature that would benefit from extra vibration. There are enough details in the chassis that do not like extra rhythmic beats, even if they are not very strong. These are wheel bearings, silent blocks, and ball bearings. In addition, the tire itself wears out quickly. So balancing is a clear manifestation of care for these elements, and hence the funds for their premature replacement.

Security is also simple. Think about what happens to a phone that just lies on the table. Nothing happens to him. But if you call him, he will start crawling on the table in vibration mode. It just doesn't have enough grip on the tabletop. With an unbalanced wheel, the situation is the same: it jumps along the road, there is no question of a uniform contact patch, the grip deteriorates rapidly. It smacks of latent suicide, although many do not even think about it.

And the last thing is comfort. Here, too, everything is clear: the shaking and the steering wheel jumping in the hands is very annoying. You have to be too calm a person not to pay attention to it. True, the lack of balancing is not felt on all cars, so if there is no shaking, this does not mean that everything is in order with the wheels. A shaking steering wheel is already an extreme degree of disregard for balancing, and it is better not to bring it to this situation.

What a motor, what a wheel

The question arises: when should balancing be done? Is it before the steering wheel starts beating? Strange, but yes. There are several situations in which balancing is necessary.

The first is assembling a new wheel. Each wheel you just assembled needs to be balanced. It is obvious. The second situation is related to the seasonal "overfitting". If the wheels were stored assembled, they also need to be checked for balance. It happens that balancing is not required, but more often it still has to be done.

This is where the obvious situations end and the less obvious ones begin, but no less vital.

Balancing is not just weights

When I was a child, when I ate ice cream, I was worried that it would end, but now I worry that it might hurt my aching teeth.

And even more painful from the prices in dentistry.

About dentists, a pit bull for a dick.

I'm swimming in the Mediterranean, let me wonder

Whom doesn’t a shark, what I don’t bite

You still eat ice cream. cool to you

Everything flows, everything changes. I have not worried about bad teeth for a long time - they are not! I am again more worried that it will end.

Does this really happen?

I deleted three 8s a couple of months ago, and somehow unexpectedly my back stopped hurting in my lower back, (intervertebral hernia 6 mm) which had been hurting every other day for 10 years, and sometimes more often, Nurofen has been drinking for the last couple of years every day , he only helped. Ointments shmazi generally tried everything, but they did not help. The surgeon said that it is better not to touch the hernia with the operation, it may be worse, so he did not perform the operation to remove the hernia. But the question remains, could the extraction of teeth affect the disappearance of back pain, or is it completely impossible?))

I had to eat

And what if it will be useful to someone, shake it off.

Once I went to the dentist's appointment. She answered honestly when she was interrogated - no allergies, I tolerate anesthesia well, colitis. I am not treating my teeth for the first time, not for the third or even for the fifth time. And in general, from those people who at the dentist are afraid not of an injection and a drill, but of a bill for payment.

We put an injection, sit and wait for numbness. The doctor fusses over the instruments, prepares materials, periodically asks how I feel, whether the gums grow numb. In general, everything is as usual. I am reclining in an armchair, relaxing, staring out the window opposite, and suddenly dusk falls. I think: "It's strange somehow, it's morning, just the sun was out, the thunderstorm is starting?" I turn my head to the doctor, and in the office there is absolute darkness, I return my gaze to the window - I can barely make out a dim light. I say (as I thought, but it turned out - I barely mutter): "something has darkened in my eyes", while I hear my voice quietly, from afar and as if stretched out. And I don't remember the next moment.

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