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Lunnitsa is the most powerful talisman for women. A homemade amulet, done correctly, will protect against troubles no worse than that acquired on the side. And even better, because it will be initially charged with your energy and tuned in to you.

Lunnitsa is not just a beautiful decoration, but also an ancient symbol with sacred meaning. This amulet is patronized by the goddess Makosh herself. It is not surprising that it was customary for the moon talisman to be worn only by women. This hand-made protective thing was used to attract certain energies, fulfill desires, protect against evil tongues, troubles and misfortunes. In the modern world, charms are used less and less, but it is still possible and necessary to use the moon for your own purposes. The experts of the Beauty within you channel will tell you how to create a lunar with your own hands quickly and easily.

Lunnitsa: the value of the amulet

Lunnitsa is an exclusively female amulet, the purpose of which is to enhance traditionally feminine qualities: harmony, caring, femininity, affection and wisdom. The talisman helps:

  • protect yourself from evil;
  • get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby;
  • create a strong and happy family;
  • unleash your potential;
  • develop intuition;
  • improve health;
  • increase attractiveness for the opposite sex.

How to make a Lunnitsa amulet with your own hands

The lunar is usually made during the growing moon. To make a lunar talisman, you will need any photo of the amulet you like to make a stencil. Before work, you must select the Lunnitsa scheme, as well as the main color and accompanying colors:

  • red - happiness, attractiveness, good health;

The easiest ways to make Lunnitsa:

  • cut out of leather, decorate with beads, beads, sequins;
  • weave from beads and beads;
  • embroider on a piece of fabric or personal things;
  • cut out of wood and decorate with pebbles;
  • make from jewelry wire and decorative elements.

Mood matters. Direct the inner flow of energy in the direction of goodness and joy. If necessary, purify negativity with meditation or a quick ritual. Otherwise, it will not be possible to make the amulet with your own hands: the little thing will take all the negative into itself and will no longer become a good shield and helper for you.

How to activate the moon talisman

Making a talisman is half the battle. In order for it to serve well, it must be activated. This is done in 3 easy steps:

Lunnitsa: a strong female amulet with your own hands

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What lamps are better in VAZ headlights ⋆ I Love My Lada

Despite the fact that the VAZ 2110 is not the freshest model, it can still light up some new products. Of course, if the car is properly maintained and repaired on time. Headlights 2110-2112 often cause criticism, but practice shows that poor light is not a design problem or optical flaws, but is caused by the curvature of craftsmen and those who do not know how to adjust the headlights correctly. Today we will figure out which headlights are installed on the VAZ 2110, which are better and for what conditions, as well as which lamps dozens are installed in the headlights.

Headlights and headlights VAZ What are put from the factory

Since our ten was developed at about the same time as the ninth or thirteenth family, it would be ridiculous to count on more modern optics. Nevertheless, the native light works quite tolerably if the headlights are in good working order, correctly tuned and high-quality halogen lamps are installed in them.

All optics of the head light on the VAZ 2110 use a four-lamp architecture for low and high beam. This means that two separate halogen lamps are responsible for the high and low beam. These are 55-60 W lamps with an H1 base, they are the same for low and high beam. From the factory, AKG12-55-2 lamps with a power of 55 watts were installed.

Any model with the appropriate base will work to replace the factory H1 lamp. There are enough of these lamps to buy a suitable one and with such characteristics as we like. There are tinted bluish, there are bright white (under xenon), there are warm yellowish. The color of the halogen is determined by the composition of the inert gas, as well as the tint and type of glass of the bulb. It is important to remember that the higher the brightness of the light beam declared by the manufacturer, the lower the lamp life will be. The average lifespan of a halogen lamp is 400 to 600 hours under normal conditions.

All VAZ 2110 cars were fitted with two types of block headlights of different designs. The first looks a little simpler and was developed by the specialists of the Bosch company and is produced at the Ryazan branch. The second type of block headlights was developed by Avtosvet LLC, Kirzhach. The fundamental difference between them is that the Boshev headlights have only a reflex type of radiation (in the low and high beam), and the Kirzhach headlights for the low beam received lensed optics, and for the high beam - reflex. Which of them is better, Bosch or Kirzhach, say the reviews of the owners, as well as healthy logic.

The third advantage of Bosch headlights is that if the lens is damaged, you do not need to buy a new headlight or pick out the old broken one and remove the sealant. It is fastened with powerful latches and changes in just five minutes.

Which lamps are better for VAZ headlights

Lunnitsa is the most powerful talisman for women. A homemade amulet, done correctly, will protect against troubles no worse than that acquired on the side. And even better, because it will be initially charged with your energy and tuned in to you. Lunnitsa is not just a beautiful decoration, but also an ancient symbol with sacred meaning. This amulet is patronized by the goddess Makosh herself. No wonder that

Decorating the office for the New Year or leaving everything as it is is a private matter for each team and, in particular, for its boss. However, from the beginning of December, the streets, all the premises where you need to go for personal business or work, begin to live in anticipation of the holiday. Small and large Christmas trees, LED mosaics, glowing figures of animals, New Year's characters are found everywhere and remind you that a miracle will happen soon. You come to your favorite job and now it is dull, routine, routine. One conclusion suggests itself - it is necessary to decorate.

If the boss gave the order to decorate the office, then everything is in order, you can start. But if you, as a creative and creative person, came up with such an idea earlier, then it needs to be coordinated. First of all, with the leadership and, no less important, with the team. This is followed by a brainstorming session. Office decoration should be stylish, create a sense of celebration and not distract from work.

Entrust the office decoration to a designer or show your imagination

A well-to-do company can afford to order the services of a designer. Many holiday agencies will gladly offer their services and decorate the office on a professional level for the New Year without much hassle. There is a lot in their assortment:

  • artificial Christmas trees,
  • pine garlands and arches,
  • New Year's floral arrangements,
  • light figures and garlands ,
  • helium balloons,
  • styrofoam decorative elements,
  • fabric for draperies - polysilk.

If you can't afford complex design delights, you can limit yourself to just one feature, for example, balloons. Ball arches are a familiar phenomenon. But you can build a Christmas tree, Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, snowflakes, a figurine of the symbol of the year, funny snowmen, fairy-tale characters, and even create an original image of your own director (if he has a sense of humor).

The chef gave the go-ahead for the decoration of the office, but did not allocate money or the budget is too meager, then it is inappropriate to spend it on balls. In this case, fantasy and a sense of style will help out. In the meantime, ideas are in the air and go through the stage of approval, you need to do the cleaning of the premises and workplaces. New Year is the best reason to get rid of old trash, to clear the space for new affairs and changes.

We need to drive the dust out of the far corners, hide the symbols of the outgoing year further away, review our deposits of papers and get rid of the unclaimed part. A computer or laptop, a faithful friend and helper, of course needs decoration. On the desktop - New Year's wallpapers, on the body - self-adhesive snowflakes. There is a habit of keeping a cactus nearby - decorate it too, let it serve as a Christmas tree.

Office decor options

Personal space is decorated, it's time to get busy. The office is a working area. Decorating it with homemade garlands of colored paper in a kindergarten style or cluttering it with assorted toys and tinsel is not worth it. A good element for decoration is the same type of Christmas balls in a single color scheme or, at most, 2-3 shades. The color performance corresponding to the corporate symbols will look original.



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