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Properties, application, price and how to buy EDISONS retro lamps - stylish decoration that emits pleasant warm light, creating an incredibly pleasant, relaxing, cozy and very romantic atmosphere in any interior. Retro lamps EDISONS are a wonderful decoration for any interior. Retro lamps EDISONS are a wonderful decoration for any interior. Thomas Edison is an internationally renowned American inventor and entrepreneur. In 1878, Edison visited William Wallas in Ansonia, who was working on electric arc lamps with carbon electrodes. Valas presented Edison with a dynamo along with a set of arc lamps.

Such a high popularity of Edison lamps is explained by the numerous advantages of these light sources, among which the following advantages stand out: a unique design in a retro style - an unusual glow of a curly filament and original contact wires look very impressive; environmental friendliness (vintage Edison lamp does not contain mercury); high level of color shades transmission; ease of use (retro lamps are powered from a standard 220 volt network, screwed into a regular cartridge and do not require the use of any additional devices for their work); variety of shapes and sizes, which opens up a huge scope for creativity. The vintage piece of furniture reviewed in this review, which you can buy from the official supplier of EDISONS retro lamps at very competitive prices, emits a pleasant warm light, creating an incredibly pleasant, relaxing, cozy and very romantic atmosphere. Whether or not to order unique and stylish bulbs in vintage style is up to you and only you.

Edison's greatest contribution was not to develop the idea of ​​an incandescent lamp, but to create a feasible, widespread electric lighting system with a strong filament, high and stable vacuum, and the ability to use multiple lamps at the same time. Edison's lamp is a unique light source with a warmer and more natural spectrum than any other electric light. Incandescent light creates a full color spectrum and thus achieves high color reproduction - just like natural daylight. Compared to an incandescent lamp, LED light consists of a much narrower color spectrum. Incandescent lamps are especially popular in Scandinavia.

Nowadays it is very popular to use such lamps for lighting in shops, bars, houses, where Edison lamps again demonstrate their uniqueness. Their beautiful shape makes them ideal for use in lamps and chandeliers where the bulb is visible and a strong design and lighting impression is needed. Now that you have familiarized yourself with the basic information, let us dwell in more detail on the subject of this review. However, before continuing, I want to make a short digression. I would also like to inform you that among the posted reviews of goods and products, regardless of age and gender, you can find very useful and necessary things. A list of some of the reviews is located on your right in the CONTENTS menu, with the rest you can see at the end of this page. And now - to the topic of this review.

Retro lamps EDISONS - style, sophistication, creativity. It's no secret that light is one of the most important elements in any interior. The use of different light sources can change the atmosphere in the room beyond recognition, create one or another atmosphere in it, visually increase or decrease the space, focus on certain decorative elements, etc. The most successful choice for creating interesting lighting and creative interior decoration are designer vintage * Edison lamps, which are available in a large assortment from the official supplier of EDISONS retro lamps. * - Vintage in the interior, or interior in vintage style - one of the fashion trends in modern design. Moreover, unlike ultra-modern interior styles, vintage is unlikely to lose its relevance even after several decades.

I hope the above information was helpful to you and will help you in making a decision. If you would like more information about unique decoration for any interior, then go to the website of the official supplier of EDISONS retro lamps by clicking on any of the links in the review text or on the banner below. On the site, having sent your contact information to the distributor of the product, you will soon receive a call back from a company representative, with whom you can negotiate the terms of delivery and get answers to your questions.

Currently, EDISONS retro lamps are supplied only to Russia and Kazakhstan. The price for the current stock is 2,690 rubles. and 14 490 tenge. respectively. Subscribe to our newsletter and you will always be aware of what is happening.

BMW E34 is the popular version of the BMW 5 Series body. This series was produced in 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995. We will consider the locations of the relay and fuse boxes for bmw e34 518i, 520i, 524td, 525i, 525tds, 530i, 535i, 540i, M5.

These cars are wired in 2 modifications: low version and high version.

Fuse and relay box in the BMW e engine compartment

In the engine compartment, the mounting block is located on the left side, near the windshield.

BMW fuse and relay layout diagram, td low version

Photo of BMW e34 fuse box

Fuse decoding

#Current, A Protected target 115 Brake light switch brake control circuit, Tempo mat system control unit, Tempo mat switch27. Lighting module (relay for switching on low and high beam headlights) 37. Lighting module (relay for turning on fog lights, relay for turning on rear fog lights, turn signal switch, switch for warning high beam headlights 47. Lighting module (parking and side lights on the left) 510 Lighting module (parking and side lights on the right, license plate lights), cigarette lighter illumination , radio, engine compartment lighting, hazard warning switch 67. Hazard warning lights 715 Fog lights 87 Right and left fog lights 915 Sound signals, air conditioning compressor control unit, additional air conditioning water pump 107. Left dipped beam headlamp 117. Right dipped beam headlamp 1215 Headlamp reversing heater, nozzle control mirrors (switch) 137. Left high beam headlight 147. Right high beam headlight 157 Wiper relay, lighting module RA 151630 Heated front seat, lumbar support drive 177. hog (battery discharge warning lamp, warning lamps, main module). on-board computer, gear indicator 1815 Infrared module, seat adjustment drive, belt ejector, central locking, radio, radiotelephone 1930 Fuse for heater fan bmw e34207. Instrument cluster, on-board computer, digital clock, timer 2130 Interior lighting, glove compartment trunk, battery connector 2230 Windshield wiper motor (modes 1 and 2). brush pressure regulator (only for models with high pressure cleaning system) 237. Fuel pump 2415 Washer pump, wiper / washer control unit. relay for switching on the wiper motor 2530 Auxiliary fan (speeds 1 and 2) 2630 Cigarette lighter fuse bmw e342730 Heater solenoid valve, Hi-Fi audio system with power amplifier 2815 Servotronic system297. Relay for turning on the rear window heater, air conditioning compressor control unit, auxiliary fan relay. ABS control unit

Relay decoding

Relay no. Assignment K2 Buzzer bmw e34KZ De-energizing contact RK4 Heater fan / parking heater K5 Intensive cleaning / washer pump N6 SRA module / Headlamp washer K8 Relay additional water pump bmw e34 K9 De-energizing system / AS 30 overload relay * Motronic K19 Air conditioning compressor K21 Switch on 1 speed of an additional fan K22 Switch on 2 speeds of an additional fan K48 Relay for low beam headlights bmw e34K46 Switch on high beam headlights K47 Switch on fog lights K49 Switch on fog lights U4 Anti-theft alarm sensor 30/30

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