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Description of the master class "Soap making"

Children's birthday with a master class in soap making is a bright holiday, after which the children will have original pieces of fragrant bright soap made by their own hands.

The craftswoman will teach children how to make soap souvenirs, after which the children will be able to take their “soap-pie” with them - every time they use it at home, the child will breathe in the aroma of that very incredible holiday!

Also for the birthday person, all guests will cook a real soap cake and give it as a gift. The owner of the workshop will carefully cut everyone from the cake one piece at a time - as a keepsake. Upon completion of the master class, each participant will create a unique bath cocktail made from colorful sea salt.

After the master class, the guests will have time for congratulations and a festive tea party. The studio has also prepared an interesting competition for all children - it will be a lot of fun!

Holiday program

The total duration of the event is 2 hours 30 minutes.


The master class program is designed for children from 4 years old, adults can join and create their own designer soap.


The holiday will be held in a creative space that will capture the attention of a child - there are a lot of interior details and handmade souvenirs around. The organizers are constantly changing the exposition and decor, which you can look at endlessly.

A room with an area of ​​50 sq. , there will be enough space to accommodate 20 children. An individual lesson can be held in the next room, which will in no way interfere with the children's party. The master class will prepare spacious tables and chairs for handicraft.

After the soap making master class, the studio will provide a place for tea drinking, the workshop has a kitchen with everything you need: a sink, a kettle, tea, a microwave oven and drinking water.

Diy denim vases

If you characterize the average student, then most likely you will get a young man who does not have a large income, but leads an active lifestyle and is a consumer of various goods and services, and also takes a lot of photographs and videos. He needs a high-performance smartphone and pursues some “romantic” needs like beauty, perfection and fairness in price. You can even say that he believes in the honesty of smartphone manufacturers and does not consider it necessary to overpay for unnecessary bells and whistles. In this collection, I will tell you which smartphone is best for a student to buy. I agree, the concept is a little vague, but we will focus on my own relatively recent experience, reviews on the Internet and comments from fellow students. And then it's up to you to choose.

Many interesting smartphones await us this year

Which smartphone should a student buy

Sometimes smartphones that can suit students as the main communication device are called pseudo-flagships and sub-flagships. They should have powerful hardware, but they shouldn't be expensive. They should have a good camera, but that shouldn't be at the expense of screen quality. Simply put, there should be as few compromises as possible, more benefits, and lower costs.

In the next few months, there will be a large number of devices for students that they will love. Let's discuss what to expect and decide whether it's worth doing or it's easier to buy something now.

Inexpensive phones

Redmi Note

This series will hit the market on March 4th. Undoubtedly, it will become a bestseller in the segment, just like its predecessors. Traditionally, the models of the Redmi Note line conquer the market immediately after launch and remain at the top for a long time. This time, Redmi Note 10 has every chance of getting into the top ten phones for students and not only for them.

Leaked Redmi Note 10 box

The 5G variant will ship with the Snapdragon 750G chip. On the front panel, it will have a screen with a hole for the camera. The smartphone will use an LCD screen and support a 120Hz refresh rate. It will also receive a degree of protection against water IP52.

Other Proven Features - Hi-Res Audio, Better Haptics, Fast Charge. As for the battery, the smartphone will be sold with a built-in 5050mAh large capacity battery. It is also expected that the Redmi Note 10 series will introduce Samsung's new sensor with a resolution of up to 108 megapixels with a size of 1 / 1.52 inches and a pixel size of 0.7 microns.

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