DIY laundry basket: types of products, materials and manufacturing

Bathroom - the room is small, but it also requires a well-thought-out interior design, so there are no trifles in this case. Any element in it can become a decoration of a room, and linen baskets are no exception. Unfortunately, the range of such products is not very large: it is extremely difficult to choose an accessory for absolutely any room. However, in this case, there is an excellent way out - handmade, or a do-it-yourself laundry basket. Since this item does not differ in large dimensions, the authors will not have insurmountable difficulties. The main thing for them is to get acquainted with potential models, select material and start work after getting to know the process closely.

How to choose the perfect laundry basket?

To find the best option, you need to pay attention not only to its design. The product must have characteristics that make it an excellent container for laundry. And in this case, pay attention to several important points. It is not recommended to ignore them, otherwise the object can become a source of problems.

  • Design. Any accessory should fit into the interior, be its harmonious addition, and not a foreign element. Therefore, the model must be selected very carefully.
  • The main tasks of a laundry basket are decorating a room, storing laundry, and saving space. This is especially important for rooms of modest size, where there is a struggle for almost every centimeter. Possible options are choosing a corner accessory, creating a low basket that can be easily hidden under the bathtub.
  • Since high humidity in bathrooms is common, an item for storing laundry must have ventilation holes. The second possible solution is to use a material that can "breathe". Otherwise, items waiting to be washed may get a musty smell. It is possible that they will be "chosen" by mold.
  • Product durability. Any item purchased must serve for a long time. Yes, the owners can "get tired" of the basket, this is a common phenomenon, as many people like the novelty. However, the newly made item must not tear, break, or bend. In this case, there will be claims to the functionality and appearance of the model.
  • Practicality. Any thing must be comfortable. If we consider only the basket for things, then its main characteristic is stability. Therefore, the ideal would be an object that has a cubic, cylindrical shape, or tapers upwards. Models with very small bottoms will become a headache as they will continually fall.
  • Perfectly smooth surfaces. This requirement is mandatory. Any roughness or other defects can cause parting with your favorite clothes. For example, thin elastic materials do not cost anything to catch on to something and "go" - to shoot an arrow. Therefore, before using the basket, it is necessary to carefully check its walls and bottom.

The undoubted advantages of the products are carrying handles, a cover that protects the laundry from water.

Types of laundry baskets

Before considering how to make a do-it-yourself laundry basket, you need to get acquainted with the materials from which they are made. And then decide which of the "competitors" will be the most suitable for the bathroom.

Plastic, nylon products

The low price, practicality of the material made it almost ubiquitous: almost "everything and everything" is made of it. If we talk only about laundry baskets, then plastic is also not in the last place here, and the range of models from it is quite wide.

Simple products - containers with large or small holes. Most often they are equipped with comfortable handles. Such baskets look simple. More interesting are products that imitate carving or weaving. As a rule, they have the same "leaky" lids. On sale you can find corner models, sometimes very original designs are found.

A serious disadvantage of plastic baskets is their rustic appearance, which often prevents them from looking decent in stylish interiors. A possible solution is a basket hidden in a nightstand, cupboard, closet, etc.

Another man-made candidate is weightless nylon. These are foldable mesh products on a flexible frame. The range of such lightest designs is wide enough. Plus them - the ability to wash in the machine. The disadvantage is the same as that of plastic: it is simplicity, unpresentable.

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