DIY garden sculptures

You can make the garden varied and interesting with the help of your own imagination and the availability of some materials.

Everyone dreams of having something original, eye-catching and mesmerizing attention.

Garden sculptures for summer cottages come to the rescue, which you can make yourself.

The variety of materials from which such products are made is simply amazing. This is concrete, and gypsum, and wood, and clay.

Any sculptural figurines of various shapes and sizes can be obtained from them.

But before proceeding to the very manufacture of bright elements for decorating the garden, you need to decide on the very idea, the rule for choosing colors and shapes. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to help in this matter.

  • In order for the territory to look harmonious, one should take into account the fact that the sculpture must fit beautifully without creating conflicting feelings.
  • Balance is one of the main factors; here you cannot use a huge number of products that will only scatter attention and prevent you from enjoying the true beauty.
  • If there is a question about the location of the future sculpture, then you can try to cut out a cardboard figure and put it in the intended place. It helps a lot with the choice.
  • Combination with plants and surrounding exteriors. Only a beautiful fit into the environment, complemented by some decorative elements, will help to achieve the correct result.

These tips should be considered before the actual manufacture of the product. And there are plenty of ideas to make a garden sculpture with your own hands.

Stone is ideal for garden sculptures

It is from stone that you can make a huge number of garden sculptures. One has only to find its suitable size, be smart, dream up - and the decorative element for decorating the site is ready.

You need to see something individual in the natural material - paint it in a suitable color - and the image is ready. It can be ladybugs, owls, hares, seals, mushrooms - whatever you can think of.

DIY sculpture idea for a garden:

Having a summer cottage, you always want to equip it, and even somehow in a special way. However, garden decorative elements are not cheap, and they do not differ in durability.

People with a developed imagination can make original crafts for a garden from cement, which is distinguished not only by its high resistance to various kinds of influences (frost, hail, sun, water), but also by its availability (it can be bought at an affordable cost in any hardware store).

Content of the article:

  • The nuances of working with cement mortar
  • Interesting ideas for beginners
  • Complex shapes with a frame
  • Step-by-step instructions for making: 3 master classes

The nuances of working with cement mortar

For decoration and design additions, you can use flower pots, pots, figurines of fairy-tale characters or objects of the plant world, made with your own hands from cement. This material is not moody, and most have a lot or little experience with it. Still, there are several important rules that must be followed in order for crafts from cement mortar to turn out to be of high quality and durable.

The very technology for preparing the mixture is as follows. The main components are being prepared: cement, building sand, water and tile adhesive (for better plasticity and reducing the risk of microcracking). For 1 part of cement, 2 parts of sand are taken (for greater strength, you can take 1 part) and 1 part of glue. Lastly, add water in small portions until the consistency of thick sour cream. It is convenient to work with such a mixture: it does not drain and at the same time is quite plastic.

All cement products require prolonged drying. Freezing can take up to 7 days. To prevent the surface from cracking, the finished creation is covered with polyethylene. To give the product a beautiful and regular shape, the base is placed on a hill of sand or buried in it (depending on the idea), but not on a flat surface.

After complete hardening, the figure must be covered with a primer and only then can paint or varnish be applied. If the craft has roughness and other irregularities, it is finalized with sandpaper and a file before priming.

In addition to cement mortar, concrete is sometimes used, which is distinguished by the presence of large fractions (pebbles or gravel) and increased strength. Crafts made of concrete for a summer residence can be represented by large monolithic boulders, and it is also convenient to use this material to create a basis for various compositions (a platform for a fountain, a pedestal for a sculpture, a terrace for flower pots, etc.).

Another material similar in its application is gypsum. It is not as strong as cement, but more flexible and decorative. It can be used to create hollow shapes. For garden creativity, molding (sculptural), acrylic and architectural types are used. When working with this material, you need to take into account its rapid solidification. Very often it is recommended to add it to the cement mortar when creating sculptures.

Interesting ideas for beginners

Having no experience in using cement for decorative purposes, it is better to start with something simple that does not require modeling skills and obtaining the desired consistency. The first exhibits in your garden can be cute mushrooms, colorful balls or original flower pots.

Do-it-yourself removal and installation of a torpedo on a VAZ

The need to remove and replace a dashboard on a VAZ 2110 car may arise when repairing devices and parts located under its surface. In particular, it is with the removal of the dashboard that the revision of the car's air intakes is carried out. Sometimes they can get clogged and not ensure the normal operation of heating or air conditioning systems. The process of removing and replacing a dashboard on a VAZ 2110 is not particularly simple. To carry it out, you will need to be patient and master the skills of masterly working with instruments.

In today's article we will tell you how to remove, replace, install, modify and improve the dash on the VAZ 2110 with your own hands. Plus, we will give you a photo report on the work done and show you an interesting thematic video.

Removing the dashboard on a vaz

Before starting repair work, remove all the elements that are on the dashboard.

  • That is, we remove everything that can be removed and only after that you can start removing the panel itself. At the very beginning, it is worth prying the plugs on the top of the fastening with a screwdriver, this procedure is done both on the left and right.
  • Behind the plugs are the dashboard mounting nuts. The same mount is located at the bottom, too, on both sides.
  • Next to them is the diagnostic block mount, it is also unscrewed. After that, it is necessary to remove the fasteners on the sides of the frame.
  • And you also need to unscrew the internal fasteners, there are several of them, the first can be seen under the fuse box, and the second in the glove compartment.
  • But before that, you should remove the fuse box so as not to damage it and the wiring under it. All wires are connected to the panel with clamps, they are cut with wire cutters or a sharp knife.
  • Now you can try to remove the dashboard, wires that may interfere with removal. Installation of a conventional dashboard is carried out in the reverse order.


  • a set of wrenches and screwdrivers;
  • a marker;
  • adhesive labels.

The main work will involve a 10 key and a Phillips screwdriver. You will also need a water-based marker, as it rinses off well, it is necessary so as not to confuse the removed parts. This also applies to adhesive labels. There are too many parts and wires, so you should not rely on memory. Stickers and bullet points will help you remember the starting point of all the pieces.


The number of wires is amazing. It would seem that the VAZ 2110 is far from the most modern car that does not have a huge amount of electronics. However, wiring is plentiful there.

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