Diy denim vases

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Innovative handheld massager

The PLANTA Percussion manual body massager provides an effective, intense, acupressure, percussion massage of any area of ​​the body with a speed adjustment function. This powerful infrared heated massager uses a massage technique that consists of a combination of patting and tapping movements that penetrate deeply into muscle tissue to relieve tension, improve blood circulation and accelerate muscle recovery. The comfortable long handle allows you to easily work in hard-to-reach places. Thanks to special attachments, an effective acupressure of the whole body takes place, since the massager has a universal configuration, and the infrared heating function enhances the positive effect of the massage. The device works from the electrical network, while it is economical, inexpensive and does not take up much space due to its compact dimensions. Everyone will be able to carry out massage procedures on their own at home.


2 smooth attachments - for a general relaxing full body massage

2 point nozzles - for a targeted point massage effect on individual muscle areas and for enhanced stimulation of blood supply and lymph flow, which contributes to anti-cellulite and tonic effect on problem areas of the body

2 soft attachments for soft relaxing massage of sensitive skin areas (for example, on the chest or décolleté, inner thigh, etc.) with an effect on biologically active points

The massager is equipped with 6 replaceable screw-on massage attachments

A wide range of massage intensity selection with stepless speed control provides for several massage modes corresponding to the type and design of six interchangeable attachments

Diy denim vases

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And here, you, my friend, are wrong! You are not a designer! There is a fun way to disguise damage. It is called “artistic darning”. This method is applicable, of course, to mask holes in jeans - lurid colorful patches. But this method can also be applied to ordinary window glass.

Car enthusiast, write:. As a result, a chip on the glass can be masked with the following picture:

How and with what to seal the holes from self-tapping screws in a plastic window so that they cannot be seen

Modern windows are made of metal-plastic profiles. Some parts fail over time, so they need to be replaced. The self-tapping screw is also an auxiliary element for attaching the blinds from the inside of the window.

After removing the defects or removing the curtains, holes from the fasteners remain. They impair the aesthetic appearance of the plastic window and violate the insulating properties. You can fix the defect yourself.

White crevice sealant

You can also use a sealant to seal holes from self-tapping screws. Today there are a huge number of them, but acrylic sealant is best suited for sealing cracks and holes.

To seal the gaps, do the following:

  • First of all, the surface of the gap must be cleaned of all sorts of dirt, putty, debris.
  • Then the whole surface around the hole needs to be sealed with masking tape so as not to smear it.
  • After that, you need to take a white acrylic sealant with a special syringe. Why is acrylic sealant needed? Because silicone is not paintable if necessary.
  • Next, the gap or hole is sealed with a sealant. After applying the sealant, the surface should be smoothed with a wet finger or cloth.
  • Leave the sealant to dry completely. If necessary, the sealant can be painted over.

Fixing the hole after the self-tapping screw in the window frame

It is possible to mask the hole left after the repair in the frame with the help of specialists. But the service is not cheap. Therefore, armed with tools and materials, fixing the hole yourself is the most suitable option to save your budget.

Planta Massager manual

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Complete shiatsu massage

The universal neck and shoulder massager simulates the hand movements of a professional massage therapist. It is used for healing massage, stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscle tension.

8 rotating massage rollers provide a deep kneading shiatsu massage in any selected area. It can be used on the waist, abdomen, back, hips, calves, feet. The set comes with an auto adapter, so the massager can be used both at home and in the car.

The massager is made of practical material - eco-leather, and the massage surface is made of lightweight breathable mesh material. Reliable and comfortable shoulder straps adjust the pressure of the massage rollers on the selected area.

The advantage of this model is infrared heating with illuminated massage rollers when heating is activated. There is a convenient integrated rubberized control panel, as well as the ability to select the direction of rotation of the rollers: clockwise or counterclockwise, the directions can be alternated.

Lightweight and compact, you can enjoy a personalized massage at any time in your home. Powered by 220 V and a cigarette lighter in a 12V car. / P>

Dimensions: 118.5 x 17.5 x 13.6 cm Weight: about 1.5 kg


Notable features and characteristics

Why install flexible windows?

Do you have your own private house, and you would like to equip it with a summer terrace, covering two sides, and leave the front one overlooking the pool or pond open, but at the same time save on glazing? Soft windows are good for solving this problem.

Also, you can glaze the gazebo or street veranda, while closing all sides, leaving only the doorway. Then, the PVC material will serve as a reliable protection from wind, rain and insects. By saving on budget, you will be able to get almost the same functional qualities as from glass windows. Moreover, with such products it will be possible to close the gazebo from bottom to top without loading it with unnecessary elements, such as railings.

Benefits of elastic structures

The popularity of soft window designs is explained by a number of illustrative advantages.

The demanded set of advantages is described by:

  • factors of reliable protection and practicality of technological materials. Increased strength with resistance to tensile deformation or tearing;
  • simplified and short-term installation by one person. Demonstration installation does not require special knowledge and professional assistance of craftsmen;
  • adequate prices for 1 m² of pvc film (≈ 1500 rubles), synthetic or PVC edging and fasteners (eyelets, simple or swing-tension brackets) ;
  • transparency. In comparison with glass, not the worst view of the space outside the building is guaranteed;
  • improved indicators of environmental friendliness. The harmful release of toxins with aldehydes during sun exposure is excluded. Materials are indicative of resistance to fungi and mold formation;
  • frost resistance. Special models of materials with special processing are resistant to fire.

Manufacturers provide an extended range of edging material colors for sale. Chrome-plated, galvanized and stainless steel fasteners for soft windows are resistant to external influences and accelerate manipulation of the product (rolling or rolling).

Product scope

The extended range of use of soft windows proves the consistency and relevance of the products. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs are effectively using patterned soft windows to attract masses of customers in mobile restaurants or cafes. Owners of attractive estates and private cottages exquisitely decorate terraces or landscaped gazebos. Enterprising farmers have adapted sliding structures to equip greenhouses. Attractive products look attractive when decorating loggias and roofs of apartment buildings.

Detail cut

Do-it-yourself high-quality installation of soft windows requires knowledge of the nuances of soldering and fastening methods. The fixing methods for soft windows for specific projects are different. It is recommended to consult with professionals and find out how to fix soft windows in complex building configurations.

Storing potatoes, canned food and other provisions on an ordinary balcony is very problematic, because it all freezes and becomes unusable. And I don't want to load the refrigerator shelves. That is why it is worth paying attention to the balcony cellar, which can be presented in the form of a small container or a special container, where products will be stored at the optimum temperature throughout the winter season.

Varieties and characteristics

The main advantage of a balcony cellar is the ease of use and simplicity of the design of such a storage. You can independently engage in the arrangement of a refrigerator cellar on the balcony, but for this you need to have certain experience and skills, as well as a lot of free time. Therefore, more and more people are paying attention to ready-made solutions.

At the moment, two types of cellars are more common:

  • Flexible balcony cellar. This home refrigerator is very convenient for storing vegetables because it can be installed anywhere. A cellar of this type will take up exactly as much space as the amount of food you are going to store in it. The main advantage of a flexible cellar is ease of use and convenience. When storing vegetables is not required, the bag can be folded up and put away in the closet.
  • Hard cellar. As a rule, it is produced in different volumes (100-200 liters). It is necessary to select a cellar of this type in accordance with the expected amount of stored products, as well as the possibilities of its arrangement on your balcony. At the same time, the hard cellar on the balcony can be used as a sofa or a stand for something.

How mini-storages work

The arrangement of balcony cellars does not imply any original features and special materials. Their principle of operation is based on the fact that the entire structure and the inner space of the container are hermetically sealed, which does not allow cold air to penetrate inside and affect the stored products. Reviews of the cellars are usually positive, which is achieved due to the excellent preservation of vegetables and other products.

A balcony storage is, first of all, an insulated container.

Modern cellars are equipped with special temperature sensors, with the help of which a constant temperature is maintained inside the container, suitable for storing vegetables for a long time.

Thermal sensors and heating system require power supply, therefore access to the network must be provided. Electricity consumption is kept to a minimum. The manufacturer claims that a home cellar on the balcony will consume no more electricity than an ordinary incandescent light bulb.

The principle of operation of the cellar thermostat

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