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Talismans to attract good luck. Currently, there are a huge number of different gizmos that bring their owners success,

Of course, without magic it is difficult to achieve such an effect. It is imperative to charge your amulet with your energy.

Punch a hole in the plastic circle to thread the string through. Put such a pendant around your neck and try to take it off less often. The talisman for good luck in trade will definitely bring success to its owner, his business will always flourish.

You need to take a piece of red fabric and sew a small bag out of it. Place a small handful of cloves, allspice, bay leaf, mint, rosemary and fennel in your bag. Be sure to read the prayer "Our Father", and then say the following words: "I put the grass on God's command for good luck and luck!" So be it!

A talisman for good luck in trading. To make yourself such a talisman, you will need an old coin. Take a piece of cardboard or a piece of thin transparent plastic and cut a circle out of it that is slightly larger than the coin itself. Stick a coin onto the resulting circle.

They can be round, square, rectangular, absolutely anything. From a simple ballpoint pen to an expensive piece of jewelry. The talismans of luck and wealth can be carried with you, kept at home, in the office or in the car. It all depends on its immediate purpose.

Be sure your dream will come true soon. How to charge the grass for luck. Such a ceremony is performed on the new moon, on its first day.

The ritual is performed on the new moon. For six days in a row, you need to collect the change left over from various purchases. When the seventh day comes - take the little thing you have collected and buy some little thing with it. She will then become your talisman for money. If you have change from buying a souvenir, throw it over your left shoulder at the nearest intersection, saying the words: “Paid, paid for everything in full!

So be it! " Then go away without talking to anyone, and without turning around.

Talismans of love and good luck. These amulets include the following magical items. Take a walnut, split it into two halves, remove all of its contents. On a small piece of paper, write your dream, roll it up so that it fits into the nut. Enclose the bundle of desire in the shells, fold them and tie them with red thread.

DIY cat vase

How to remove a double-glazed window with your own hands

Double-glazed windows in the window block are held by short, long glazing beads. They also need to be removed in order to carefully remove the glass. It is worth starting work with vertical glazing beads, picking up with a knife or a sharp spatula, from connecting along the entire length.

If the sash is opening, then dismantling is carried out directly on the glass unit itself. With a closing structure, you must first remove the block from the hinges.

All work is carried out in construction gloves. After removing the glass, the pads on the frame are inspected. Perhaps they have moved accidentally and need to be corrected. The dismantling of a double-glazed window is often done due to the displacement of the linings, difficulties in closing, opening.


Before work it is necessary to prepare a place for temporary storage of the removed glass unit and a place for work. You can use old cardboard or boards to protect the flooring and walls from hard corners and edges of the glass unit. It is worth covering the furniture with a protective film or an ordinary cloth, it may completely be that working with the window frame will be dusty.

Sharp corners on a spatula must be grinded down a little with sandpaper or rounded off with a grinder. Inexperience, you can make a lot of scratches on the plastic with a sharp object. Also, be sure to mark the glazing beads with a pencil or felt-tip pen before starting work, so as not to confuse the installation sequence during the next assembly.

How to remove a plastic window from its hinges

Plastic is reliable, durable with a service life of up to 50 years. But for the purpose of replacement or repair, the glass unit needs to be removed from the hinges.

  • unscrew the decorative plastic covers with a screwdriver, free the hinges from them;
  • move the lower hinge down, open the sash for easy access;
  • remove the upper loop by pulling with pliers, then by the lower part of the linings;
  • disassemble the upper loop with a screwdriver stem, pick up and pull down with the pliers;
  • lean the frame towards you, remove from the bottom loops.

When self-dismantling, it is important to follow the rules and features so as not to damage the structure.

Good luck charms. Currently, there are a huge number of different gizmos that bring success to their owners.Of course, without the action of magic, it is difficult to achieve such an effect. It is imperative to charge your energy ...

  • 1 Types of mosquito nets attachments
  • 2 Measurements for nets with plunger attachments
  • 3 Measurements for nets with z-attachments
  • 4 Measurements for pockets

When installing plastic windows, many people strive to save money on mosquito nets, especially if the installation is carried out in the fall. Also, breakdowns of the frame of the existing product occur. In any case, when the period of insect activity begins, it becomes necessary to acquire a saving barrier.

Mosquitoes are rarely standardized in size, since the dimensions of the installed plastic windows are individual. For this reason, the following solutions are possible:

  • Order a mosquito net from the company where the windows were ordered.
  • Call an engineer for measurements, which will take some time and will require additional costs.
  • Measure the mosquito net on the plastic window yourself.

Self-measurement is the most convenient option.

Frame grid measurement

Option - installation on external Z-mounts

For the frame mesh on the external Z-mounts, you need to take two measurements: one - the light opening, the second - the outer part of the frame.

Please note that there are restrictions for Z-bindings. ШЛ and ШП (width of the left and right frame) must be at least 25 mm. BB (upper frame height) must be at least 50 mm. BH (lower frame height) must be at least 40 mm. If the size of the window does not suit these conditions, we recommend choosing a plug-in mesh.

After measurements, add 20 mm to each obtained value - these will be the finished mesh sizes. You can use our online calculator to calculate the approximate cost of a mosquito.

Option - installation on internal hooks

For the frame mesh on the inner hooks, you need to take three measurements: one - the light opening, the second - the outer part of the frame, the third - the overlap.

The overlap is the protrusion of the window frame profile. Its width can be of two types - 17 or 22 mm. Measure the overlap width and inform us at the time of ordering so that we can select the correct fasteners.

Venetian blinds and main causes of breakdowns

  • lamellas and lamella holders;
  • control cord;
  • plastic sleeve;
  • bracket and its latches.

In addition, the device includes a plumb bob, a stopper, a sprocket, a carriage with a screw, a slider and chains, a cornice, a pivot rod, a plastic sleeve and a magnet corner.

The main causes of malfunctions are:

  • The use of low-quality materials in the manufacture of blinds and roller shutters.
  • The destruction of fragile parts due to the expiration of the service life.
  • Misuse or mechanical stress.
  • Damage to the blinds during children's play.

Why won't the blinds go down

If the product has served for a long time, it has bent and dusty from time to time lamellas that do not turn, do not close well, do not hold, and you cannot understand the reason why the blinds are jamming - whether it needs to be repaired at all, or better to purchase a new product is of course up to you to decide.

If you nevertheless decide to fix the blinds, it is enough to bring it to our company. Specialists will fix the breakdown. OknaPark company carries out repair work to eliminate all types of problems in horizontal, vertical, bamboo, wood and fabric blinds, and will gladly save you from painstaking repairs.

For those who decided to fix the products on their own, we will give some tips:

  • First, clean all mechanisms from dirt and dust, lubricate rubbing parts.
  • Identify the cause of the breakdown, select the necessary components for replacement, according to the individual characteristics of the product (for this, it is enough to provide a photo of the parts that are needed)
  • Determine the list of necessary work.

Since round windows are called differently, it is advisable to know the terms that are additionally used to designate them. This will help avoid confusion and misunderstanding. Such items may be called "rose" or "gothic rose", and sometimes also a porthole. Also, when using the term "dormer", most often they mean exactly the round structure.

Round plastic windows

These models are the most popular due to their good performance and ease of use. Round plastic windows are manufactured using thermal bending technology. In a special chamber, the profiles are heated and then, using pre-prepared templates, give them the desired shape on a table with a perfectly smooth surface. Cured plastic does not straighten and retains its previous properties. Thanks to this, round structures are successfully made from it, which have many advantages:

  • high level of noise absorption;
  • energy efficiency;
  • durability - up to 50 years;
  • color fastness;
  • tightness.

This method has one drawback - you cannot reinforce frames and sashes with reinforcement. This is due to the fact that it is impossible to bend the softened PVC together with the hard metal. It is also impossible to insert a radius insert into a frozen bent plastic workpiece, therefore the rigidity of such structures depends entirely on the properties of the PVC profile. As a result, large-sized products without internal bridges have a risk of deformations that can provoke depressurization.

To make large round windows, PVC profiles are rarely reinforced. According to special technology, it is more laborious and expensive. A special reinforcing insert is used to give rigidity. Together with the profile, it softens in the thermal bath, since it is made of a composite material that can change its rigidity. After heat treatment, the inner liner is quickly and neatly inserted into the profile chamber. The rest of the sequence of actions is exactly the same as in the manufacture of round windows without reinforcement.

A machine has already been developed and is being produced, capable of giving a curved shape to plastic profiles without placing them in a thermal bath. Bending is carried out using 3 plastic rollers and a hair dryer, which minimally heats the PVC. This equipment gives hope for the imminent appearance of an affordable technology for reinforcing round windows.

Installing Frames

After sheathing the lower and upper curved walls, I installed five frames. With an assistant, we disassembled the pre-assembled block, numbered each frame and corresponding wedge bushings so that the screw holes line up when the block is assembled in place.

Setting up a curved window was pretty easy. First, the first frame was nailed in place and the wedge insert was screwed to it with screws. The second block was attached with screws to the first. All the frames were connected in the same way, but they were held only by nails.

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