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Professional massage at home

Compression massager for legs and thighs is a device for home use with professional characteristics. The compression technique is used to reduce swelling in the legs, relieve fatigue, and improve blood circulation. Ideal for those who have long legs or are uncomfortable at work.

The massager is great for deep tissue massage that helps to relieve muscle tension in the feet, ankles, legs, and thighs. An additional heating function in the knee area is designed to stimulate blood circulation. The massager helps to improve blood and lymph circulation, relieve muscle spasms and swelling, improve vascular function and reduce cellulite.

The advantage of this model is the large length of the cuffs, which allows for complex pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage in the thighs, calf muscles, ankles and feet at the same time. The Velcro cuffs provide a snug wrap and fit.

A feature of this model is a powerful compressor that pumps air with optimal pressure through 2 channels to fill the air chambers of the cuffs. In this case, there is an alternating or simultaneous effect of compression on various areas along the entire length of the leg.

The massager has a stylish, compact and intuitive control panel with a display that will make the massage procedure as comfortable as possible. The display shows schematically the areas of the body that are affected. 3 massage modes are preset for a smooth transition of pressure according to the classic method of influencing the lymphatic system from bottom to top, which helps to eliminate congestion in the lower extremities quickly and effectively: feet, lower leg and hips.

3 levels of compression massage intensity with different compression levels help you adjust the massage to different sensitivity levels to suit the needs of a wide variety of users.

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Ecotex - luxury textiles Pillows, blankets, sets of towels, etc.

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Soft and delicate, warm and lightweight Ecotex duvets will warm you with their warmth. Pillows for every taste: hard, soft, filled with down-feathers, buckwheat, etc. Blankets and sets of towels are a great gift for any holiday! And, of course, bedding sets - satin, poplin. We choose!

According to the site's rules, delivery of bulky items will be done as follows: Orders without restrictions on weight and volume are accepted by Caravan (Samara, Kievskaya 1). Less than 20 kg and a volume of less than 0.06 cubic meters I rent at all points. Transportation costs in excess of 4% of the total purchase amount are distributed among the participants in proportion to the volume of the order.

Description: Composition: 100% cotton

Description: Fabric: knitted fabric Composition: 100% cotton Weight: 125 g / m² Recommended for mattresses up to 25 cm

Description: Fabric: premium satin Composition: 100% cotton Recommended for mattresses up to 23 cm

Description: Composition: 100% cotton

Description: Composition: 25% bamboo, 75% cotton Weight: 500 g / m2

Description: Composition: 25% bamboo, 75% cotton Weight: 500 g / m2

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