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Diy vaz camouflage

Army Album - a memory of the service and the best gift with your own hands

Any guy who has completed military service would like to have a memory of this time after. Usually, during the service, soldiers managed to take a huge number of photographs, which were then made out into an album. These albums, after the end of the service, were bragged to friends and recalled their youth.

Let's see how to make a demo album with your own hands. Today is the digital era, photos can be obtained on the Internet, and then, as a gift for your beloved guy, you can arrange a beautiful album with thematic pictures.

What is the Army Album?

The first step is to figure out what this army album is like. This is a kind of document telling about the stay of a soldier on urgent service in the army. This is not just some ordinary-looking thick notebook with a bunch of photographs pasted into it. The album itself can be safely called a real work of art. This is a kind of unique book - there will simply not be a second copy of the same.

Always create albums for one soldier. It is recommended to start making them in the army about 100 days before the order of completion - about three months before leaving the army. And even if today the guys serve only a year, demob albums are still popular.

The materials used to create this artifact vary widely. The cover, which is an important part, was made of red velvet fabric. But it was considered even better to make this cover from the fabric of officer's greatcoats. Today, such traditions are no longer relevant, and the army album is even made from khaki fabric.

Album pages should be thick enough using cardboard. Previously, some of the pages were laid with tracing paper - this is what they do today. This is necessary so that the photos do not stick together, and the drawings are not damaged.

Drawings can be done with anything - using pencils, markers, felt-tip pens, paints, ordinary pencils. To make and glue the inscriptions, you will need foil.

Who is doing this?

I must say that this memory of the army is not always done by the soldiers themselves. Now the author can be anything - the main thing is that he can draw and write beautifully. Often the girls of the soldiers have to make these albums. The product should turn out to be not only memorable, but also beautiful. Often, several different people are involved in production at once - this is permissible. But it is better that these were people who are in the service and know the soldier's regime of the day, the life of a soldier. Civilians also do them, but less often.

The most valuable is the product that the soldier, or rather the future demobilization, did not even touch. Usually they ask for help from talented colleagues. When the service comes to an end, it will simply be presented. And as a reward, friends of the serving get the opportunity sometimes not to wear outfits and sleep longer.

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