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Egyptian amulets from the evil eye Amulets are very diverse After the death, the cat was buried with honors in tombs. The amulets found and removed from the sarcophagi were not handed over to anyone as an idol and were not used as talismans before their painstaking research: made many centuries ago for a certain person, they carried this energy inside themselves throughout the entire time and could cause a poor third-party user.

Isis's head is adorned with cow horns and a flashy sun circle. Isis's task is to protect the lady and the baby. Controlling the wind with outstretched wings, the goddess brought abundance, family well-being. The best materials for Egyptian amulets are considered to be dark basalt, turquoise, carnelian, reddish jasper, jade. blue-green color promotes well-being,

Winged sun. The amulet in the form of a luminary with wings has a strong protective power against evil. It originates from an old legend: the god Horus stood in this form in front of the evil forces of chaos in order to protect the Egyptians. Along the edges of the solar circle, 2 symmetrical snakes are drawn as a sign of the balance of 2 parts of Egypt and the confrontation between good and evil. The image of the solar circle was found by archaeologists above the entrance to the tombs.

The Egyptians considered sacred those objects on which the names of the gods were inscribed, they carried power through the name, the spelling of the name gave endless life. In such talismans, they do not erase anything and do not add any signs, words or symbols next to them.

Able to help, intended to destroy, in the form of a necklace, brooch, ring or pendant, there are so many of them that it is rather difficult to navigate and get a suitable one. There are amulets, better known among ordinary people. Cat. The sacred animal is among the Egyptians the reincarnated goddess of joy and home, home happiness and love Bastet.

Statues of cats were placed everywhere in the houses of Egypt to guard against black spirits. Shaggy pet pendants added understanding. Ibis. The sacred bird personifies the science and brain of the Egyptian god Thoth. Patronizing everyone who is engaged in intellectual work, the amulet in the idea of ​​an ibis figure or from its image will become an assistant in exams and trials, mastering everything new.

The scarab is associated with the world of the deceased, its figurine was attached to the sarcophagi of the dead, using it as a guide to the afterlife. In the natural world, scarab beetles roll dung balls, which the old Egyptians associated with the movement of the sun's body across the starry sky. Scarab amulets are often made from precious materials. Magic signs and formulas can be traced on its abdomen.

Finding a huge number of amulets in tombs during excavations, archaeologists and other scientists began to carefully study Egyptian amulets and their meaning. Among the finds were: Egyptian talismans with inscribed signs have their magical powers until the time when the image is clearly visible. Its power disappears when the signs are erased and become virtually invisible.

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