Delightful bouquet of tilda tulips

Bouquet of foamiran tulips step by step

Another material that is good for a tulip bouquet is foamiran. In addition, you will need items such as green tape, wire, glue, iron, knitting needle, spoon, scissors.

We start by cutting petals of the required size from foamiran.

You can first draw a template and cut it out. In order not to fasten each petal separately, you can immediately make three of them together.

To make the petals look a little natural, tint them with pastels.

Now shape the petals with a spoon. We apply a petal to the heated iron, heat it, then put it on a spoon. As a result, it will turn out to be concave.

If you have triple petals, then each of them is heated and pressed into the desired shape.

In the same way we make a tulip leaf, and with knitting needles draw veins on it.

Now we take the wire, wrap it with tape - we get the stem. We attach the petals to it. First, we glue three petals in the first row, then three more.

If you cut three petals at once, then this is easier. Attach them to the wire, then lift them up, forming buds.

It remains to attach a leaf to each flower. As a result, we will get such a wonderful bouquet.

Fabric tulips

Ask any person what they associate with the word "spring". And the majority will answer that with tulips. And it’s not surprising. These fragile flowers are truly the messengers of nature's spring awakening. Previously, several varieties of tulips were grown: red, yellow and sometimes white. But now there are so many species of these plants that it is difficult to count them all. And flower beds in city parks are simply full of colors and textured petals. Today you will learn how to make bright tulips from fabric. They turn out to be voluminous and very cute. Prepare the following components for work: - material that can be cut off and no threads will be visible at the edges (felt, fleece), in the photo these are napkins for cleaning the house; - scissors; - synthetic winterizer or cotton wool; - a sheet of paper or cardboard; - wooden thin and long skewers (according to the number of colors); - threads for sewing in the color of the material and the needle.

Simple Recipes

Even if it seems that there is no strength, time, opportunities or even skills for handicraft, there are still many ways to quickly and simply turn boring money into interesting and original gifts. And the main one is packaging! 1. Bank of money. You just need to buy a beautiful jar and fill it with beautifully rolled and even tied ribbons with money. Attach a bow to the lid, tie the jar itself with a wide ribbon - and a beautiful gift is ready!

2. A fun and original idea is to melt money into a piece of homemade soap. For this, the bill is placed in a small plastic container. Then pour the first layer of the base into the soap mold, let it harden. Spray with alcohol, place the container and fill in the second layer. The top layer of the base must be completely or translucent for the surprise to be seen.

3. A variation on the same theme - a bag of money - is also a quick, simple and beautiful idea. The design of the bag can be played in different ways (one of the fun ideas is in the photo above), and just put the money inside. It is advisable only to fold them so that the bag is tighter, or you can add chocolate coins for weight and volume

4. Origami from banknotes also does not lose its relevance. Anything can be folded out of bills: a camera, boots and even a ring. Another origami-themed idea is to collect many simple shapes, such as butterflies, into a single Hawaiian-style wreath. Such a surprise will suit both a birthday and a wedding. If there are few bills, then flowers made of paper or fabric and, of course, sweets will help to dilute the composition. A little imagination, and an unusual bright wreath is ready! You can make a heart as the central element of the wreath. How to fold a heart from 1 banknote is shown in detail in this video: In the end, even if all the original ideas seem complicated or out of place, there is always an option to donate money in a handmade envelope or postcard. The labor and warmth of the soul invested in their creation change the character of the gift, despite the traditional packaging. Giving gifts of money turns out to be not so boring. A little imagination, attention to the interests of the donee - and banknotes turn into a unique surprise.

Origami shirt folding technology

It should be noted that banknotes can be folded using a similar technique by putting them inside the resulting package. There is no need to cut out any details and therefore the money will be kept intact and can be used for its intended purpose.

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Origami butterfly

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