DIY decor in the style of "Dino" (Part 2)

There are never too many balls, especially on a children's birthday. Today we will make a Dino style garland with our own hands. It is perfect for decorating a holiday for both boys and girls about 5-7 years old. It can be placed on a table or decorated with a sideboard.

  • arch with fasteners to create a garland 1.2–1.8 m;
  • green classic latex balloons 10 inches;
  • balloons with chrome effect gold and green;
  • green and gold latex balloons 5 inches;
  • balloons Tropical Leaves;
  • transparent balloon Green crystal; <
  • plastic balloon stick;
  • large 18 "round foil balloons, star and dinosaur shape;
  • modeling balls ШДМ 260;
  • < li> small foil dinosaurs;
  • compressor;
  • transparent tape;
  • hand pump;
  • garland in the form of an artificial branch; <
  • artificial branches with leaves.

Arch assembly

The arch also includes attachments for attaching a garland. You can use them or execute it in a standard way.

Create a garland

  • Using a hand pump for 0.5-2 strokes, we will inflate a pair of classic balls with a diameter of 5 inches. We will tie them together using a double twist and a knot.
  • Let's add a pair to the garland: take out the tail from the fixed ball and tie it to a two by the jumper of the balls with a diameter of 5 inches.
  • Let's do more 8-10 pairs on each side, including 5 "golden balls.
  • Fix the resulting twos so that they cover the gaps in the garland.
  • Use a hand pump to inflate a round foil ball and in the shape of an asterisk. We twist the ball into the ponytails for modeling and tying it up.
  • We fix the foil balls on different sides of the garland with the help of a tied SDM: we wrap it around the balls from the garland.
  • Inflate the foil ball in the shape of a dinosaur with a hand pump. We twist the ball for modeling into the valve and tie it, cut off the excess.
  • There is a special tail at the bottom of the dinosaur. We twist the SHDM into it and tie it.
  • Fix the dinosaur in the center of the arch.
  • Use a hand pump to inflate two small foil dinosaurs, tie the valve.
  • Glue the lower tails to the inner side with scotch tape so that they do not stand out.
  • Cut the SDM in half, glue it on the tape from the inside of the dinosaur in the center.
  • Tie the ball for modeling on a knot. We got strings, for which we fix the dinosaurs on a garland, tying them to the left and right of the finished balls.
  • Add a garland in the form of an artificial branch on one side of the arch.
  • Take branches with artificial leaves. First straighten them completely, then fold the sharp tip into a loop and insert the edge into a green 10 "ball.
  • Wind up and tie a ball of SMM so that it does not come off.
  • On the other side we will fix the resulting artificial branches with leaves by inserting them between the balls and wrapping them with a ball for modeling.

Video master class

This balloon workshop is simple, but allows you to create a spectacular party decoration.

Create your own bright decorations together with the studio "Mikros"!