Coral - a stone given by the sea

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Stylish design

Stylish knitted coat with a turn-down collar and a button fastening. There are convenient side pockets. Belt included. From the collection of the brand A la Tete.

Material: 38% viscose, 36% polyamide, 26% polyester Back length: size 42 - 117.6 cm size 44 - 117.6 cm size 46 - 117.8 cm size 48 - 118 cm size 50 - 118, 2 cm size 52 - 118.4 cm size 54 - 118.6 cm size 56 - 118.8 cm size 58 - 119 cm size 60 - 119.2 cm

About the brand

A la Tete clothing is fashionable, practical jersey for everyday life, comfortable silhouettes, ergonomic fit and a wide range of sizes. A wide variety of yarns containing natural fibers in a noble soothing color scheme is harmoniously combined with modern silhouettes, lurex, sequins, lace.

"A la Tete" in French means "at the head". The main idea of ​​the brand is the importance of outerwear in the modern woman's wardrobe. It is a practical and versatile garment that can be used to create any look, from the elegant romantic to the casual sporty. In addition, the main advantage of knitted outerwear is the perfect fit for any type of figure.

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Coral is a stone of organic origin. Its homeland is warm seas, where reefs and entire islands consist of it.

This gift of the depths of the sea is recognized as an interesting and beautiful stone, and the healing and magical properties of coral are still used by people today.

What is coral

This biological material can be called a stone only conditionally, so how it represents the fossilized remains of coral polyps (invertebrates living in the deep sea and ocean).

The coral island (atoll) has been forming for millennia.

Coral grows very slowly - 1 cm in breadth per year. Its age is determined by the annual rings, like a tree.

From a chemist's point of view, coral stone is almost pure calcium carbonate. Iron oxide, magnesium carbonate, organic impurities create its color range. Moreover, in most species, the organic component is less than 1%. Only black coral is composed entirely of organic matter.

What coral looks like

This tree stone is diverse:

  • in shape - twigs, balls, mushrooms, plates, stars, tentacles;
  • color - from white to black;
  • transparency - can be either translucent or opaque.


The name of this stone comes from the ancient Greek word "kollarion". This is what the Greeks called sea polyps.

The peoples who live on the sea or ocean coast have studied coral stone well.

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