Cool kid car stickers

Refuse homemade products: a car stand made of wood can fail. Structures made of shaped pipes are more reliable, but even here you may not calculate the ultimate strength of the material.

During suspension repairs, oil changes, the car is installed on a flyover or inspection pit. When servicing wheels, use mechanical or hydraulic car lifts, hand jacks. However, the automotive accessories industry also makes special repair stands. The gadget has won the driver's sympathy.

Stand Matrix (t)

Having lifted the car on a jack to hang the wheels, drivers immediately come up with homemade insurance: there is always a risk that the car will fall from a height. Bricks, old tires, wooden blocks are used.

With car stands, you are relieved of the need to look for material at hand to secure the lift during engine repairs.

Stand Matrix 51620 (2 t)

Components of the car stand Matrix 51620 (2 t):

  • The steel body is made by stamping, which is more reliable than welded versions. The structure is extended towards the base and rests steadily on 4 legs.
  • The movable support bar is the place on which the car body rests.
  • The swivel handle for adjusting the vehicle height is equipped with a rubber pad to prevent the user's palm from slipping.
  • The toothed bar is used to fix the given height.

You can buy car safety stands in online stores at a price of 1250 rubles.

Stand "BelAvtoKomplekt" BAK (t)

If you need to work under the bottom of the car, and you do not have a viewing hole in your garage, use the BAK safety stand. 9001 (2 t). The set includes disassembled solid metal columns (2 pieces).

Rating of stands for a car with a lifting capacity of up to 2 tons

Another goal of a kid's car sticker: an inscription or a sticker on the glass does not allow those traveling next to see what is happening in the car, who is sitting behind the wheel. Young drivers like this secrecy.

Boy car stickers are an original way to decorate a car in a thematic style. Funny or serious, discreet or witty stickers will show that a real man is driving the vehicle.

Kid's car stickers

Young guys prefer to highlight their car in the general traffic so that the surrounding drivers immediately understand who they are dealing with. Correctly selected stickers will attract attention and declare a daring boyish character. The choice of accessories is great, but any stickers must meet the requirements: to be stylish, fashionable, attractive and memorable.

Most Popular

The boy lives by the concepts and does the right thing. The sticker "Boys have their own GOST" will help to inform other people about this. You can choose a sticker on a transparent, white or black background, or place a special order for any color and size. Mirror inscriptions are popular today.

The most boyish car stickers: "Real boy" and "Sharp boy". The first one is made of vinyl. The second one is made of metal, with the image of "Colt-1911", showing that the kid is not only real, but also dangerous.

The most boyish car stickers

Option for guys who respect foreign inscriptions: the text "Chotki patsan ne ochkuet". Variety - a picture of a boy squatting with a bat in his hand. The sticker can be a signal for other car drivers not to get into trouble.


The best car stands with a carrying capacity of up to 2 tons, depending on the popularity and feedback from the owners.

Wooden houses built using frame technology are not accidentally considered the warmest. But such an assessment can only be justified by high-quality thermal insulation of all elements of the structure.

In this review, we will look at how to insulate the ceiling of a frame house and create an extremely favorable "living environment" for yourself, your beloved. Due to the fact that warm air, according to the laws of physics, tends upward, the device of a ceiling in a private house with reliable and correctly made thermal insulation is a very important issue. The technology for creating a multi-layered skeleton cake is similar in many ways, but the devil, as you know, is in the details. Here are the details we will discuss.

Thermal insulation of the ceiling of a frame house

The modern market offers a huge selection of safe thermal insulation of various types, structures and price niches. The most in demand are slab mineral wool, polystyrene foam, penoplex and similar insulators. For the choice, we will evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Mineral wool is a relatively inexpensive material, easy to install, suitable for any step of the floor beams, however, it requires a significant thickness of the insulating layer (usually 150 mm) and, in the case of poor quality made of vapor barrier, absorbs moisture. The almost waste-free use of insulation is also a significant plus.
  • Polyfoam is an inexpensive material that practically does not absorb moisture, but requires a large amount of sealant or polyurethane foam to seal joints and cracks. In addition, the ease of installation and material consumption strongly depends on the correspondence of the distance between the ceiling beams to the dimensions of the thermal insulation.
  • Penoplex is a material with good thermal insulation characteristics, due to which the thickness of the insulation layer can be reduced (according to the manufacturer's statement up to 50 mm). The heat insulator is practically non-hygroscopic, that is, it does not absorb atmospheric moisture. Its disadvantages are similar to those of polystyrene, but the cost is higher.

Insulation installation

Ceiling thermal insulation should be done correctly from the top of the ceiling in the attic or attic.

The work process consists of three stages:

  • Insulation vapor barrier against moisture from the equipped room

For waterproofing the insulation against vapors transported in the room, a vapor barrier film with zero permeability is spread between the beams on the rough boards of the ceiling, which does not allow steam or water to pass through. It can be IzospanV or a similar vapor barrier from other manufacturers. The film is laid with an approach to the ribs of the beams and is fixed on the surface with a stapler. All joints of the film material are overlapped by 10 cm and glued with a special self-adhesive tape or reinforced tape.

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