Comparison of automatic transmission and manual transmission on the Volkswagen Polo sedan

Regardless of what type of gearbox is on the Volkswagen Golf, a robot or an automatic, their advantage over a manual gearbox is the same. Both automatic transmissions improve ride comfort by eliminating the need for the driver to manually shift gears.

Most VW Polo owners are satisfied with their car, because it combines the relatively small dimensions typical of the entire "Golf-class" and low cost. However, those who first sat behind the wheel of this car often have a question - which box is on the Volkswagen Polo, a robot or an automatic machine, and which one is better.

Model History

The history of this car begins in the mid-seventies of the twentieth century, when the fuel crisis erupted around the world, the market for large cars collapsed and the demand for small vehicles with minimal fuel consumption increased sharply. This is how the little-known Audi 50 appeared. By this time, Auto Union, later renamed Audi, had already become part of the Volkswagen concern, so it was decided to reorient the Audi brand to the production of expensive premium cars, and to produce the small but successful Audi 50 under the name Volkswagen Polo.

The legendary, but already outdated by this time "Volkswagen Beetle" gave way to a new, more promising and technologically advanced car, which took the place of the "people's car". The Volkswagen Golf, which appeared at about the same time, was not a competitor to him, because it cost much more, although it received many successful technical solutions from the Audi 50. In 1995, a four-stage hydraulic automatic device was first installed on the Polo. In 2007, the first robotic model appeared.

Since then, the car has undergone many changes, but is still in demand thanks to:

  • low price;
  • reliability;
  • comfort.

Automatic and mechanics: comparison

Regardless of what type of gearbox is installed on a Volkswagen Golf, a robot or an automatic, their advantage over a manual gearbox is the same. Both automatic transmissions improve ride comfort by eliminating the need for the driver to manually shift gears.

Automatic and mechanics: comparison

Comparison of automatic transmission and manual transmission on the Volkswagen Polo sedan

Greetings, master! If you are reading these lines, then you have had a difficult task - to make repairs. But it will not be easy for others, those who do not understand anything about it. And for you who have studied the materials of this site and who have learned the repair to the highest degree, this business will be easy, interesting and exciting!

Do-it-yourself apartment renovation

First of all, you need to remember the golden rule: any repair should be started "slowly". This means, put aside all the construction tools far away, and take a pencil and paper in your hands and write in great detail everything that you want to do, starting from the ceiling and ending with the floor for each room separately.

Think about what materials you will use, how much it will cost, whether there will be enough funds, and make an estimate of the repair. When purchasing building material, you need to know that at least 10% should be added to all your calculations for errors and waste.

Practice shows that no one has yet been able to make calculations with an accuracy of a centimeter, and the need to buy additional materials after the start of the repair leads to additional material losses. This is at best, sometimes it happens that just such materials are no longer on sale, then you will have to re-buy the entire batch, which, as you understand, significantly affects the cost.

Some useful tips from the "seasoned"

And here are some more rules and tips for DIY apartment renovation:

  • The main rule - do not be too confident in your knowledge, do not be lazy to search the Internet for additional information. And not only about the methods of using new materials themselves, but also compare their prices in different stores, find out practical reviews about them from professionals, do not trust advertising one hundred percent. This is why it is called advertising, and not a description of positive and negative properties, because it only advertises the product.
  • Specifically decide what kind of repair you are going to do: cosmetic or major, will you change the location of interior partitions and doorways or not. If you have planned a change in the layout, then you cannot avoid going to the housing office or the construction department of the local government to coordinate your actions. Do not try to avoid, at first glance, “waste of time”. Violation of the load-bearing walls is fraught with unforeseen troubles, up to the destruction of the apartment, and it is not necessary to tell how it can end.
  • Pay special attention to electrical wiring and sewer communications. Will you change the location of the bathtub and toilet, will you rearrange the sink in the kitchen. How many additional sockets and switches are going to be installed, in what places, how much will the load on the wiring increase, etc. If you do not have sufficient qualifications in these matters, invite a specialist. Believe me, this will cost you much less. If you are prepared enough, you can start on your own. Only in this case, be sure to follow the law: measure seven times and cut once. Do not rush, it is very difficult and expensive to fix any mistake later.
  • Select the desired apartment design. Based on the preliminary design plan, you should not only select the decor, the future style should be taken into account when buying all building materials. Agree, it will be funny if you are planning to make a high-tech renovation. and buy stucco decorative decorations on the ceilings or vice versa.
  • Strictly follow the instructions for using building mixtures and materials. Do not rush, each layer should dry thoroughly. Remember that doing quickly does not mean completing all repairs just as quickly without fixing the defects.

What amateurs should do when doing apartment renovation with their own hands

Cases are not uncommon when, for various reasons, even without extensive experience in performing repair work, you have to do it yourself. And in this case, there is nothing to worry about if you follow some of the tips.

  • Never start renovating an apartment from the living room. Start in the bathroom or toilet, and then from the most inconspicuous corners. Even if you make a mistake due to inexperience, it will not be conspicuous, and in the meantime you will gain some experience in performing work, you will feel more confident.
  • First of all, do all the "dusty" work: cleaning old paint and plaster, punching holes, chiselling walls, dismantling windows and doors, etc. Do not expect dust from the floor will not rise to the already repaired ceiling! Get used to cleaning the room every day, and before painting, be sure to wet cleaning.
  • Correct any discovered errors immediately, excuses: tired, I will do it later - do not pass. Any delay only complicates the correction, but you still have to fix it.


Everyone is already aware that maternity capital is now given for the first child. It is possible in public services or the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, to issue it online without leaving your home. Which I used, but something went wrong, and I had to go to the PFR office, write a statement.

I'm sitting waiting, and there are still a lot of people with me. A woman came out of the office with a piece of paper in her hands, giving the names, who had come, and by what time. I was not on the list, she looked at me and asked:

-As for the application for maternity capital, they called me.

-A, yes, yes, you sit, I'll call you.

And she disappeared into the office.

I'm sitting waiting, not bothering anyone, sticking to the phone, and a man sits next to me, mumbling:

-Fuck, fuck, I'm hunchbacked like a damn, and she fucked and give her some money! Do I have to pay for the bullies, for other people's geeks?

I hear everything, but I am silent. The man is muttering and muttering, I am already an experienced prostitute in his fantasies, and he has nothing to eat, but he works poor, and the state gives all the money to whores, and to normal workaholic with butter. I'm pretty tired of this, I turn to him and say:

-Hear man, stop breeding snot! It would be better if I closed my mouth altogether, otherwise it carries fumes. Has the state deprived you of the poor? I have been working since I was 14 years old and, like everyone else, I pay taxes and insurance premiums, and for 20 years, I gave the state much more than the unfortunate 400 thousand, so fuck it!


-No, well, I’m not talking about you, you’re a fine fellow, but about these scum.

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