Burst a vessel on the skin


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We measured the initial voltage on our subjects before the first "start" without load, the average recoil current during the "start", the voltage during each "start" followed) and the number of launches.

The supply of current to the outputs of the Carku E-Power 5 device is activated by the power button, which is protection against spontaneous discharge and short circuit. Despite this, and despite the fact that the "crocodile" clamps, as already mentioned, are well insulated, the manufacturer strongly recommends that you first connect the clamps to the battery, then connect the "crocodile" connector to the trigger and only then turn on the device.

The new 2014 model is presented with a new body shape and updated fittings. This is what the manufacturer tells us. Characteristics of the "five": capacity - 12000 mAh, outputs for 12 (for starting a car), 19 (for laptops) and 5 (for charging gadgets) Volts, starting current 200 A, maximum current 400 A.

The supply of current to the outputs of the D-Lex POWERBANK device is activated by the power button, which is protection against spontaneous discharge and short circuit. Despite this, and despite the fact that the "crocodile" clamps, as already mentioned, are well insulated, the manufacturer strongly recommends that you first connect the clamps to the battery, then connect the "crocodile" connector to the trigger and only then turn on the device.

Certificate of registration of the "Auto Dela" mass media El No. FS77-44581, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor), April 15, 2011.

Each element, depending on the modification, produces a voltage of about 3.6 V. In order to charge the gadgets, they are connected in pairs, and to start the engine, you have to simultaneously use a common force. The connection in this case is serial, which increases the voltage, but the capacity is consumed by all batteries at the same time. That is, in fact, we get the real supply of "amperes" several times (in terms of the number of elements) less.

Copyright © 2008 Autodela. u All rights reserved.

The Carku E-Power 5 starter and charger can start the engine, its performance is within the average among our participants, the number of starts to full discharge is 18, which does not reach the manufacturer's declared 20, but at the same time exceeds part of the competitors. Numerous launches do not affect the device's performance, no damage to the case or components was noted. Even after a short-term connection to the network charger Carku E-Power 5, the device's performance is fully restored in accordance with the current charge level.

When blood vessels burst on the body, a small amount of blood accumulates under the surface of the skin. As a result, small red dots (petechiae) or large flat spots (purpura) appear on the dermis. Why the blood vessels on the hands, face and other parts of the body burst, as well as how to deal with the problem, is described in the article.

Why is the problem happening?

Most often, burst vessels are found after an injury. A small, bloody rash may remain at the site of the bruise or bruise. But especially petechiae that have arisen spontaneously should be alerted, because they can be a sign of a serious illness.

The most common reasons for a vessel burst:

  • trauma ;
  • allergic reaction;
  • blood infections;
  • autoimmune disorders;
  • < li> childbirth;
  • side effects of skin disease treatment;
  • side effects of chemotherapy;
  • aging process.

In any case, the vessels burst when their walls become less elastic. Sometimes the reason for the deterioration of the vascular condition can be a change in hormonal levels.

A broken vessel looks unattractive, but in itself is not dangerous

In more rare cases, the following diseases can provoke the destruction of small vessels:

  • meningitis (inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord);
  • leukemia (cancer of blood cells);
  • sore throat caused by bacterial infections;
  • sepsis (body-centered inflammatory response to a bacterial infection).

Separately, it is necessary to consider the reasons for the appearance of burst blood vessels on the face. The peculiarity lies in the fact that if a network of burst vessels appears on the nose and cheeks, then in 90% of cases the reason for this is heredity. Also, the reason that the vessel on the face burst may be:

  • dieting;
  • frequent use of scrubs;
  • frequent use of the sauna;
  • refusal to use cream in frosty weather.


If the patient has noticed that the vessels have burst all over the body, and there are no obvious reasons for this, then it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor. Some moles can be mistaken for subcutaneous hemorrhages. Only an experienced dermatologist can distinguish one from the other with the help of a visual examination.

INK-TECHNIQUE training provides an opportunity for the permanent makeup artist to understand the processes taking place in the skin and get predictable color results. Teacher and course developer A. okhlova


On February 5, 2018, a presentation of INK-TECHNIQUE (by A. okhlov - Millecenta) took place at the Kosmotred school. On the same day, there was also a presentation of the MED-COLOR training (by Olga Savchuk).

Olga Savchuk is the chief methodologist of training programs at the Cosmotrade training center. Olga conducted training together with A. Okhlova. Olga also presented the MED-COLOR program for permanent make-up masters. In the program, the teacher revealed all aspects of the coloristics of medical-based tattooing.


On February 17, the INK-TECHNIQUE training course was held in Dnipro at the BRAND STUDIO.

Founder of the author's school of Microblading. Permanently practicing master of manual tattooing techniques. Master of hardware tattooing. Founder of the leading Beauty Center in Dnepropetrovsk “Brand Studio”. Kira has developed an author's methodology and training program "Microblading from A to Y. K. Govorukh is the author of the manual tattoo technique" Powder make up "and" Pixel Brows "


System A. okhlovoy enables specialists to analyze and understand the processes occurring in the skin.

The purpose of the training: the formation of theoretical and practical knowledge in coloristics and pigmentology when choosing absolutely any company of pigments for hardware and manual techniques.

© A. Khokhlova, 2018.

MILLECENTA Studio School always strives for excellence and guarantees quality education.

Corns can be very painful. This is a type of disease such as hyperkeratosis, in which the skin becomes thickened.

The core corn itself is a denser area of ​​the epidermis of a small size with clear boundaries and almost even edges. It usually occurs where the bony protrusions press against soft tissue. For treatment, both pharmaceutical preparations and folk remedies are used.

Peculiarities of treatment in a child

Medical diagnostics of corns

Core-type corn is easy to diagnose. After an in-person consultation, a dermatologist can present a conclusion and diagnosis about the type of skin growth.

Differentiation of ingrown calluses from Verruca plantaris (plantar wart) may be the only difficulty.

Because they have the same localization location and appearance.

You can distinguish a corn from a wart by the following features:

  • Growing callus is not accompanied by bleeding even with strong pressure on it.
  • A wart, in contrast to a corn, does not have a single formation. Typically, a few warts that resemble cauliflower can be seen on examination.
  • The corn has a small depression in its central zone, which can be seen upon close inspection. In the case of a wart, the HPV formation consists of thin fibers, petechiae (black dots) are observed on top, which bleed when injured.
  • In the presence of a wart, pain syndrome occurs on palpation of the injury itself, while walking there are no pains. In the case of corns, soreness is observed with any mechanical movement.

To confirm the diagnosis and determine the cause of the disease, the dermatologist prescribes a blood test for diabetes mellitus.

Also analysis to determine the human papillomavirus, to exclude HPV.

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