Bulk price change in Opencart store

Connecting a payment system to a site is an important issue for any store or just an individual who sells their goods and services on the Internet. It is not solved as easily as I would like, I will try to give in the article basic universal information on how to connect online payments on any website using, first of all, bank cards (as the most popular and universal payment method) and ERIP, which at the same time you need to know and how to act.

Where to start

It is clear that you need to start by creating a website. That is, you must have a fully working website with goods or services. I have already written many times on which CMS it is desirable to choose a site, what functionality should be, where it is generally better to order sites, etc. - if there is no site yet, it is only in the plans, then read this information in the block below, so that later you do not run around and ask questions like “where can I get the module for connecting payments in my panel.

With this intermediary, most often it will be necessary to conclude a written agreement, show him the site and fulfill his various other requirements dictated by the legislation of a particular country.

For example, for Belarus the basic requirements are something like this:

  • Be a legal entity or individual entrepreneur.
  • The site must have a non-free domain, Belarusian hosting, registration with BelGIE.
  • Place on the main page or in the basement the most detailed merchant details and the acquiring logo.
  • Fill in descriptions of goods and services, with prices, delivery and payment terms - all pages on the site must be working, not empty!

It is important to understand that it is not the site developer who will connect you to acquiring, but you yourself will need to contact them and conduct all the negotiations. The maximum developer can connect the payment acceptance module after successful moderation of the site and signing all documents with an intermediary for accepting payments.

What acquiring systems have I worked with in the CIS: Yandex Cashier, Robokassa. What acquiring systems have I worked with in Belarus: Bepaid, Webpay, Artpay, Express Payments.

These acquiring systems are popular, stable, have good technical support and, in general, there should be no problems with connecting payments through them.

We connect the payment system to the site

So, we have decided on a specific intermediary company, now you need to download their module for your CMS, install and configure it according to the instructions, for example, like a regular Opencart module.

According to my observations, payment acceptance modules get up normally in 99% of cases. In 1%, it happens that the site has some kind of non-standard checkout module and you have to hire an assistant to figure out and help with the settings of the acquiring module. The cheapest way to do this is on a kwork.

After the module is configured, you can make test payments from the site, because the unexpected person can wait at any step, it is important that everything works smoothly. Acquiring provides such an opportunity, for example, in Bepaid it is enough to enter the data of a special "test" card.

How to sew a leather dress with your own hands

A massive price change in the Opencart online store is possible due to one interesting technique and one useful extension, which will help you save a lot of time and increase or decrease prices in many products at once or arrange massive discounts and promotions.

Ask any online store owner, and he will tell you that changing and controlling prices is one of the most difficult jobs to maintain an up-to-date product base. Wrong prices have a bad effect on conversions and the mood of managers, who have to listen to what the client thinks about the store's pricing policy.

You shouldn't make life difficult for yourself and others, therefore, for successful trading, I would recommend keeping the prices on the site up to date, and if you do not have the update of prices from suppliers configured using export and import modules for Opencart, then you will have to change prices manually, for example using mass price change methods.

Massive price change due to exchange rates

Very often prices are forced to change because the exchange rate in which the goods are purchased fluctuates. And the easiest way to quickly update them, so as not to sit with a calculator at the monitor later, is to initially keep all goods in conventional units.

For example, it is obvious that prices for iPhones will depend on the dollar exchange rate. Therefore, initially we drive the value in this currency into the goods, for example, we write the price = 900.

Then in the item "Localization" and "Currencies" set in USD the value = 1. This leads to the fact that if someone looks at the prices on the site in dollars, then the price of the iPhone will be exactly $ 900 (1 * 900).

But we have, for example, a Russian store and we want the prices of goods to be shown in Russian rubles. To do this, we set the desired ruble / dollar exchange rate in the same currency settings, for example, value = 75.

And in the system settings we change the default currency to "Russian ruble".

In this case, the client visits our store, sees prices in Russian rubles and the cost of an iPhone = 75 * 900 = 67,500 rubles.

We reset the cache in Opencart and completely clear the cache and cookies in the browser or open the store in incognito mode, because the currency parameters are saved in the browser cookie.

And now you can massively change prices for all goods, corny changing the dollar / ruble exchange rate.

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