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  • But without them, if it were just a currency that could save savings somehow

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  • Hah, let him come back. I will read it.

    There was a black market almost at the very beginning. Well, the question is who is considered a whale. When there are hundreds of thousands, the first pumped millions, or then billions.

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    Speaking of crypt, and how it will magically transform the world into a better version of itself, erase boundaries, overcome inflation, eradicate etzetter's inequality.

    After all, mankind constantly and continuously goes through a series of various new shnyazhki, some of which seem so wonderful that after them they expect a mandatory change not in the form, but in the essence of the established relations. And then, after a bit of time, it turns out that the reaction got sick, and indeed: it’s not time yet. If someone does not immediately understand where the wind is blowing, we point our finger: the Internet.

    What to do if turn signals and emergency lights do not work on VAZ-


    To understand why the emergency gang does not work on the VAZ 2114, the first step is to check the fuse responsible for it. It is installed in the mounting block under the hood of the machine on the left side. This fusible element is designated F2. To speed up the search, you can use the electrical diagram of the fourteenth, where its exact location is drawn.

    A burnt or broken part can sometimes be identified visually by the presence of plaque or damaged elements. You can also check the health of the fuse using a multimeter. There are two ways to diagnose.

    For the first method, the measuring device must be switched to the voltmeter mode and the alarm on the car must be turned on. By connecting the probes of the device to the outputs on the fusible element, establish the presence of voltage on them. If one of them does not have it, the part needs to be replaced. It is inexpensive and can be changed with just one movement of the hand. You can even replace it on the way. Especially if there is an auto parts store nearby.

    You can also diagnose an element with this device in ohmmeter mode. To do this, you need to remove it from the car and attach the probes to the outputs. If the resistance is zero, the part should be replaced.

    Often, the fuse is OK, and its contacts are oxidized. This happens from dampness and age. In this case, you just need to clean them.

    It is worth noting that some motorists, with such a breakdown, begin to check the K2 relay. But there is no need to waste time on diagnosing it, since in this case the direction indicators would not also be on.

    Turn signals do not work on VAZ-

    Problems with turn signals can be both in a VAZ with a carburetor engine, and in models with an 8-valve injector. It gives more power to the engine and other benefits, while more complex troubleshooting.

    The turn signal can work poorly most often due to burnout of electrical contacts or in violation of integrity (problem with sealant). You may be prompted for a malfunction by the instrument panel. You will find a discrepancy between the signal and the turn button: the presence of a flashing headlight.

    This malfunction is considered simple, but relatively common. If you figure out why this happened, then do the repair yourself and without any problems. Electronics here is simple and accessible to any driver who is minimally familiar with the operation of electrical circuits and who attended physics lessons at school.

    See also: Self-revision of the VAZ-2114 with your own hands

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