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Due to the pandemic, many people have been cut off from the world. It is noteworthy that at this time it became.

The vase bought for pennies turned out to be an ancient relic

Recently on a sale in Connecticut (United States of America) for a small amount, ah.

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Aleppo is an ancient city from Syria, where locals have been engaged in trade from time immemorial. Trade for this ancient city has become a real symbol. Some shopping places have even been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Unfortunately, due to the hostilities, many shopping streets have been reduced to ruins. Many of them are unlikely to ever be restored. Indeed, during the hostilities, especially fierce hostilities were fought for the old part of the city. However, there are those who are lucky. Some antique shops have survived.

Hereditary merchant Ahmad Suni Tarmashi inherited the store. He is one of the lucky ones who are fortunate enough to keep their trading place. True, now he, like many other merchants, is having a hard time. After all, you need to figure out how to lure buyers to yourself. Ahmad put on sale of its ancient value, which has been kept by him for over 30 years. Now an old samovar from Russia, which is more than 90 years old, stands in the window of his shop. The man hopes that this will help attract foreign buyers.

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If you want to add zest to a living room or office space, when developing a design project, pay attention to glossy interior doors. Numerous photos in the interior will help to appreciate the advantage of this type of door structures. We also offer you to get acquainted with their advantages, disadvantages and features that you should learn about before buying.

Advantages and disadvantages of glossy interior doors

The popularity of such systems is increasing every year. This is facilitated by:

Of the shortcomings, the need for frequent cleaning of the surface deserves attention. Although maintenance is simple enough, to maintain a presentable appearance, the surface should be cleaned almost every day - especially if the family has small children. In addition, white doors blend harmoniously with modern and classic interiors, but at the same time they completely merge with light walls, becoming invisible.

Glossy surface needs constant maintenance

Principle of production of glossy interior doors

Each manufacturer uses its own production technology. As a rule, the frame is made first. It is sheathed with sheets of various materials having a thickness of about 5 mm, between which a porous filler is laid. Sometimes the canvas is made from solid wood. Then a decorative layer is formed. This is done by:

  • varnishing. The door leaf is covered with a layer of a special varnish that protects the door from harmful factors and gives it a characteristic appearance. Varnish can be replaced with polyester;

Polishing will provide sufficient gloss

We suggest watching a video demonstrating the production process of a glossy door:

Materials used to make glossy interior doors

Most often used for the production of canvases:

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