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First of all, a few words about what mosquito nets are in terms of their design and about the Anticoshka model.

The mosquito net can be roughly divided into two large components: the frame and the canvas. The frame can be sliding, frame, with an automatic gathering mechanism like blinds, sliding, solid. But the mesh can be put on almost any frame.

The anti-cat mosquito net is just one of the varieties and its name best speaks of its purpose. No, the mesh will still keep out mosquitoes, dust and insects. But the material is so durable that it is not afraid of the claws and weight of the animal. We dispersed, everything in order.

What is the Anticoshka mosquito net

The Anticoshka netting is specially designed for pet lovers. Special weaving and special mesh fasteners protect the animal from falling and claw injuries.

  • Mesh size 1 x 1 mm, thread thickness up to 0.6 mm. Each thread can carry up to 4 kg.
  • The aluminum frame provides additional strength.
  • By its design, the Anticoshka mosquito net can be framed or sliding (so that the animal cannot open it on its own).
  • The product is installed on PVC, wooden and aluminum windows, doors.
  • Various mounting options.

Benefits of Anticoshka

If we talk about specific technical indicators, then the thickness of the thread is from 0.6 to 0.8 millimeters. Compared to conventional nets, it is 2-3 times thicker than conventional nets.

The cell size is also very small - only 1 by 2 millimeters, so the mesh does an excellent job of its direct duties - protection from insects and dust.

4 more important advantages can be noted that serve as the reasons for installing the mesh on plastic windows:

  • 1Great protection against debris and insects. If a private house or the first floor of an apartment faces the dusty side (road works, passing cars, windy side), then the anti-cat grille is an excellent option, because. high-strength threads do an excellent job with the load.
  • 2 Attractive appearance. If you say that you can buy the most ordinary model of any type and the appearance will be the same, then this is not so. The very fine mesh and the special structure of the yarn make the mesh fabric very beautiful and aesthetic.
  • 3 Security. First of all, our clients tend to install models on plastic or wooden windows to protect their pets. Such models got their name only because of the agility and curiosity of cats. But the net can also support the weight of a small dog, so there is no need to doubt the strength and reliability of the structure.
  • 4Excellent possibility of vertical ventilation. The mesh is installed on any structure, on a hot day you can ripely open the window wide open and not worry about the safety of your pet. An additional bonus - the thread is strong, but safe, an animal or a person cannot be hurt by it.

Anti-cat netting on wooden windows

Some houses are not designed with canopies over the balconies of the top floors, so they are exposed to rain, snow, sun and wind-blown debris. If the owners of the apartment do not plan to glaze the balcony in the near future, there are some inconveniences when using it. There is only one way to solve the problem - to install a visor over the balcony, which will partially protect it from weather conditions. You can make it yourself or buy a ready-made visor and order its installation.

Major differences with the roof

The similarity of roofs and sheds can be found only in the intended purpose.

The constructions themselves differ significantly:

  • size ;
  • materials used;
  • appearance;
  • complexity of installation.

The roof is a concrete slab attached to a load-bearing wall. As a support - the side walls of the loggia. The roof is part of the entire building, therefore, it is a dependent structure.

Whereas the visor to the balcony is an autonomous structure, supported by vertical supports. If possible, it can only be fastened with bolts, anchors to the outside of the building.

What is the difference between a visor and a roof and what are its advantages

A roof is usually called a structure that is installed on top of end walls or glazing frames. It has a frame and is attached to the outer wall of the building and to the glazing of the balcony. Most often, roofs are insulated from the inside and sheathed with trim.

The canopy over the balcony has a simpler design. It is fixed on the outer wall of the house, sometimes props are additionally used.

Important to know! Even at the planning stage, it is necessary to obtain permission from the management company to carry out the work. Limitations may be related to the architectural features of the building and the aesthetic appearance. The latter is relevant for balconies overlooking the central streets of the city.

On the website of the mesh manufacturer, you can buy atikoshka mesh made of metal with delivery from Moscow across Russia. Tel. +7 (495) 147-80-80

But you still need to control. They asked me to tell you about the nuances of installing double-glazed windows in the house, what to look for, etc., so as not to drain money into a pipe and then not redo it after six months. We sat with them over a cup of coffee, I told them everything in detail and, at the same time, outlined in this article. Suddenly, this information will be useful to you. Read it!

Okosyachka for plastic windows

Structures and buildings made of natural wood tend to move, that is, shrinkage. This characteristic imposes restrictions on the installation of windows and doors in skylights.

If you do not use special techniques in the form of a casing, or a window, then the delivered window or door will be deformed, broken, and gaps will appear between the frame and the wall.

To avoid such problems, an additional framing of the skylight is widely used, which is called casing. In fact, this structure is a product made of wood - a box, which is planted on the walls and to which the profiles of windows and doors are attached.

Such a simple design ensures the independent position of windows and doors relative to the walls, and therefore, when the house begins to sag, the shedding becomes mobile - it moves along the opening, moving the frames with it without deforming them.

There are two options for making a jig, or rather its profile. Allocate

  • thorn-groove - where grooves and thorns are cut out in the fastened parts for joining and fastening;
  • monolithic, or finished, which also have a thorn and a groove, but the counterpart of the bar is made of solid timber. In this case, glued laminated timber is not even recommended due to the peculiarities of the reaction of the glue to changes in humidity.

It is important that in the manufacture of this or that type of casing, in any case, it should not sit tightly on the walls of the house, since in this case mobility will not be ensured.

Since the window consists of sidewalls, a top and a bottom (or a threshold), it is very important to leave a larger gap between the top and the wall - up to 12 cm, which is intended to compensate for the shrinkage of a wooden house. Such gaps, of course, are processed: they are insulated and closed with platbands.

In order for the cage to serve for a long time and reliably, before installing it, it is important to treat it with an antiseptic and follow the installation procedure: first the bottom, then the sidewalls and finally the top with insulation and platbands.

  • Photo 1 - Finishing (with a quarter).
  • Photo 2- Power "SHIP" or "PAZ".

Since more durable materials are used in its manufacture, the "Anticoshka" coating is resistant to sharp claws of animals and completely excludes the possibility of them leaving the premises, leading to falling from high floors and injuring pets. There are several types of such mesh protection for cats on the market made of various materials, the study of the properties and features of each type will allow you to choose the best option in terms of quality and cost.

What is this grid

Like the overwhelming majority of advanced building technologies and innovative products, a kind of mosquito net "Anticoshka" was developed abroad, the leadership in this area belongs to the Canadian one. The canvas stretched over a rectangular frame is made of strong polyester threads 0.8 mm thick with a mesh size of 1.2x1.2 mm. The small size of the holes of the product prevents insects from entering the room, and the strong thread cannot be torn apart by the teeth or claws of pets - this prevents them from falling out of windows or escaping into the street.

In addition to the polymer thread, the "Antikot" mesh can be made of metal, some craftsmen make it themselves, attaching additional protection from cats to the frame of a regular mosquito net.

Why the anti-cat mesh is good and how to install it yourself

With the onset of spring, the period of open windows begins in all houses. It is surprising to many people that ordinary openable windows can be fatal to their cat.

The point is that cats are very curious animals. They cannot afford to walk past even near a very narrow window. At best, the cat will get stuck in a half-open window and will eagerly await rescuers. But more often this adventure ends with a broken paw or neck. Can be saved by the anti-cat net.

Benefits and Features

Anticoshka, unlike similar products, has the following features:

  • Extra strong threads and design prevent the canvas from breaking with the claws of pets, exclude its sagging and deformation, it can withstand the weight of a suspended animal weighing 4 kilograms. The service life of a typical product without losing its physical characteristics is up to 10 years.
  • The material produced by "Anticoshka" is harmless to human and animal health, does not decompose under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, atmospheric precipitation with the release of harmful substances and odors. 100% environmentally friendly devices are not afraid of exposure to high temperatures and cold air when used in winter, the network is not susceptible to icing.

Fig. 2 The construction of the aluminum "Anticoshka"

  • The mesh material is not flammable or does not support combustion, therefore the risk of a fire in the room due to cigarette butts falling from the upper floors is minimized. Also, the network serves as an additional protection against any burning objects falling from above.
  • The canvas is easy to care for, it can be wiped with a damp cloth and detergent, or you can remove the frame from the window and completely rinse it in the bathroom or shower stall under running water from a watering can.
  • The frame protection can be installed not only on the metal-plastic profile - the "Anticoshka" mesh is often placed on wooden windows, in frames made of aluminum and fiberglass on the sashes of a swing or sliding window. Often, "Anticoshka" is installed in the openings of the balcony doors of the swing or sliding type.
  • Due to the presence of several types of special fasteners that hold the frame, its installation and removal takes a few seconds, which creates additional convenience when using the device. The fastener itself provides a reliable and strong fixation of the frame on the surface (inside) of the window sash and makes it impossible for the animal to penetrate beyond its limits.
  • Like any anti-mosquito protection, Anticoshka, due to the presence of small cells and opaque material of manufacture, significantly reduces the illumination in the room, complicates the outdoor view of the street, requires the care of small holes, which are often clogged with dirt on the dusty streets of the lower floors of houses.

Roof to the balcony: subtleties of the device and operation

Step-by-step editing

First you need to take the following tool:

  • punch ;
  • screwdriver;
  • tape measure ;
  • pencil ;
  • spirit level , level (80-100 cm long);
  • hammer;
  • tracer;
  • drywall knife.


It is necessary to mark the level of the ceiling, that is, where it is planned that the plane ends. This is necessary so that when the ceiling is fully assembled, it does not interfere with the opening of the window sash

Therefore, it is important that the ceiling does not reach at least 2 cm to the open sash. If the facing material is a wooden lining, it is 1.5 cm thick, which means that the ceiling lathing should be set at a distance of 3.5 cm from the sash

Since usually balcony frames are placed on the level, starting from the frame elements, you can get an exceptionally flat line in the horizon along the window. It also needs to be transferred to the opposite wall. The spirit level will help with this. Along the adjacent wall, the line from the window is transferred to the opposite wall. Marks are placed in the four corners with a pencil. The tracer connects these marks. In this case, you cannot do without a partner.

Installing the battens

After marking, you need to mount the crate from a rail or timber. Focusing on the line along the perimeter of the balcony ceiling, a bar / rail is placed along its entire length, fixing to the ceiling. The puncher drills holes along the place where the timber will be in increments of 60 cm, a nylon dowel with a diameter of 8 mm is hammered into the holes with a hammer, and then a screw corresponding to the diameter of the dowel is screwed through the timber with a screwdriver. If, due to the unevenness of the laying of the slab, the timber deepens from the horizon mark, then in the place of the screwed-in self-tapping screw under the timber you need to put a piece of wood and fix it with a small nail so that it does not jump out from under the timber over time. By the same principle, the timber is placed against the wall.

Wooden lathing on the balcony ceiling

First, the beam is installed at the window and at the opposite wall, and the middle beam is set flush with the already installed ones. The spirit level will help you check that all the bars are in the same horizon line. This will keep the ceiling flat.

If the plan is to sheathe the balcony with plasterboard, then the crate should be made of metal profiles CD and UD. Thanks to the markings, there is a line around the perimeter of the balcony. Using a puncher, we nail the UD profile on brick (concrete) walls, and fasten it with self-tapping screws along the plastic window frame. Will fit "fleas", self-tapping screws 9.5 mm long. The CD profile is installed along the width of the balcony in 40 cm increments. For rigidity, the CD-profile is fixed with U-shaped suspensions, which are attached to the ceiling with 6x40 dowels, and the profile itself is screwed with a flea screwdriver. The spirit level will help to check the single plane of the CD-profile with the UD attached to the walls.

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