Acrylic or enamel: which is better for the bathroom

Luxurious renovation in the bathroom will easily ruin the shabby look of the bath. Owners can buy a new design or restore an old one for 50-70% less money. For restoration use enamel or acrylic. To understand what is better and more practical to use, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the raw materials.

Pros and cons of materials

When choosing a bath cover, owners pay attention to the price. Plumbing options additionally differ in appearance and durability, curing speed and resistance to mechanical damage. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of raw materials for restoration.


Polymeric material based on acrylic and hardener is produced in liquid form. The substance is used for the reconstruction of the surfaces of cast iron and steel baths. After solidification, a strong film, 3-7 mm thick, appears on the walls of the plumbing. Advantages of the drug:

  • Simple technology. Application is carried out without brushes and rollers.
  • Heat loss is reduced. Due to the material, the structure keeps the water warm for a long time. In 30 minutes, the liquid cools down by 1 C.
  • Masks defects. You can hide chips and rust, bowl deformation and peeling old layer.
  • Beautiful smooth surface. After application, liquid acrylic is evenly distributed over the plumbing. Gloss is less dirty than usual enamel.
  • Long service life. Subject to the rules of operation, the layer will retain its attractive appearance for 15-20 years.

There is no need to dismantle ceramic tiles before application. When working with liquid acrylic, there is no smell, and after repair, there will be no pungent chemical aroma in the room. The product is produced in traditional white and colored. A variety of shades allows you to choose an option for the design and style of the room.

When choosing between enamel or acrylic, remember that the second coating is much more expensive first. Depending on the type of material, the bowl after application will be ready for use in a week. Under heavy weight, the product will crack, hot water provokes detachment. With careless movements, scratches will appear on the walls of the bathroom.

Liquid acrylic is very picky about the conditions of care and household chemicals. The glossy layer absorbs dye (for hair, from clothes) and disintegrates from whiteness. During operation, do not leave water in the bathroom for a long time, otherwise yellow spots will appear on the walls that are difficult to remove.

Acrylic insert

The technology involves the installation of a special design in the plumbing bowl. The liner is based on impact-resistant acrylic, which is heated and blown over the matrix. Pros:

  • Sits like a glove. The device is made to order according to the technical characteristics of the bath.
  • Does not darken. The material does not allow rust from plumbing.
  • Warm. The double construction maintains the water temperature for a long time.
  • Tolerant to mechanical damage. Scratches can be easily removed by polishing.
  • Quick installation. The bowl is ready for use one day after installation.

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