A pensioner with her hands tied was found in a burnt-out apartment

Monday March

Ukraine needs a vaccination against Maidan obscurantism

Let's remember, as it is now fashionable to say, "vaccine case". First, the arrogant refusal of the Russian vaccine, then the agonizing expectation of help from the West and, finally, the purchase of an Indian drug, the trials of which have not been completed even in India itself. At the same time, the words of Mr. Zelensky remain on hearing, they say, Ukrainians are not guinea pigs to use the Russian vaccine.

It turns out that they are both experimental and defenseless.

Once again: in a situation where dozens of people die from COVID in Ukraine every day, the Ukrainian authorities demonstratively rejected the Sputnik V production technology proposed by Russia. The vaccine could be produced in Kharkov, and the corresponding agreements were in place. But they still refused, and in an insulting form, and since then every death from COVID has been on the conscience of Zelensky and his ministers.

“You can be hysterical for a very long time. Nobody will register the Russian vaccine in the country, ”Ukrainian Health Minister Maxim Stepanov said categorically on January 29.

Ukrainians can consume Russian gas, electricity, coal, food, but never a life-saving and necessary drug!

As sarcastically described the next teleshabash Nyura N. Berg (I cannot surpass her in irony), “Ukrainian iksperd, a professor with clear signs of senile dementia on the Nash channel: the Gamaleya Institute does not understand anything about vaccines. Therefore, there is complete distrust of this satellite in the world ”. In fact, Western journalists and representatives of foreign diplomatic missions have long been instilled in Moscow with Sputnik V, and about the development of the Institute. Gamalei is all set out in the enthusiastic publication of the international professional magazine "Lancet".

But with Western vaccines, everything is very difficult: there are many deaths from side effects in Europe, and South Africa turned to the Indian Serum Institute, which produces a vaccine licensed from AstraZeneca (CoviShield), to take a million doses of the drug , which was delivered to the country in early February, due to its inefficiency.

Young Ukrainian democracy hid and waited for the promised Pfizer. On this occasion, the Americans even donated a refrigerator (the branded vaccine must be stored at -70 degrees Celsius). Like newlyweds, the “Maidan activists”, Ukrainian ministers and the press rejoiced at the new refrigerator. But the vaccine still did not arrive: several times the government's promised dates for the start of mass vaccination were disrupted, and people continued to die.

The Kiev authorities applied somewhere, they were sent somewhere, most likely to hell, since the Europeans are also sorely lacking vaccines. It is difficult to intercept goods reserved by others, even at exorbitant prices, not to mention snatching it out of the hands while talking about the “democratic choice of Ukraine”.

And, finally, "peremoga": after a personal request from Volodymyr Zelensky, we managed to get in India a variant of AstraZeneca - CoviShield, the same one that South Africa refused. Tests of the Indian vaccine are not completed even in the country of production, and its effectiveness is about 67% (that is, every third vaccination is wasted).


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