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Hello my subscribers and just visitors of the Drive2 website. u. Today I present to your court a description of the manufacturing technology of a homemade muffler. About two years ago, while removing an old burnt out and already in places even rusted muffler, I thought how good it would be if the muffler was stronger in terms of wear, put it in style and forgot it. On the Internet, visiting the forums of motorists, having looked at a bunch of information, I came to the conclusion: to build a muffler from thicker steel, or from stainless steel. Since with stainless steel there is more parking in the manufacturing process, it was decided to build from steel and the choice fell on the body of the used powder fire extinguisher OP-4, the size just matched the dimensions.

We take the used fire extinguisher, press the lever, thereby checking the absence of pressure or bleed off the residual, unscrew the valve from the body of the fire extinguisher and rinse the body well from the inside with water. Work is carried out strictly on the street, because the powder inside is finely dispersed and chemically active. Washing work should be done strictly in rubber gloves and goggles (no one has yet canceled safety precautions). Then we take two pieces of a water supply steel pipe with a diameter of about 40 mm and a length of the body of a fire extinguisher, and stepping back from the edge of the pipe 100 mm, drill rows of holes in a staggered manner with a drill of about 10 mm, thereby turning a regular pipe into a perforated pipe. After our blanks are ready, in the center of the fire extinguisher, where the threaded connection from the valve remains, we mark a circle with a diameter equal to the diameter of our perforated pipe and with a conventional drill about 5-6 mm, drill holes around the perimeter of the circle and thereby "drill" the required diameter for the pipe. We insert into this hole one piece of pipe to a depth such that the end of the pipe remains outside, from which 100 mm receded, when the perforation was made and this end protruded about 70 mm and welded. From the other end of the fire extinguisher, we move away from the center about 50 mm and also drill a hole with a diameter of 40 mm, insert another piece of pipe and, by analogy, mount and scald.

Next, we cut off the pipe section from the old muffler where it connects to the exhaust line and weld this type of adapter to one of the ends of our pipe. We try on our glushak in place and weld the muffler suspension mount to the car body, having previously cut this mount from the old muffler. On the other end of the pipe, we weld any round or profile pipe (for example, like mine) and, in principle, our makeshift muffler is ready. We fix it, start the car and enjoy the new exhaust. It is advisable to paint everything with heat-resistant paint (I will paint it afterwards). We like who liked this article.

self-made muffler: instructions and tips

The structural components of the exhaust pipes on many cars are classified as problematic parts. They rust quickly, often burn out and break. Replacing the exhaust system is also not an option, as it can become unusable after less than a year of service. Some car enthusiasts prefer to make a muffler with their own hands and try to use more durable consumables. What does the step-by-step instruction look like and what is needed to complete the work?

The exhaust system may seem simple enough, but this is only a first impression. In fact, it implements a number of functions, including not only noise reduction, but also reduction of the toxicity of exhaust gases, their temperature and sound intensity during the combustion process. In the area of ​​the muffler, due to dispersion, the exhaust finally loses its temperature and speed indicators. How can you make a muffler with your own hands, and which methods should be preferred?

What is the white smoke from the tailpipe talking about? You can find the answer to this question in the detailed material of our author.

We also recommend reading the article of our specialist, which tells how to make a flame arrester for a car with your own hands.

There are several options that motorists use to make a muffler with their own hands on a car. Which method you choose depends on your exhaust system and the budget you are looking for. This can be a muffler made from a powder fire extinguisher or the manufacture of a straight-through muffler.

Powder extinguisher muffler

Modification of a standard muffler is possible on the basis of a powder fire extinguisher, the service life of which has ended.

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