A Moscow police officer could not sell a pound of mephedrone because he could not find his own cache in the snow

A police officer in Moscow demanded a bribe of 340 thousand rubles from a man who set up a drug den at his home, and also tried to sell him 500 grams. mephedrone. Criminal cases have been opened, a law enforcement source told TASS.

"The police officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Zyablikovo district demanded from the owner of the apartment of one of the houses on Kostonayskaya Street, where a drug den was organized, a bribe in the amount of 340 thousand rubles so as not to conduct a check. the operative was detained while receiving a fake money ", - said the interlocutor of the agency.

Also, this operative offered to sell the young man 500 gr. mephedrone, but could not find his own cache because it was covered with snow.

Criminal cases have been initiated under articles on bribery and attempted drug trafficking.

Forgetfulness and inattention

Sometimes the causes of disasters are startlingly silly. And with this stupidity, carelessness and forgetfulness often go side by side ...

On May 19, 1978, the Tu-154B of Aeroflot operated a flight on the Baku-Leningrad route. There were 134 people on board. In the cockpit, in addition to the commander (he made his first flight in this position), co-pilot, navigator and flight engineer, there was a flight engineer-instructor.

While the plane was flying over the Kalinin (Tver) region at an altitude of 9600 meters, the flight engineer-instructor and the co-pilot were enthusiastically discussing the operation of control systems. At this moment, no one noticed how the engine speed was falling. Soon they do stopped, and then the generators turned off. The airliner controls were de-energized. The pilots discovered a problem with the generators when the plane banked to the right and its speed began to drop.

Only after countering the roll, a minute after the generators were turned off, the crew found out that the reason for what was happening was the stopped engines. To maintain the speed at 500 km / h, the pilots began to descend, giving a distress signal and simultaneously trying to start the engines. But five attempts were unsuccessful. Then, at an altitude of 5 km, they tried to launch an auxiliary power unit. But they did not succeed either, since the installation could only be used at an altitude of up to 3 kilometers.

The nearest airfield was in the city of Bezhetsk at a distance of 65 kilometers. The commander realized that he would not be able to reach him without engines and decided to land on the ground. It was afternoon and the crew made out below suitable barley and potato fields. Flight attendants and passengers were informed of the situation, they fastened their seat belts and prepared for a hard landing.

When landing, the plane crashed with its right wing into a tree and rolled 150 meters across the field. Then he got off the ground, crossed the forest belt, cut off the trees, flew another 650 meters and again rolled across the field, collapsing during movement. His right pillar broke, his right wing and engine came off. Then he crossed a dirt road and a ditch. At that moment, the front and left landing gear struts and part of the left wing came off. Finally, the fuselage stopped (1518 meters from the place of the first contact), fell apart into three parts and caught fire.

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