9 easy ways to finally start eating right

Experts named nine ways

Small changes in the environment or in a person's behavior can help a person adhere to their diet easily. Lifehacker named nine ways of proper nutrition, Liter reports. z.


Dollar by? How the tax period affects the tenge

How to start a healthy lifestyle without delay

According to the publication, nutritional advice can also be used to acquire other good habits or give up bad ones.

Eat from small plates

Of course, you can put a small portion of food on a large plate to keep you on your diet. But, looking at such dishes with food, it will seem to a person that he is not full. Researcher Brian Wansink and a group of psychologists have come to the conclusion that if a person uses a plate with a diameter of 25 cm, instead of 30 cm, then they eat 22% less food in a year.

Keep water close at hand

Many people, when busy with something, do not noticeably drink large quantities of unhealthy drinks, such as soda or coffee. Experts advise buying a bottle of water instead and keeping it close at hand to quench your thirst at the right time.

Use tall narrow glasses instead of short and wide glasses

9 easy ways to finally start eating right

Making polymer clay jewelry is a very popular hobby today. Making beads and earrings is not difficult at all, the process takes a little time, and the result is amazing. You feel like a real jeweler, ready to create an original piece for any event. Try to mold polymer clay earrings for the New Year. They will be a great gift for your sister or girlfriend, or they will make you look original and festive.

Master class: choosing materials and tools

If you are not a very experienced sculptor yet, then let's deal with the material. Polymer clay is a thermoplastic, that is, a material resembling plasticine in consistency, easily taking the desired shape and hardening in the oven. You can buy clay of the color you need in the online store. The most popular are Fimo products from Eberhard Faber. It is softer - Soft and traditional - Classic.

If you start working with polymer clay, you must also purchase a glass work surface, blades and needles, glue, etc.

Now it's time to think about how our earrings will look for the new year. First, we choose a design that suits the theme of the holiday. Herringbone earrings or lollipops will look cute. It's easy to make them. To create Christmas trees, we need:

  • Green polymer clay
  • Thin and thick blades
  • Needle
  • Rings and Hooks
  • < li> Printed Template

As you can see, you will need a little materials.

Master class: making a Christmas tree

  • Multi-colored polymer clay
  • Liquid plastic
  • Sequins, glitters

After you have cut the trees out of the green clay, knead the white clay and mix it with the liquid plastic until it is creamy. From the multi-colored resin, create small balls that you attach to the tree. Start painting with white gel on a green surface, the drawing should resemble fluffy white snow lying on the branches of a tree. Attach miniature Christmas tree toys to the snow. The final stage is sparkles scattered over the entire surface of the product. After that, you can bake it. Now your earrings look really festive and bright. Which version of the product to choose depends on you, in any case, with such a decoration you will be unique.

You won't find anything more unusual. This beautiful handmade jewelry will delight your beautiful ladies, little princesses, or if you are one of the fair sex, then do this miracle for yourself and you will not go unnoticed. We will make funny and cute earrings made of polymer clay for the coming fabulous and magical holiday - New Year. You and the one to whom you are going to present this unforgettable gift will be delighted! These lovely snowmen can also be used to decorate the interior.

To work, you need:

Small changes in the environment or in a person's behavior can help a person adhere to a diet easily. Life hacker named nine ways to do it right

Hair jewelry has always been popular with the beautiful half of humanity. This also applies to the headbands. This accessory is almost always in demand and fashionable. There are many beautiful and original headbands on sale, nevertheless, you can always make such a decoration yourself, connecting your imagination and using various materials. There are many master classes showing and describing how to make a beautiful headband correctly. It is worth taking a closer look at this topic.

How to make paper?

DIY hair accessories always look very original and unusual. Such products immediately attract attention. Finished works add completeness to the image, add individuality and naturalness.

To make your own headband, they often use a ready-made metal base. Such a metal hoop can be purchased from a specialized department, in a shop with fabrics and accessories. When choosing, you should make sure of its quality and strength. The purchase of a high-quality original product will allow you to get a reliable product that is easy to use in the future.

Working on the creation of a hair accessory is an exciting activity that makes you completely immerse yourself in the process, enjoying the results of your labor. Pieces of fabric, lace, ribbons, as well as beads, rhinestones and stones can be used as materials for the headband.

Paper is also a popular material. Headbands with flowers made of corrugated paper look very gentle and cute.

For the manufacture of such an accessory, certain materials and tools are required.

You need to take:

  • rim-base ;
  • corrugated paper of different shades;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • toothpicks;
  • threads.

Corrugated paper buds are used as decoration for the hoop. You can make flowers from such raw materials in different ways. It is a very easy-to-use material that allows you to fold, bend and stretch elements. That is why corrugated paper is often chosen for creating flower arrangements, appliques and other crafts. Flowers can be made from this material, using separate parts for this, followed by assembly into a composition, or you can build buds from twisted strips.

Women's Mini Twist Backpack

Made this kid out of waxed nubuck (bronx). Will be a good gift for a girl;)

Very interesting stuff, two-sided. Moderately dense, waterproof.

Inside the backpack there is one main compartment, holds a laptop of 14 inches and things.

Zipped pocket on the back.

The straps are adjustable, as is the twist at the front.


Hello everyone! the other day I saw a huyumbul on Pikaba and decided that this was exactly what I needed.

I used a drill as a tool, it is a dremel, it is a mini-drill, it is an engraver.

Worked mainly with diamond booms and discs. Emery drums and grindstones did not perform well.

A rough outline is drawn first.



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