8 hidden symbols in famous logos

How to make decorative from ordinary putty: proportions, tips

At the moment, decorative putty from ordinary putty is gaining popularity in wall decoration (with your own hands and at home), which makes it possible to achieve a variety of textures and embody many ideas for developing interior design.

This does not require buying expensive formulations and components. In this article, we decided to consider a variety of options for creating decorative plaster from a simple composition with our own hands. You will also learn about the features of the material and decide on the types of putty compounds.

We will also look at the advantages of handmade decorative compositions.

Features of decorative putty

A decorative plaster mix made from a simple putty is a wide field for experimentation and unusual design solutions. You can make various textures and stylistic decisions with your own hands, including:

  • Apply randomly colored spots and stains to the work surface.
  • All kinds of images on perfectly smooth surfaces.

The process of applying textured plasters from putties at home should begin with the preparatory stage, which concerns working tools. The picture shows the entire range of equipment required for future work. The tool can be equipped with a sponge, sandpaper, brushes, roller and other accessories for wall processing. The use of certain tools will depend on the type of structure being created. Before starting work, you should remember what is included in the workflow and what stages await you - planning work, preparing work surfaces, creating a particular texture and final wall decoration.


Advantages of ordinary decorative putty

If we talk about the advantages, then it is important to note the acceptable price of products and a long operational period. This is the possibility of choosing the required proportions and their preparation, as well as ease of application and future maintenance. Also, not in the last place is the issue of ecology. Such a mixture is suitable for walling in rooms with high humidity levels. Plastic solutions have antibacterial properties, and plaster made with your own hand from putty will make it possible to apply original drawings on perfectly smooth surfaces.

Logos of world famous brands surround us everywhere: in advertisements, on the way to work, on T-shirts and so on. And in 90% of cases, we do not even suspect what meaning is hidden in these seemingly abstract lines.

In our article today, we decided to tell you and even show you what these logos really mean. Let's go!


The architect of the first McDonald’s restaurants came up with two huge golden arches in the buildings, which became the symbol of this fast food chain. The company later wanted to keep this logo, but Louis Cheskin made him change his mind. He argued that this symbol looks like an image of an inverted female bust and thereby reminds people of their carefree childhood.


This logo has a very special and very romantic story. It was painted by Coco Chanel herself. According to a famous legend, it was inspired by the shape of the arch of the castle in Nice, which later became famous all over the world.


Three primary colors were chosen for the Google logo: red, yellow and blue. You may notice that these colors appear according to a certain algorithm. The logic is broken only by the green letter, which, in theory, is the main one. By using this unexpected green design, the designers meant that Google is breaking stereotypes and not playing by the usual rules set by someone.


At first glance, it seems that the Gillette logo is just a brand name. But if you look closely, you can see that the edges of the letters G and I follow the exact shape of this famous razor.

Even if "Zabivaka" is not needed, it is, after all, 25 rubles. Give it back in the store, surprise the cashier)))

Even if "Zabivaka" is not needed, it is, after all, rubles. Give it back in the store, surprise the cashier)))

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New of the Year! Kyrgyz wrestling KURESH "World Nomad Games" series

Commemorative coin, mintage 5000 pcs. quality: proof-like

The second of the square-shaped copper-nickel coins of Kyrgyzstan and the second in the "Nomad Games" series.

The subject of the face of the coin is the image of athletes in single combat against the background of spectators, yurts and mountains. At the top of the coin there is the logo of the World Nomad Games and the inscription “Kyrgyz Kүrөsh / Kyrgyz Kurosh”. The denomination is indicated on the right side of the coin. National ornaments are depicted at the bottom of the coin.

The reverse side of the coin features a spiral pattern representing the solar system, inside of which are depicted stylized images of various types of national games included in the program of the World Nomad Games. In the center of the pattern are stylized images of wrestlers. On the right side of the coin is the emblem of the Kyrgyz Republic and the year of issue of the coin (2020). On the left side of the coin there is an inscription “Дйнөлүк көчмөндөр oyundary / World nomad games”.

Denomination: 1 som (1 KGS) Edge: ribbed Shape: square Weight: 12 g Size: 30 mm Thickness: 2.5 mm

Coin in an acrylic capsule, capsule in a holder on a blister. Freely removable and inserted. You can store the blister separately.

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