5 gift ideas for a girl by March 8

Returning to the topic of finding a worthy gift for a daughter or niece on March 8 (if you have not yet read the selection from the "Labyrinth", we recommend that you walk here). Let us speculate on what else can cause joy and admiration in a young lady who appreciates beautiful things that distinguish her from her peers, experiments with creativity with might and main and dreams of becoming an adult independent lady as soon as possible!

Mattel's Barbie Idea

Many girls of 5 years old receive an elegant doll as a gift on March 8. However, not everyone becomes the owner of a real American Barbie, which favorably differs from imitators in flexibility and luxury of hair! We agree that pleasure is not cheap, but a high-quality toy cannot cost a penny. In favor of the "original" is at least the fact that the hair is not hastily glued, but thoroughly sewn to the doll's head - the baby will not have to be upset because her beautiful pet is balding.

Modern girls are especially fond of sports Barbies - from the series "Limitless Movements". They have lost the ideal proportions, for the implausibility of which the dolls have been criticized so much, but they have acquired tremendous mobility: they can sit on a twine or in a lotus position, bend their wrists and rise on tiptoes, rotate their heads to the sides and up and down. In a word, these are fitness models with the appearance of ordinary girls - realistic facial features, imperfect body parameters, and sometimes even with an emerging fullness.

Or professional athletes: figure skaters, gymnasts, skiers, karatekas, skateboarders.

If the girl grew out of games and prefers to collect dolls as fine art objects, you should pay attention to the models from the Silkstone series: these graceful ladies are unique in their charm and flaunt in exclusive designer outfits.

Idea Cognitive Encyclopedia

A girl 8 years old or a little older will have a book-developing gift by March 8. We are not talking about a popular science collection that helps to master school subjects (although this option is not bad either), but about a treasury of invaluable girlish knowledge - from the field of home economics, beauty, etiquette. The authors of the "girls" editions instill in future hearth keepers the skills of cleaning, washing, ironing, caring for plants, cooking and serving dishes. In short, but very informative articles, they share wise advice for all occasions: how to take care of your health and look after your youthful beauty, keep in touch with peers and elders, and spend leisure time with benefit and pleasure. Colorful illustrations spark interest in the topics covered, step-by-step photos and diagrams simplify the manufacture of various decorative crafts and inspire culinary experiments.

Idea Jewelry Crafting Kit

In the nature of all girls, try to make themselves more beautiful and brighter in order to stand out from their peers. This is greatly facilitated by creativity, which allows little coquettes to create for themselves unique jewelry of any design: rings, bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories and key chains. So why not support the children's thirst for creativity by giving the girl a gift in the form of a set for making a brooch on March 8? A rainbow dragonfly, a variegated seven-flower or a mischievous beaded ladybug will be a wonderful reflection of the individuality and talent of a novice needlewoman.

Doubt about the idea with a brooch? The same Klever brand has no less interesting sets for creating braided cords for hand from yarn (Japanese kumihimo technique), the so-called dream catchers, decorative figurines in the shape of animals and flower bouquets made of beads (colored lilac, pansies, roses with lilies, daisies with bells).

One of the best tokens for March 8 is a handmade gift. Among all creative works, drawing is in the first place. With its help, you can express all your feelings and congratulate your beloved women on International Women's Day. Drawing for March creates a festive atmosphere and everyone can do it.

Drawings for March are beautiful and light: what to draw without experience

With the arrival of spring, husbands, children and grandchildren begin to prepare gifts and ponder congratulations for March 8 to their wives, mothers and grandmothers. Drawing a postcard with your own hands is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

If you make an effort, then absolutely everyone can create a congratulatory image, even without special experience in this work.

The first thing to do is to decide on the theme of the drawing. It can be any flowers or compositions in a vase, animals - bears, dogs, cats, as well as inscriptions with the main figure of this holiday - eight.

Light and at the same time beautiful drawings can be selected from the options below.

Very delicate spring tulips combined with a congratulatory inscription. The drawing is very simple, since you do not need to draw a vase, a small stand is enough.

For people who do not own pencil and paints, even the simplest drawing seems like an impossible mission. In fact, everything is not so difficult, because it is not the gods who burn the pots. And there are many master classes that will help you master the basics of this seemingly difficult business

This greeting image also looks pretty and is very easy to draw. The main thing is to mark in advance the location on the paper of the number 8 (in the center) and colors. You can draw daisies or daffodils.

You can depict a cute cat with flowers and a congratulatory inscription on a greeting card.

The theme is simple - folded in bouquets or single flowers, animals and a gentle background that emphasizes the femininity and warmth of this holiday

Even if there is only one tulip or snowdrop on a postcard, it is still a very touching and pleasant gift for this spring holiday.

What is cool and original to draw yourself for March

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