3 simple ideas on how to make a wall chaser with your own hands

When planning work on the improvement of the local area, the owners will certainly have to solve the problem of how to make a sliding gate with their own hands. Sliding gates have a relatively simple design and installation technology. Of all the varieties offered (suspended, ground, console) for private areas, the latter are best suited, having a guide directly on the sash and moving with it. Ready-made drawings of such structures are easily available on the network and are adjusted to the actual operating conditions.

What you need to know to make your own sliding gate

How to make a sliding gate with your own hands

Standard sliding gate designs include:

  • The frame of the doors themselves, consisting of an external rigid frame made of a profile with a cross-section of at least 60 × 30 mm and internal stiffeners made of rolled products of a slightly smaller cross-section. According to the norms, the frame of the main part should be 20 cm wider than the light opening, the length of the suspension varies from 1/2 to 1/3 of the same parameter. The suspension (it is also the cantilever part of the gate) is triangular with an opening width of 4-4.5 m and rectangular - with a width of more than 4.5-5 m. The frame design is in any case solid, with a guide in the lower part.
  • Support pillars - main and receiving. The cross-section of these elements depends on the wind load and the weight of the door, with a minimum of 60 mm. When planning the installation of photocells and heavy loads, it is easier to immediately lay the support pillars in U-shaped.
  • Foundation with embedded beam holding rollers and drive.
  • Other elements that make the door easier to move and extend its service life: end cap, support rail, top and bottom catchers.

Basic elements of sliding gates

For the frame cladding, both relatively light materials can be used: profiled sheet, polycarbonate, mesh, euro shtaketnik, paneling, lining, and heavy ones - board, forged elements, steel sheets. Fastening is carried out using self-tapping screws or rivets, including an intermediate profile, after welding and painting of the frame and antiseptic and anti-corrosion treatment of materials.

At this stage of installing sliding gates with your own hands, it is important to take into account how the dimensions of the profile or fixed decorative elements, for obvious reasons, they should not go beyond the main plane of the gate.

Gate foundation requirements

Due to the high loads, the foundation is always laid under the roller bearings and support pillars. Experts believe that there is no alternative to the reinforced concrete monolithic foundation.

What you need to know for making do-it-yourself sliding gates

Beginner's Airsoft Gun First Airsoft Gun

How to choose your first airsoft weapon?

I decided to write this article especially for people who are just starting to play airsoft and are thinking about buying their first airsoft weapon. The desire to write such an article arose a long time ago, but my hands still did not reach.

While still working at the Red Army club, I was constantly faced with a situation when newcomers begin to ask for advice in choosing the first weapon for airsoft. Each time, I had to spend a lot of time to explain all the main aspects, and at the same time try to save a newbie from a rash purchase.

Most likely, experienced airsoft players have already caught the eye that I call the drive "a weapon for airsoft". I do this on purpose, since this is the word beginners drive into search engines when they try to find this kind of information, I decided not to interfere with them and help them find what they are looking for.

Before starting to advise which weapon to choose for airsoft, I decided to analyze several misconceptions and attitudes that are most often present in the head of a young player. Most often, these misconceptions are associated with the role of the player and the comparison of airsoft with the experience of computer games.

Common Newbie Misconceptions

# 1 in the misconceptions rating is, of course, "the desire to be a sniper." I want to disappoint right away, there are no snipers in airsoft, there are “Marksmans” (a fighter with a relatively long-range airsoft weapon as part of a group). I'm being cunning a little, there are some individuals who manage to play sniper, but this is rather a very rare exception.

The next misconception is associated with the desire to save as much as possible and buy a "spring" shotgun or rifle (they are inexpensive, they shoot with single shots). All the same - after the first game against people with automatic airsoft weapons, full understanding will come that you will not go far on "single fire", at least at the initial stages of the game of airsoft. You will want to sell, but it will be very difficult to find a buyer.

If you don't understand the internals, then you risk buying a drive with a bunch of problems inside or for an unreasonably high price. Better not to risk it, but to buy a new airsoft weapon in the store and invest a couple of thousand in shimming and replacing the wiring.

When planning work on the improvement of the local area, the owners will certainly have to solve the problem of how to make a sliding gate with their own hands

Today, a fairly wide range of stylish "accessories" and collars for pets is on sale: different sizes, different in material and shape, simple and with decorative inserts. But sometimes you want something unusual and original. Why not? Making a collar for a dog with your own hands will not be difficult if you know the basic subtleties of this process.

  • 1 Where to start?
    • 1. Tips for beginners
  • 2 Materials and accessories
  • 3 Nylon ribbon collar
  • 4 Leather collar

Where to start?

First of all, you need to decide on the desired size. To do this, take an ordinary tailor's meter, measure the diameter of the dog's neck and be sure to write down the result on a piece of paper so as not to "go astray" by mistake. To the resulting figure, add a couple of centimeters to the seams and clamps. The main thing is that a dog collar should not fit tightly. You can navigate by the "pattern" of the old collar.

Tips for beginners

As a decoration, you can use a beautiful fabric, multi-colored paper bows, bright buttons, a sling made of elastic bands or beads - here you are free to fantasize at your own discretion. To dress up your beloved pet, you need to decide for what purposes the collar and leash will be used. The following types are distinguished according to the field of application:

  • Walking - the most popular version of "ammunition", which is additionally equipped with a half-ring to quickly fasten a leash for a dog, and can be equipped with LED lighting.
  • Educational - special "ties" for pets, which provide a comfortable handle to hold the animal during training.
  • Sentry - a high-strength collar, which is usually made of a belt or thick leather.
  • Stranglehold - usually used to present a pet at exhibitions and can be made of different materials (synthetics, leather or metal chain).

The glowing collar for a pet is especially popular today, which is simply indispensable for evening walks. If the dog lags behind or runs far ahead, you will always see the place of its "deployment". Such a collar is also a warning for bystanders, because it can be seen from afar. Wondering how to make a glowing collar? At the moment, with the development of LED technology, it is easier to purchase it ready-made, for example, on AliExpress.

Materials and accessories

As practice shows, the most durable and wear-resistant accessories for dogs are collars made of a belt or nylon tape. For the convenience of the pet, it is recommended to make an additional lining on the inside - any soft fabric will do. Alternatively, you can make a collar for a dog from a textile sling, which is able to withstand heavy loads, and does not "sag" in the rain.

Nylon Ribbon Collar

If you make repairs in the house with your own hands, then sooner or later you will come across the fact that you have to make grooves for electrical wiring.

For this, a special tool is used - a wall chaser. True, buying it can cost you a pretty penny.

If you need to save money, we can offer an alternative option - to make a nozzle for a grinder for chasing.

In fact, the homemade product is not very different from the factory wall chaser.

In a homemade nozzle, you can also change the distance between the discs, and there is also a branch pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner. Well, making a device is not difficult at all.

Using the angle grinder, you can make grooves in aerated concrete walls, as well as in reinforced concrete walls and brick partitions.

For the manufacture of a homemade wall chaser, not only a grinder is used. You can also take a hand router or electric drill as a basis.

In today's article, we will consider several options for homemade gadgets:

  • do-it-yourself wall-cutting attachment for a grinder;
  • wall-cutter from a hand-held router;
  • manual wall-cutter for cutting aerated concrete blocks for reinforcement.

With the help of a wall chaser, you can also cut out footprints for socket boxes.

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