2021 design for kitchen roller blinds

Design 2021 for kitchen roller blinds

Roller blinds for the kitchen have become the most functional option for decorating windows (the photos presented prove that this is not just a practical, but also a stylish solution).

The fabric will retain its beautiful appearance for a long time, because the manufacturers use special impregnation compounds and do not need to be washed.

The design does not impede access to the windows, and also makes it possible to use window sills as an additional work surface.

Features and Benefits

When unfolded, the blinds look like a piece of fabric that is stretched over the window frame, and also does not drape. When lifted by a specialized mechanism, the fabric will wind up on the roll roller. Such curtains are used along with thin tulle or classic curtains, sometimes even together with them.

Their main advantages:

The design looks pretty nice.


How to choose roller blinds for the kitchen

For the blinds to be functional and practical, you must choose the right model. When choosing, consider:

When choosing a structure, it is important to consider the method of attachment and dimensions.

Our grandmothers also baked various poppy pies and rolls. Β Many European countries have even preserved the tradition of baking rolls with poppy seeds for the greater holidays. Pastry with poppy seeds is known for its delicate flavor and amazing aroma. Prepare a roll using this recipe is pretty simple, and the taste of the finished baking will delight you!

Ingredients for Test (Rule):

Preparing the test:

Β 50 ml warm milk Soak 30 grams of yeast with 1 pinch of salt. Β In a bowl, knead a dough of 600 g flour, 200 g butter (or margarine), 100 g sugar powder, 2 yolks, milk with yeast and 200 ml sweetened. Sprinkle the test with flour, transfer to the bag and place in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Grind 600 g of poppy seeds with a few spoonfuls of sugar. Β In a saucepan, brew a syrup from 270 g sugar, 3 tbsp. ... honey and 50 ml of water. Β add this syrup the young poppy seeds, the zest of one lemon, 1 tsp. chickens and 1 ampoule of essence of rum (you can add 100 grams of raisins by the way). Boil the mixture on a small fire for about 2-3 minutes. The filling should be allowed to cool.

After 2 hours, while the dough was in the refrigerator, divide it into 2 equal portions. Roll out the dough into rectangles, about 0.5 cm thick, and transfer the poppy filling to these layers. The mixture must be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the dough, leaving 1 - 1.5 cm from one edge (in order to glue the roll). Form a roll. Cover the baking sheet with parchment paper and transfer both rolls into it, brush with an egg and pierce with a fork in several places.

Place the rolls in the preheated oven and bake at high temperature for about 5 minutes, then lower the degree and bake the roll until a beautiful brown crust appears. Determine the degree of doneness of the poppy roll with a regular toothpick. Cover the finished rolls with a clean towel and cool directly in the baking sheet.

Remove from the mold after they have cooled down. Cut up the roll and enjoy. You can serve poppy seed roll with a cup of aromatic tea, coffee, cold lemonade or any compote. This roll with milk, cocoa or homemade jelly is very good.

Be sure to share the original recipe with your friends on social media! Bon appetit!

Unusually delicious cake "Monastyrskaya izba" from pancakes

Delicate and soft cake "Monastyrskaya izba" from pancakes is prepared surprisingly quickly and very simply. It will become a very tasty and beautiful tea treat. This dessert is a harmonious combination of sweet and sour cherries and delicate sour cream. If you don't like cherries, you can replace them with any fruits and berries: the taste of the cake will definitely not get worse from this. We will cook such beauty without an oven, in a pan. An excellent option for a quick cake without baking will appeal to all housewives. And I think it's not even worth talking about what delight the guests and household members will come to.

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