10 expensive jewelry that we dream to receive as a gift on March 8

They will ask you: what is the most central square in Moscow? Say - Red. And wrong: after all, it is outside the Kremlin. And the central one is INSIDE the Kremlin walls, called Cathedral. The oldest in the capital. And also the highest - up to 145 meters above sea level. Located on Borovitsky Hill.

The Cathedral Square of the Moscow Kremlin is unusually beautiful, now no one remembers the legend that in pagan times the hill was called Witch Mountain, on which there was a temple. Rather, I remember a different story - how in 1147 Prince Yuri Dolgoruky built the first Moscow Kremlin here, around which the life of our ancestors swirled. And now ours. Let's go inside!

Address: Moscow, Cathedral Square

Coordinates: 55.50613, 37.17708


In the 15th century, the Italian architect Aristotle Fioravanti (and at that time many countries were inviting architects from the Renaissance country - Italy) came to build the Assumption Cathedral. Moreover, the master decided that the stone in the Moscow region was not hard enough, and he himself found a deposit of good clay on the Moscow River. He set up a brick factory there and in just 4 years built a temple, which remains the oldest of the fully preserved temples in the capital.

How the Italian was thanked is another story. I liked his work so much that they did not want to let Aristotle go home: work more! And when he tried to escape, they seized him and sent him to prison. Then, during a skirmish with the Tver principality, he was appointed chief of artillery. In general, Aristotle never returned to his homeland, he died in Russia.

After him, many other Italians took part in the construction of Kremlin churches and walls with battlements. For example, the Archangel Cathedral was erected by Aleviz Fryazin, who before that, being in captivity with the Crimean Khan, built the Bakhchisarai Palace.

After the revolution, the temples were closed. But they are not ruined. On the contrary, they were given to artists for the study and preservation of Russian icon-painting art. Since the 1950s, churches have become museums. And although from the end of the 20th century, services are sometimes held here again, you can take pictures in all the temples.

The Assumption Cathedral and Cathedral Square, on which it stands, are part of the Moscow Kremlin complex.

What to see

Cathedral Square of the Moscow Kremlin

Irina Shchapova, journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

Women are attracted to jewelry that they are interested in talking about. How do you like this statement? Not just another bracelet with a diamond thread, but an occasion for a passionate discussion in a circle of girlfriends on the topic of how many stones bring both shine and good luck at the same time. Or not just a stone, but a talisman that accompanies exams and interviews, gives you its precious energy and then receives a well-deserved advertisement in response: "You just need this crystal, it gives me the strength to go through difficult periods with a smile." On International Women's Day, we will once again remind you how important many hours of conversations “between us girls” are, because in these dialogues there are not only discussions of fashion trends, but also moral support, exchange of experience and friendly parting words.

Do you have in your collection that most precious piece of jewelry that you are ready to discuss and which you want to be proud of? If not, then the upcoming March 8 is a great reason to add a jewelry accessory to your wish list, buy it for yourself or receive it as a gift.

Golden Massive Chain

Since big gold chains are so hot, you know what to invest in this year - sunny yellow gold and a classic necklace that looks like a million dollars even over a white tee.

Gold necklace (order)

Matte gold diamond ring

The simplicity of the form and the attractive matt shine of white gold captivate at the first glance. From experience, with such laconic jewelry, love happens from the first meeting and for many, many years to come.

Gold ring with diamonds (order)

Gold flower brooch with diamonds

When we say that we want to swim in flowers on March 8, we mean jewelry botany, where diamonds are petals, green garnets are leaves, and rose gold plays the role of a stem.

Gold brooch with topaz, garnet and diamonds (order)

Gold earrings with pearls and crystals

The oldest in the capital is the Cathedral Square of the Moscow Kremlin. There are several churches, a bell tower, the Patriarch's Palace, the Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell on it. See when the square is open and how to get there.

The real trend of the beauty industry is ready-made boxes offering a set of topical cosmetic products. Beauty box is recognized as the most popular gift idea, in addition, such products allow you to save well on their cost. It is not so easy to find a suitable option among the variety of boxes. Therefore, the VyborEksperta team made a top rating. These are the 10 best beauty boxes of 2021 according to buyers.

Beauty box rating

When selecting nominees, we first got acquainted with the opinions of beauty experts, make-up artists, studied video reviews of bloggers. Next, we selected the most popular beauty boxes, comparing them with each other for a number of characteristics:

  • Packaging design;
  • Compactness, dimensions, weight;
  • Content;
  • Age purpose;
  • Number of full-size and mini versions;
  • Focus of cosmetics;
  • Brand awareness;
  • Compliance with different skin types;
  • Informative content;
  • Price, benefit.

The result of studying all these parameters is the top list of 10 positions. These are 2 budget proposals, 4 nominees from the price category up to 3000 rubles, 2 Korean boxes, 2 proposals for little fashionistas. Monitoring feedback helped to identify the strengths, weaknesses of leaders.

The best inexpensive beauty boxes

If price is the determining factor for you, we suggest starting your acquaintance with budget beauty-boxes with cosmetics. Anyone can buy them, saving well, rather than if the products were purchased separately. Feedback monitoring identified 2 leaders.

Vilenta Bloom

The Russian manufacturer "Vilenta" offers more than 20 options for filling boxes. The focus of the Bloom series is complex skin care, thorough cleansing, accompanied by floral aromas.

The kit contains 6 products. First, you will be offered micellar water and gel to remove your makeup on a regular basis. Further, the foam for washing will be useful for you to consolidate the result of the make-up remover.

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