You can congratulate your loved ones on the first day of spring on March 1 with beautiful wishes

Finally, the time has come when the beautiful spring knocked on the door. And so I want to congratulate each other on the arrival of this magical time. In this regard, touching congratulations in prose from March 1 will be relevant. They are able to cheer up, warm the soul and express all the best human feelings.

The first day of spring is a wonderful holiday, because the time has come for nature to awaken from hibernation, when birds begin to chirp, buds bloom, the first snowdrops break through from under the snow and the sun warms tenderly. I would like to feel all the greatness and beauty of nature.

Congratulations on the first day of spring of March in prose

You can congratulate your loved ones on the first day of spring with warm words:

Let the sun outside the window warm the soul with its first spring rays, let only the warmest and tender feelings live in the heart. So that love opens up its arms before you and life is filled with wonderful moments. So that the rivers of resourceful thoughts never leave you. And you will feel in full the whole palette of colors of being. A whirlwind of positive emotions and unforgettable sensations will whirl you. Be successful and happy. Happy holiday to you, my dear Angel.

My bird of paradise, I hope you never leave your cage. I will fill your life with the most pleasant sensations, and for this you will open your soul to me. I look forward to meeting you every moment, and there is no rest for me, my lovely Angel, since I knew happiness. It is a great feeling that gives wings. You are my deity, and the whole world converges on you alone. I wish you to know with me the most sincere, tender and pure love. Happy first day of spring, dear.

My love, next to you I forget about everything, when we are together, I lose track of time, it seems to me that I tasted the greatest happiness in the world. You are everything to me, I live and breathe you. I thank fate for sending you to me, my captivating joy. If we had not met, then my life would never have meant so much to me as it is now, next to you, my love. I adore and adore you, I do not have enough words to say how much I love you. With the first day of spring.

Happy first day of spring in March

You can make the first day of spring pleasant to your dear people with holiday wishes:

I would like to congratulate everyone on the first day of spring, may this wonderful time bring with it a lot of love, happiness and unforgettable sensations, as well as exciting moments. So that in everyone's soul the birds sang and life is full of charm. Her captivating breath will awaken the best in people. At this time, nature revives and feelings revive. I want to sing and laugh with all my heart and full of positive emotions. We live in a better time, so let each of us come to this on his own. I wish you to dream more and enjoy life.

You can congratulate your loved ones on the first day of spring on March 1 with beautiful wishes

The refrigerator is considered the most common household appliance that is installed at home for storing food. It is represented by a combination of a large number of different nodes. The refrigerator relay is responsible for the operation of the compressor and the electric motor. Like many other elements, the one in question can fail. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to its performance characteristics.

Device and how it works

The relay in the refrigerator is considered an important element that is responsible for the correct power supply of the installed induction motor. The features of the device are as follows:

  • The field inside the motor device must be rotated. This can be checked only when the correct value is applied to the three windings of the phase. To ensure such conditions, a three-phase 380V network is required, but it is not found in domestic conditions. The start-up relay of the refrigerator is installed when the device is powered from a two-phase network.
  • Rotation of the field is possible only if there are two vectors. Field displacement requires a compressor that provides 90 degree voltage displacement. In this case, a soft start is practically impossible, however, the conditions created are sufficient for the smooth operation of the device.
  • A second vector is created, thanks to which the field begins to rotate. The generated force is sufficient to spin the rotor. To improve installation efficiency and save energy, the coil is disabled.

The device works according to a simple scheme, the starting relay of the refrigerator can last a long time. The principle of operation is characterized by the following features:

The motor relay can be classified by design. The most widespread are the following execution options:

  • Pills. A similar version of the starting relay is made using a substance that can expand when heated. The device is cold when the engine is started, but it heats up as it runs. A constant rise in temperature leads to the opening of the circuit, only the coil remains operational.
  • Inductive relay. This device works on the principle of the interaction of two electromagnets. The maximum amount of current that is supplied causes the core and the contact of the starting coil to interact. If the amperage drops, the connection is loosened.
  • Bimetallic compressor relay. This embodiment opens the contact almost immediately after the temperature rises.

Indesit thermostats are manufactured using various materials. Each manufacturer uses its own production technologies, on which performance characteristics depend.

Where is it located and how to check

The refrigerator can be equipped with a variety of relays. There is a similar device in various parts of the system, it all depends on the design features. The check takes into account the following:

  • Replacing the relay in the refrigerator is carried out taking into account that the device is on a wire without rigid attachment to the frame. In this case, the protective device is located in the immediate vicinity of the compressor. The performance is not affected by the placement of this item.
  • The test is carried out when using a multimeter. Indicators indicate device malfunctions.

If you check it yourself, you can repair it for minor faults. You need to check the relay if there is a strong noise or other signs.

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