WWE Monday Night RAW Review

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Elimination Chamber 2021 was left behind and its events drastically turned the course of the road to WrestleMania 37. Something came true according to numerous predictions, rumors and speculation, but something turned out to be really unexpected and really changed many alignments. Therefore, according to the classics, the first week in WWE after PPV will be devoted to the analysis of these events and new beginnings in numerous confrontations from small to large (precisely in the context of their roles and significance). So let's start with the events from the red brand - DRIVE.

Before the start of the show, the highlights of the Elimination Chamber main event were shown - PPV closed the title match of the same name for the WWE World Championship. Although Drew McIntyre managed to defend the title in a tough fight against the former title holders, he was not ready for the appearance of both Bobby Lashley and Meese. The former Mr. MITB, who made his second, but more successful cash-in, previously took place in the slot of this Elimination Chamber-duel. He turned down the spot last Monday Night RAW and it was the Elimination Chamber situation that showed why Miz did this a week ago.

A new champion - new horizons and new traps?

The episode opened with Miz-TV and was opened by John Morrison. Former US Championship challenger and friend Mike has introduced the new WWE World Champion. Miz himself talked about what he said, he warned everyone about this moment. Although Miz also remembered the moment that more than 16 years ago he got the opportunity to enter the WWE ring, then tell him - "Your term is no more than 3 months and that's it - they will show you the door." Life has shown quite the opposite, Miz said - the years passed, the stars came and left the company, but Miz was, is and will always be here. For with him they could not withstand such competition as Batista, John Cena, Triple H, Edge, Daniel Brian, Bobby Lashley, Big Show and others - they achieved their greatness, but only Miz showed how to be able to play this poker, since now Miz is WWE's Babe Ruth (professional American baseball legend). And right now he is not only a 2-time world champion, but also a 2-time WWE Grand Slam champion (old and new versions). It is he, not Drew McIntyre, who stands here in the splendor of his greatness for what was considered impossible. Miz will not ask for respect for himself, because he will demand it from everyone, regardless of who likes him or not.

Mike's speech was interrupted by Bobby Lashley and MVP. Although Montel congratulated Miz on his triumph, he should not forget how Mike got it - after all, it was through the efforts of Lashley on McIntyre that Miz realized his case successfully and became the champion. The champion himself said that he intended to say so, but since Montel and Bobby are already there, they can complete the ceremony for Mike and John. MVP paused outgoing Hollywood friends, making it clear that in addition to Morrison's interference in Bobby's US title match and John's loss of that title, a deal was struck between Montel and Miz - Lashley helps Miz cash-in on Drew McIntyre, and Bobby gets the match from Miz for the world championship. That was their contract.

Miz makes his own clarification in this deal - they say everything is correct, but they did not agree on when and under what circumstances. But Miz is not who anyway - he is a Hollywood star and a popular actor who also has a slot on television with his biopic show "Miz and Mrs." He needs to think not only about this, but also about how to get to WrestleMania and bypass Fastlane - all this is not an easy task for him mentally and physically. These conversations did not suit Bobby himself, and he began to put forward an ultimatum - either Miz would resolve his issues in favor of Lashley and their title match within the next hour, or Bobby would start implementing his TV project "How Lashley Beats Me (Miz) Before Loss" with his own hands consciousness ".

Personal opinion of the author of the review: not to say that the dialogue between Miz and MVP revealed some kind of direct super secret, because this is wrestling, not a detective. But at least it was noticeable that Meese was not in the mood for a direct conversation about this agreement, since the price of his triumph in itself is too high and does not guarantee the overcoming of such an obstacle as "Almighty" Bobby Lashley with Meese's hands alone. Plus, Mike himself should have understood the fact that even if he defeats his title from Lashley in a 1v1 match, The Hurt Business will not accept it so easily and will not lag behind Mike - because Montel brought the current WWE champion the fact of Lashley's loss to match for the US championship. They say this is something that was not planned and Bobby needs to compensate for this - and the title match is only the first part of the performance. In general, the segment here showed that Miz's success is short-lived and he will not be able to avoid his fatal fall in the face of such a threat as Lashley - Miz is cornered and this is the price he will have to give for a very long time, while he has the WWE world champion title on his shoulders. Well, Miz, as always, was very good at micro when he talked about his current success, plus he tried to confuse MVP with Lashley pretty well, it's a pity that it didn't work because of The Hurt Business's credo - "to solve your affairs not by the language of dialogue , but the language of body and strength. "

) (Matt) Riddle vs. John Morrison - Singles

Before the match, Riddle once again fell into left-wing and incomprehensible speculations about what a tough cybergamer he is when Linsse and Gran tried to congratulate Matt on his victory last night and his first title trio on the red brand.

We were also reminded of the US title match itself and the fact that Morrison did not really help MVP with Bobby Lashley defend the championship, plus he turned out to be a pinter at the hands of Riddle. During the release of the new US champion, we were shown the timer of the truce between Meese and Lashley on the issue of resolving a key clause of their treaty.

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