Wood in the interior of the kitchen in the apartment: 6 interesting ideas with photos

Wood is a natural and environmentally friendly material, which is very important in arranging a room such as a kitchen. After all, here not only food is prepared, but the whole family gathers for Sunday lunch. In a standard apartment it is difficult to roam fantasy and come up with something like that, but the designers manage to beat the wood in the kitchen.

Clapboard ceiling

This modern interior of the studio kitchen is very original. Particularly noteworthy is the idea of ​​a clapboard on the ceiling, which smoothly passes into the wall, thereby changing the space. The same texture is on the wall near the table - the bar counter. The wall not only serves as a decor, but also closes the heating and electrical communications, while a special window is equipped for the flow of warm air.

Natural furniture

Every housewife dreams of getting a wooden kitchen set, as in this project. After all, wood is much more resistant to temperature and humidity extremes than chipboard - the material from which facades are usually made. It is much more durable and practical, since over time the facades can be opened with varnish, and the set will be like new.

In addition, the natural wood grain gives the room a unique atmosphere. True, the price of wooden furniture is much higher.

The main thing in the kitchen is the table

The large round wooden table in the center of the kitchen is a picture from the novels of the early 20th century. It is difficult to fulfill such a fantasy in 6–8 square meters, but an oval table near the window solves a functional problem and becomes a stylish decor itself. The tabletop of the working area is made in the same concept. And wooden chairs are the logical completion of the general idea.

Walls from array

A large kitchen gives you more room for ideas. Here the designers have tried their best - from redevelopment of the kitchen to finishing. Parquet planks on the floor, the work apron is tiled with wood grain tiles, and the wall near the kitchen table is trimmed with 3D panels, which are made up of small cubes of wood.

Two curtain rods for tulle and curtains

Creating a unique and comfortable atmosphere in a living room requires direct consideration of the type of textiles and the option of their attachment to the cornice. Often, to save space, one cornice with two planks is installed. They can be hung with tulle and curtains at the same time.

Curtains with bronze eyelets Source 2proraba.com

Linen curtain for a window on rings Source elitedecor-tver.ru

It is also possible to create unique combinations with pickups, folds, voluminous folds. Curtains can be located on one curtain tube, but only on condition that some of them will have a purely decorative function (for example, they do not close at night).

For such cases, models of the combined type remain relevant: when fabrics of different shades and textures were involved in sewing. Less common are completely identical options for tulle and curtains. They are a complete set and are not sewn together.

Symmetrical folds on curtains with eyelets Source kommercpr.ru

Curtains with eyelets in a small cage Source legeartis.dp.ua

DIY installation

Marketing is awake. Eyelet curtains are expensive! But few people know that you can make curtains on the eyelets with your own hands. This will require basic sewing skills, a small set of materials and tools.

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