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Photo: Getty Images | Artificial intelligence is being actively implemented in various spheres of social life

How governments around the world are implementing artificial intelligence.

At the end of 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the concept for the development of artificial intelligence. According to the Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov, AI technologies can be used in the work of the judicial system. For example, based on big data analysis, AI will help a judge make the right decision or organize the transfer of cases from one judge to another. Fedorov is confident that AI can even replace a number of ministries, so that the technology can be used as a tool for decision-making in government. But while Ukraine is making plans in this direction, in countries such as Japan, China and the United Arab Emirates, artificial intelligence is actively being introduced into various spheres of social life.

UAE: AI prescribes drugs and catches violators

In 2017, a new position appeared in the UAE government - Minister of Artificial Intelligence. It was taken by Omar Sultan Olama, whose main function is to attract startups to the country that develop machine learning technologies and, of course, AI. The UAE did this because they realized that oil reserves will sooner or later run out, so new resources are needed that will ensure a comfortable existence for citizens in the future.

According to the strategy for the introduction of high technologies, planned until 2071 (this is the year the state will celebrate its 100th anniversary), Minister Olama should focus on increasing the efficiency of the government and improving the quality of life of people. In three years, he has achieved impressive results.

For example, I launched the Saad smart service, which advises entrepreneurs on various issues. He advises how to do business, how to register a company, trademark correctly, how to apply for a patent or obtain license.

Olama also tested a pharmaceutical smart service in Dubai, when a robot pharmacist independently selects the necessary drugs. At the same time, he does not require a prescription from the buyer, since doctors send documents to him in electronic form. With his submission, the Dubai Health Agency began to use a neural network to detect eye diseases - AI, having studied tens of thousands of images of the retina, accurately diagnoses and helps ophthalmologists.

And at the Dubai airport, the minister introduced a facial recognition system that helps to identify criminals. Also, the capabilities of the neural network are used in the General Directorate of Civil Aviation for air traffic control. Artificial intelligence has even penetrated schools in Abu Dhabi, where a special system adapts all lessons individually for each student.

Since April 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the minister has assigned AI to serve in the Dubai Police. The task of the technology is to determine whether the driving citizen has the right to move. The fact is that during the quarantine, only those who had the appropriate permission and a good reason were allowed to drive in a car. If there was neither the first nor the second, a fine was issued to the offender. The minister plans to transfer 25% of transport to unmanned control by 2030.

China: AI Does Justice

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