Which radiators are better to choose; for heating a private house: photo, dimensions and specifications

Any find, according to esotericists, is a special message from the universe. Some finds with powerful energy are positive, others promise negative. Having interpreted these signs, you can protect yourself, warn or prepare for certain events.


According to esotericism, money has a powerful energy. Many held this object in their hands, transmitting part of the energy field. A positive sign is to find a coin on the road, especially if it lies eagle up.

By raising such a coin, the new owner will find good luck in business or get rid of some everyday problems.

To pick up a bill on the street - to incur losses, including not only financial ones. Luck can turn away from the one who finds paper money, close people will be offended or illnesses will overtake.


The finder of the ring is in for a quick financial success. If the ring is engagement, then an unmarried person can count on a fateful meeting with the future chosen one.

It is believed that this piece of jewelry carries a positive energy, if not part of the rite. You need to be careful if the ring is found in a deserted place, perhaps it was involved in the ritual.

When a piece of jewelry is found in a public place, fear is unnecessary.

Finding earrings or a chain means a quick fateful meeting for an unmarried woman. For a married lady, such a find to replenish the family.

Coin, ring and key: what folk signs say about things found on the street

In a private house, you can't do without a heating system. Most often, it is a pipeline network that connects a heating boiler to heating batteries. Perhaps the best known to all are the old cast-iron heating radiators, which served as an uncontested option in the old days.

Currently, there are many models on the market that differ in materials of manufacture, functionality and cost. In order not to be mistaken when choosing a radiator, you need to understand the design features and performance characteristics of various types of this equipment. At the same time, the best heating radiators work efficiently for a long time.

Why choose radiators for a private house

The main criterion for choosing a radiator model is the type of heating system, which is centralized and autonomous. In a centralized heating system, a large supply pressure of the coolant develops, and there is a high probability of water hammering when the pump is suddenly turned on. A pressure surge can depressurize the system and cause leaks.

In addition, the water circulating in a closed loop is contaminated with various impurities and has a high acidity. As a result, radiators for a central heating system must withstand pressures of nine atmospheres and higher, the material from which they are made resists well the effects of corrosive processes. Cast iron and bimetallic radiators meet these conditions.

In private houses, an autonomous heating system is most often equipped. When deciding which heating device is better to choose for a wooden house, one must understand that the operating parameters of autonomous heating differ significantly from the above. In such a system, high pressure of the coolant does not develop, and its value does not exceed five atmospheres.

In this case, the occurrence of water hammer in the system is excluded, and the water circulating in a closed loop has normal hardness and acidity, as it undergoes preliminary cleaning. As a result, almost any radiator can be used in an autonomous heating system. Of course, it is better to familiarize yourself with the performance of the device in advance and evaluate the design from the photo.

Types and technical characteristics of heating batteries

Heating batteries, depending on the material of manufacture, are divided into several types. For use in a private home, you can choose almost all of them. The choice is determined by the performance characteristics of a particular heating system and budgetary possibilities. There are the following types of heating batteries:

  • made of cast iron;
  • steel;
  • aluminum;
  • bimetallic.

Cast iron batteries retain heat for a long time after cooling the coolant. In winter, they are very convenient for drying wet clothes. They have not lost their significance at the present time. Steel and aluminum - have low inertia: they quickly heat up and cool down just as quickly. Products of this type are notable for their low cost. [stextbox allows the budget, you should choose a bimetallic radiator, it is good in all respects. [/ stextbox] It is called bimetallic because its body is made of aluminum, and the heating tubes are steel or copper. That is, two metals are used in the construction. At the same time, regardless of the design and material of the unit, the answer to the question of which sizes of heaters is better to choose is determined mainly by the dimensions of the area of ​​the heated room.

Good old cast iron batteries

Good old cast iron batteries are inexpensive and durable. The material from which they are made is not subject to corrosive processes, therefore the service life of these products is about fifty years or more. Cast iron batteries withstand pressures up to twelve atmospheres and operation with a contaminated coolant. The technical characteristics of cast iron heating radiators make it possible to use them in centralized heating systems.

What does this or that thing found on the street mean according to folk signs?

Children love Easter so much! This holiday has a lot of favorite paraphernalia: delicious Easter cake, dyeing eggs, entertaining preparation for the holiday.

Let's make Easter cards for family and friends. It will be especially pleasant for my grandmother to receive such a delicate applique for Easter. We will use pastel colors and we will get a very beautiful postcard made with our own hands from paper and plasticine. This craft is suitable for both kindergarten and schoolchildren.


How to:

2. Making foliage. We use both colored paper (yellow, green and pink) and homemade colored paper, which we need to make in abundance. Because from it we will cut eggs for decoration. Cut out the leaves from the sheets.

3. Use a felt-tip pen to draw veins on the leaves.

4. Overlap the sheets around the perimeter of the circle.

5. Making eggs. Now let's prepare homemade colored paper. The process is described in more detail here. You will need wax crayons, watercolor paper, and watercolors.

Draw lines with wax crayons (there shouldn't be many). Then paint over a piece of paper with watercolors. Wait for the leaf to dry and cut the eggs out of it.

6. We sculpt the inscription "ХВ". Now we need plasticine. We chose bright neon colors. If you don't like the color of your clay, you can always mix it with white and get a new shade.

Pre-draw the letters X and B in the middle of the circle. And already on them, start spreading lumps of plasticine, alternating colors.

The remaining lumps are distributed over the picture. It will look like this:

How to make a postcard for Easter:

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