What to see in Gatchina? The best sights of Gatchina

Gatchina is an ancient city located in the southwestern part of the region, just 45 kilometers from the center of St. Petersburg. In fact, this is a cozy provincial town - a place of attraction for tourists not only from Russia, but also from all over the world.

People come here to get to the famous artistic and architectural palace and park museum-reserve "Gatchina", and just to walk around the historical center of the city, which, by the way, are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In Gatchina, there are many historical and oldest sights, in general, there is something to see and where to have a good time, which we recommend to you. After all, it is simply unforgivable to visit St. Petersburg and not visit Gatchina.

The city is close to the Northern capital, how to get to Gatchina from St. Petersburg, we will tell you, and also tell you about all its best and interesting places and attractions, as well as look into its ancient and amazing history.

FAQ about appearance, title, owners and status

The territory on which the city of Gatchina, palaces and parks, as well as a complex of architectural ensembles are located, have been the property of Veliky Novgorod since the 9th century. The local settlement was included in the Dyatlinsky churchyard of the Vodskaya pyatina.

In the census book compiled in 1499 by the Moscow scribe Dmitry Vasilyevich Kitaev in connection with the annexation of the Izhora (Vod) lands to the Moscow state, it appears as the village "Hotchino over Lake Khotchin".

The history of the name has several versions, according to one of them came from the shortened form of the Old Russian name "Hot" from Hotchen, Hotimir, Hoten, Hotchen or Hotin.

According to the pagan version, in the old days there was a temple of the pagan goddess "Khochena" on the site of Gatchina. Perhaps the name comes from the word "gat" - a road laid through a swampy place, and "decorous" - important, solid.

The generally accepted version, the name "Gatchina" is a derivative of "Hotchino", goes back to the word "gat" - a dam, a Gachen road, a road through a swamp.

In 1617, according to the Stolbovo Peace Treaty, this area was ceded to the Swedes. In 1702, during the Northern War, the village of Khotchino and its surroundings again passed into the possession of Russia. Historians agree that already in 1708 Peter I presented the Gatchina manor to his beloved sister, Princess Natalya Alekseevna.

By this time, the name Hotchino was transformed into its modern form Gatchina, but the old form of the neuter gender continued to be used until the beginning of the 20th century. In 1765, Catherine II presented the vast Gatchina estate to her favorite, Count Grigory Orlov. In 1766 - 1781, the Great Gatchina Palace was erected here according to the project of the architect Antonio Rinaldi, a landscape park was also laid out and hunting grounds were equipped.

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