What date is Palm Sunday in 2021

A set of applications "Assemble your face".

A set of 16 sheets with applique patterns.

The material is intended for the creativity of children 2 - 6 years old.

Game author © Svetlana Shaposhnikova

Material is provided in digital form - PDF file for download and self-printing.

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A set of applications "Assemble your face".

A set of 16 sheets with applique patterns.

The material is intended for the creativity of children 2 - 6 years old.

How to make an applique

1. Print the applique pattern on a color printer. If the baby is 2-4 years old yet does not know how to handle scissors, then cut out the applique blanks yourself. If the child can cut on their own, then entrust the cutting to him.

DIY tree template

Tree tattoos carry great symbolic meaning. They are perceived as a symbol of everything powerful, solid and durable. You should know who such tattoos are suitable for, what they are, and where they can be placed.


The tree has the deepest symbolic meaning. It personifies the unity of heaven and earth, appeals to fertility, growth, development and immortality.

The tree bears the stamp of endless life, each part of it - branches, roots and trunks - has its own sacred meaning.

For example, branches are associated with the immutability of everything. In the kidneys, people see the beginning of a new life, and the roots mean a connection with their family, people and homeland. The image of bright and juicy leaves is a sign of growth and maturity, and withered leaves symbolize death. The buds indicate a new road, new hopes and new expectations. Tattoos with such an image are usually applied by women, thereby emphasizing their innocence and beauty.

In various cults, the image of a tree on the body had its own explanation:

  • The Egyptians ascribed to the tree a symbolic designation of life and death;
  • The Chinese believed that dragons and phoenixes live on the trees, which are closely connected with the renewal of the human soul;
  • according to Celtic culture, the tree is recognized as the cradle of the hearth, warmth and food;
  • Christians endow it with healing properties and associate it with the personality of the person himself.

For all nationalities, the tree was and remains the personification of life, strength and greatness.

This is because trees live from 50 to 5 thousand years. Throughout their lives, they suffer from winds and droughts, but they invariably withstand them. And their very life cycle is a chain of amazing changes from the birth of a new life to wilting and restoration - people observe these metamorphoses every year over and over again.

Species overview

Tree tattoos are multifaceted in style and storyline.

Palm Sunday or the Lord's Entry into Jerusalem is one of the most important Christian holidays celebrated by all believers. The difficulty lies in the fact that this holiday does not have a specific fixed date. Each year Palm Sunday is held on different dates, as it depends on the time of the celebration of Easter, is a rolling one.

Holiday history

The Gospel tells how Jesus, accompanied by his faithful disciples, solemnly enters Jerusalem not on a thoroughbred horse, but on a young donkey. On a noble animal, especially revered by the Jews in ancient times, for suitability not in military, but in household chores. The people of Jerusalem, tired of the oppression of Rome and hearing about the miracles performed by Jesus, enthusiastically greeted the Messiah - the anointed of God, who appeared to destroy evil and save mankind.

With fresh, only blossoming palm branches, the greeters paved the road in front of Christ. Palm branches were used for a reason, as the characteristic leaves of date palms from different peoples symbolized:

What date is Palm Sunday in the year

As mentioned above, Palm Sunday depends on Easter. It takes place during Great Lent, which precedes Easter. Therefore, first of all, you need to know when Easter is celebrated in 2021.

Easter will take place on May 2, 2021. Lent will take place from March 15 to May 1. To calculate what date the Feast of the Lord's Entry into Jerusalem will take place, it is worth knowing that it is celebrated on the sixth Sunday of Great Lent or the last Sunday before Easter.

Preparing for the holiday

The Orthodox begin preparations for the holiday on Saturday. They go to the river and cut some willow branches. In this case, you cannot use a tree that grows near the cemetery or if it has nests. Such branches will bring bad luck to the house.

For Palm Sunday to pass according to all the rules, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the features of the holiday.

  • Faithful fasting can be relaxed. Fish delicacies and red wine are allowed on this day.
  • You can't put things in order in the house, do hard physical work.
  • It is forbidden to carry out entertainment activities.
  • We'll have to abandon all procedures related to beauty. You can't wash, comb, cut your hair.

The Orthodox have an interesting rite. It is customary to cook flour balls with pussy willow on the festive table. Such pastries will delight both children and adults.

Sunday should be spent in a relaxed atmosphere. You must definitely visit the church, pray and cleanse your soul and thoughts from sins.

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