We decorate the house for the New Year 2020 - the year of the Rat

The time has come when you can find everywhere hints that things will come very soon.Every person expects this event with special trepidation, hoping for something of their own, personal, anticipating changes in life.

The creation of a holiday around you - all kinds of accessories and decorations on a winter theme, festive New Year's music, films, and so on - helps to integrate even more into the New Year's atmosphere. In this article, we want to discuss issues of New Year's interior design, or rather, how to decorate a house for the New Year, so that it is festive, beautiful, original and stylish.

Fashionable Christmas Decorations for Home

Favorite colors of the New Year holidays are red, green and gold. By mixing and diluting them with other, no less interesting colors, you can create a beautiful and stylish home decoration for the New Year. After all, every year on the eve of the New Year holidays, there is an upbeat and playful mood, a desire to create and create something new, exotic and romantic.

The soul wants a holiday and it can be arranged in advance, turning your house or apartment into a real Christmas castle. First of all, a Christmas tree is used as New Year's decorations for the home, as well as all kinds of New Year's decor - candles, garlands, snowflakes, Christmas wreaths, bundles of snow, animal figurines and much more. It is also necessary to think about decorating the table for the New Year to maintain a festive atmosphere during the feast.

Decorating the facade of the house for the New Year of the Rat

New Year's decoration of house facades is, first of all, lighting decoration. Among the most popular illumination techniques are the following:

  • using light panels, LED bulbs and strips (looks very impressive and at the same time is characterized by low energy consumption);
  • floodlights (ideal for commercial buildings or large mansions);
  • vertical illumination of certain areas of the facade, including its edging;
  • design techniques such as light rain, fringe or waterfall;
  • a combination of the above methods.

In addition to lighting effects, the facades are also decorated with green artificial trees, spruce garlands, fake gifts and Christmas wreaths, traditional for the New Year. They are usually selected taking into account the general style of the building, in particular, the color and size of the elements, the presence of Christmas tree decorations, snowflakes, stars, etc.

In addition to the building's facade itself, you can also decorate the adjacent balconies, canopies, railings and other parts of the building in New Year's style. Windows overlooking the facade can be decorated with drawings on a festive theme (stencil, airbrushing, artificial snow, or just an image on the film "oracle"). With these outdoor décor tools, your home will sparkle with new colors!

New Year's decor of the facade can be made independently or ordered from specialists. The first option will be cheaper, but if you want to get a truly beautiful and original design as a result, do not be stingy to pay for the services of a professional decorator. And then the facade of your house, sparkling with festive lights, will certainly give you an excellent New Year mood!

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